God is not a Terrorist

While in Seoul, Korea, I, Bonnie, was given a vivid dream:

I was on my family’s ranch with several members of our natural and spiritual family. It was late spring and the desert scape all around was beginning to come to life from recent rains. At the edge of my hometown a ways distant there stood a huge, white water tower. A mild storm system gathered in the air beyond the town and a loose funnel cloud had begun to form out of the atmosphere. We watched with interest because that region of the country is mountainous and so tornadoes aren't able to configure and touch down.

Suddenly something else emerged. A furious cluster of six or seven very defined, earth-to-sky cyclones appeared and bore down on the town. They tore through the town with overstated fury, like a band of giants ripping up buildings and hurtling debris everywhere until they converged on the water tower. Still coming straight for me and those with me, they beat about the water tower as if to tear it out of the ground. I heard the metal groaning as the winds hit it. The storm was not powerful enough to knock the water tower over, though its support legs were twisted by the wind force, leaving the water supply slightly askew.

No one in our group was made afraid watching the scene. Then my brother said, "Those things (several well organized cyclones) are headed straight for us!" We all realized this was not just a natural storm system. The ferocity of the system materialized as a demonic personality bent on destroying us and everything in between us and our town. We assessed our situation and knew there was no place to take shelter. Our house was too far behind where we stood and, in any case, was aged and couldn't withstand this storm force.

I observed myself take one step forward, raising my hand toward the marching giants, in a normal speaking tone I said, "In Jesus' name." Instantly those organized funnels completely burst apart. They disseminated into a huge chaotic rolling wall of thick dust, still heading for where we stood together. As the storm got near the head of a furious serpent materialized out of the storm elements. The storm system was spiritually energized! The serpent flew toward us in a rage. Coming within a few feet of our company, it hit the atmosphere where we had spoken the name of Jesus. Instantly the entire rolling wall of fury just fell out of the sky, settling in a dusty layer over the landscape. The sky behind as far as one could see was blue and clear and peaceful.

We stepped forward in interest to look at the form of the serpent's head, now an outline of dust laying at our feet. Clearly the tornadoes had been demonically energized. The spiritual forces of destruction had taken opportunity in the natural atmospheric conditions to kill, steal and destroy. But at the name of Jesus it completely lost its empowering. The water tower stood over our town, ready to supply as repair for our city began.
I woke up from the dream to the voice of the Lord speaking.

“How did I deal with storms?” He asked.

Of course I knew: he stopped them in their tracks, saving the lives of all those with him. The scenes of Ezekiel and the recreation of the valley of dry bones came to mind as the Holy Spirit pressed my spirit with this, "My Church must be more discerning so as not to energize the path and plan of the destroyer with soulish proclamations and prophecies that are not borne of My breath. I have come to give life, not to destroy people."

As we drove to the Church that morning, my interpreter, a precious young lady named Joy, turned to me with tears in her eyes. "May I ask you about something," Joy said. "There are many prophecies about terrible destructions and judgment coming on Korea. I am so afraid for my family and myself in light of what prophets are saying. What do you think?"

I replied, "That spirit is not the Holy Spirit. God is not a terrorist."

God is releasing a fresh wind of the Spirit and calling on every believer to make a shift in our understanding that brings an adjustment in the tone and message we carry away from destruction and into harmony with God's breath. There is an account of Jesus' disciples presuming God's response to ungodly persons who were opposing Jesus personally. His followers were ready to call down destruction on those stupid people. Jesus told His disciples, "You don't know what spirit you are speaking out of. The Son of Man has come to save lives, not to destroy them" (see Lk. 9:55-56).

The spirit prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. Every prophecy is subject to scrutiny by local seasoned leaders. Unfortunately, the Internet allows the church at large to misuse and abuse prophesying. In addition to terrorizing the innocent and unlearned, words of warning and impending judgment also have an ability to energize the enemy and add fuel to the fire of destruction he plans against people everywhere. There is a certain naive arrogance that has seeped into the tenor of much of what is being received today as prophecy. Judgment will come when Christ appears. Until that day, our commission is the good news of salvation, deliverance, healing, repentance and forgiveness. Let's make that adjustment in our thinking and our message, especially prophecy.

If we continually view the world as under destruction and judgment from God in the light of storms that come, we tread on the cosmic reality of Christ's sacrificial "propitiation" (see 1 Jn. 2:2). The march of Messianic hope through the eternal promise of redemption bringing times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord comes down to us throughout the old covenant. How much more should the message coming from us, the heirs of the better promises? We need a refresher course on the spirit of prophecy for a world that God looks at through the finished work of Calvary. If our prophecy promotes dread rather than the assurance of faith something is twisted. When our view and our decree is one presenting an angry God bent on destroying His world because of sin, we deny the reality and power of Calvary now!

We live in the age of spiritual amnesty offering for salvation for all who receive our Savior until the Day of the Lord when Jesus appears. At the same time we know Satan is out and about, using every opportunity of evil and misfortune to separate people from God. The King enthroned is the Lamb who was slain and who now withholds the destruction of judgment while He offers the good news of His plan for mankind. He is seated in Heaven and is present in the earth by His Spirit to do good, and heal all who are oppressed by the devil. The prophetic impetus of His Church must be one in the same with His Spirit.

Just like Joy, many innocents are being bound up in fear in response to the tone of much present prophesying. Judgment brings terror. It alienates those God would draw to Himself and immobilizes many who would otherwise be about our Father's business. While people are laboring under extreme situations and various terrors and hardship, Jesus is not standing over them wickedly pronouncing destruction because of their sins! Grace is not cheap but it is free because of His full payment on Calvary. The proof is His Spirit outpoured on all flesh. Joel declared the result would be recovery and restoration (Joel 2-4). The Holy Spirit is the Comforter and Helper. Nations are groping in darkness. Psalm 82 says the earth is off its courses and God seeks His inheritance. Far be it from us, ambassadors of heaven, to reinforce the determination of the devil with loose talk and unseasoned or unscrutinized prophecies. The gospel stands in contrast! God's inheritance is in the nations! And we are His recovery agents.

Joy is a type, even in her name. She is a child of this generation, many of them immobilized or alienated from the Holy Spirit because of rash words being viewed as prophetic. But we want to ask, "What spirit are we speaking from?" If the enemy of our souls, the enemies of Christ and His people, the enemies of life and good are vowing to destroy a people or a nation, shall we harmonize with that message? We think not. When I told Joy about the dream from the Lord, she was so relieved. Over the next few days, as we continued to encourage her and speak the plan of God for good into her and over her family and nation, she began to have hope that God had a future for her, delighting in His plan and faithfulness to lead and care for her.

Like the storm in my dream, we can easily see dire natural and spiritual dynamics on the horizon. Voices coming from every direction, from the media, from economic forecasters, from initiatives being made by people stumbling around in darkness, and by those who intend evil, forecasting destruction. But what is the word of the Lord? What are we energizing with our voices? Valleys are heaped with people languishing because of oppression all around. God is looking for instruments of His power to call life into those bones. Therein lies our faith, hope and love that must precede every prophecy. It is time for Christians to arise in the spirit of Christ and responsible prophetic utterance. Difficulties and storms, even natural ones, are our opportunity to deliver on the power and presence of God displaying His goodness and glory.

God showed His servant the valley of dried bones and asked, “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel wisely replied, “What do you think Lord?” Ezekiel became God’s mouthpiece, laboring with God just like the work of creation when the Spirit of the Lord hovered over the chaos and God breathed into creation. Let there be light! in us; around us. Let our message and motive be shot through with the light of His glory in this hour. Ezekiel stood there, under the hand of the Lord, working with God, God working through Ezekiel to build, line upon line, breath after breath, until a living army stood on its feet before Him.

Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession (Ps. 2:8).



Let God Arise Prayer Relay—June 1–Nov. 6, 2012

We are mobilizing Christians to cover our nation in continuous prayer for a recovery of our inheritance. Choose a day to stand in the gap for America in prayer and fasting. Let us harmonize together with one cry, “Let God Arise, and let His enemies be scattered.” You may sign up and find prayer points here.

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, 5/24/2012

John Macgirvin (Guest) 05/24/2012 15:12
I loved the way you spoke the words of truth and life. To many people speak words of death and not life. I'm glad my friend to see you are still preaching and speaking life to the people of God.

Many and great blessing,

Andrew Hale (Guest) 05/24/2012 16:13
But what about prophets like John Paul Jones talking about coming end time judgments on your show? I, for one, am having many end time dreams about tsunamis hitting Miami and earthquakes around the world but should I not warn on my Facebook profile for those to repent, etc.? Just wondering. Jesus spoke of the end time signs to watch for which are increasing within the past 12 years like nothing before.
Sandra Iglesias (Guest) 05/24/2012 19:25
Brother Mahesh and Bonnie:
I would like your perspective on the HR 200 concerning future implants that have been made law and to be implemented by March 26, 2013. The Spanish Church is informing about this but no one is forthcoming with wisdom for the Body of Christ in what to do as the day approaches. The implant will be used for your health insurance and eventually for banking. Revelation scriptures are right around the bend!
Diane Mason (Guest) 05/25/2012 09:14
Wonderfully written and encouraging. I cannot but wonder when we have a President who has removed the American Flag from Air Force One and replaced it with his own emblem, (at great cost to the American Tax payers), refuses to sign Eagle Scout Certificates, unlike all the Presidents before him and when an American who has served our country in the military dies and his family is presented with the American Flag the terminology has changed. It is no longer from the President. Like Sandra and Andrew I wonder if we need to keep our eyes wide open.
nanci jasper (Guest) 05/25/2012 14:20
In light of all of doom and gloom prophecy out there even by respected prophets this is a great reminder that, although that wily devil means us evil and is constantly planting seeds of destruction and causing destruction our Lord and Savior is and only can be the loving giver of life through his sacrifice at Calvary. Remember God said for ALL of His people:
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:10-12
Hannah (Guest) 05/25/2012 18:31
SAndra,Andrew and Diane.....isn't God stronger than any March 2013 mandate and Obama? Didn't Bonnie just state that God is not a terrorist?did you not listen or hear? God has plans far exceeding our expectations... your focus shouldn't be on the "doom" prophecy..or fear.... Focus on HIM. He will take care of His children. Jesus wasn't afraid of storms and you shouldn't either.
Martha Bragg Haynsworfth (Guest) 05/26/2012 17:01
howardhope88@yahoo.com (Guest) 05/27/2012 21:52
This is the anniversary holiday of my father's passing so this morning was already emotional. I approached a stop sign to make a right hand turn on the way to All Nations Church and a very large red/brown snake was in the middle of both lanes I was turning into. It's head raised up as it wanted to strike ready to coil and I remembered what Pastor Bonnie had said about our Heavenly Authority in Jesus Name. I felt it was symbolic of what our ENEMY was opposed to. He was about the size of a KING COBRA. I turned and drove passed it. The most powerful wave of REVIVAL GLORY hit Jason Oberman and spread everywhere and hit everyone! WOW! WOW! WOW! HIS NAME IS TRULY GREATER!!!
murielbrownj@yahoo.com (Guest) 05/28/2012 10:58
Thank you For insight on the Heart of God and Jesus Christ our Savior mentor and King. This revelation is so adequate for the times we are living in. We forget the power we have been given over 2000 years ago. Jesus is the 2nd Adam. He did not fail. Jesus spoke like His Father and it was so. We can speak like our
Father and it will be so. He brought mankind back to his rightful position in heaven. We have the power to prayer atmospheres, galaxies, situations, sicknesses into Calmness and removal by His promises to us. "I give you power over all the power of the devil". I do not think many believe that because of sin the atmosphere is in the earth realm but the power of God rules this earth. We are in connection with our Father so we can pluck up by the roots ailments, spirits, chaos, rulers in high places, etc. "If we have faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed." Church we must activate our God given rights to Jesus covenant, new and better promises. I receive them all and I'm encouraged to keep pushing my faith to grow as He reveals to me what I am suppose to do and can do. "I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me."
Susan of West Columbia SC (Guest) 05/30/2012 08:59
Who am I to comment but I can't help but sense that God is indeed speaking both things to His Body. Yes He has given us power and authority! But I believe He is saying we should not assume upon that power but know that we must be walking in Holiness before Him now as never before so indeed we may have the power and authority we need to walk in these days. First of all calling us unto Holiness and seeking His Kingdom above all else. Then these things will begin to flow from us naturally for the world to behold and witness to the light and the glory of God and turn to Him during these last days we are witnessing. May God continue to draw His Church to Him. This authority does have conditions we must meet. We have to grow up and cast away all childish things. May God help us and I believe He will form us to be what He destined us to become. All praise to Him and Him alone!!!!