What Mountain Are You Speaking From? Pt. 2


You Have a Mission

There is a level of faith that God wants us to lay hold of for our lives, for our families, and for our nation. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. You have a divine appointment right here, right now, in the place God has planted you.

On of the stories of faith and courage that inspires us is that of Lt. Andrew S. Rowan. In the days leading up to war between Spain and the United states in 1898, the US required vital information on the Spanish enclave just a few hundred miles off our coast in Cuba. Cuban General Calisto Garcia was the man we needed to reach to get intelligence on the number of Spanish troops, maps, topography, armaments, the placement of his insurgent forces, in order to coordinate a strategic invasion of the island nation. But all we knew was that Garcia was hidden somewhere deep in the jungles of Cuba. President McKinley called in Col. Arthur Wagner, his Chief of Intelligence and asked if he had a man who could reach Garcia. Without hesitating, Wagner answered, “Lt. Andrew S. Rowan is your man.”

Within hours of that conversation, Colonel Wagner had invited Rowan to lunch where he gave the assignment: “Young man, you have been selected by the President to communicate with – or rather, to carry a message to – General Garcia, who will be found somewhere in the eastern part of Cuba. Your problem will be to secure from him information of a military character, bring it down to date and arrange it on a working basis… You must plan and act for yourself. The task is yours and yours only. You must get a message to Garcia. Your train leaves at midnight. Good-by and good luck!’"

With the letter to Garcia in his pocket, Rowan took a train to New York and departed on a British ship to Jamaica. Four days later, under the cover of night and after 100 miles journey in a small, open boat, Rowan landed on the Cuban coast and disappeared into the jungle. If caught, Rowan would have immediately been hanged as a spy. Three harrowing weeks later, after traversing a hostile country on foot, being attacked and nearly killed by Spanish agents and on constant alert, Rowan emerged on the other side of the Island with the necessary information. He immediately embarked by boat, arrived at Tampa, FL and boarded the train to Washington where he reported to the Secretary of War. Message delivered. Mission Accomplished. The U.S. had the information it needed.

Rowan’s mission was an uncharted journey of faith in the most impossible straits. But he did it, and the war turned on that one mission accomplished. Rowan’s story challenges us to exercise more faith in the Lord and to believe for the impossible.

In the same way that Rowan was the only one who could undertake and execute his mission faithfully, your life is a divine appointment ordained by God down to the most mundane details of your every day circumstances. He has a mission that only you can fulfill. It is unique and uncharted, but as you know Him, listen to Him, serve Him, and follow Him, you will find you are equipped to meet the challenge. It’s not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit. So speak to your mountain.

We are on a journey together. Our assignment may be fraught with dangers, have times of discomfort and uncertainty, but we are never on our own. His Spirit is with us to guide, comfort, and lead. His angel armies are on assignment to protect and minister to us. We are connected to a company of believers marching in cadence together with the Holy Spirit in this hour.

And, most importantly, our commission comes with all encompassing authority to complete the task. The One who Finished His mission at Calvary, descending through the straits of hell to bring back His prize sends us out: “All authority has been given to me. Go! Carry the news. Deliver this message.” God is calling you afresh to the divine nature and mission of your very existence. Your life is intended to be His message.

Mary thought Jesus was the gardener until He called her by name. He is calling your name so that in everything you might awaken to recognize how near He is. He is coming to your graveyard and saying, “Come up here to the Mountain of the Lord.” It may be dark. You may not have all the answers. Your mountain may look as impossible, but it is God’s kairos for His Bride. Arise and shine.

The instructions Wagner gave Rowan for this “Mission Impossible” were simple: “This is your task, and yours alone.” Rowan’s accomplishment stands as a classic example for us when faced with a mountain of impossibility. Our privilege is to go forward in faith, taking our place in the success and execution of our mission with assurance that we have the tools and the authority to finish the course. Have faith for the impossible. No matter what your circumstances, you can always dwell in a mountain top experience. It’s not the mountain you speak to, but the Mountain you speak from that makes the difference.

Let God Arise:

Join us this week as we welcome the Holy Spirit to our land, and proclaim Jubilee freedom over our nation. May the Lord break every yoke, and move every mountain that has exalted itself over the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in America. We declare recovery of our Judeo-Christian foundations and the freedom of every person to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as a civil society under God. May America once again take her place as a shining city on a hill, a friend of Israel, and a defender of freedom among the nations. Let Freedom Ring!

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Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, 6/28/2012