iGniting Lives with Miracles, Signs, Wonders!


We are so excited....God is ABSOLUTELY KOOL. Bonnie prayed for folks on Saturday night after Lisa's testimony...which during the same time she wished Burchell a happy birthday.

He got a call Monday morning (2 days after the conference) for an interview at 11am. Within 7 minutes he had the job, (he did not have an actual interview). Most of the time was spent filling out paper work. The interviewer said to him, you are the perfect quality that our company has been looking for and we found our match.

We are blessed to be connected to this ministry!




I attended your most amazing conference this weekend with Pastors Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson.

Pastor Bonnie spoke on Saturday about each of us being active in our inheritance in this wonderful United States of America–One Nation Under God! I get home and receive an urgent email–apparently someone has objected to our County Board of Supervisors opening each session in prayer (which has been happening for the past 43 years) and that Tuesday a meeting was to be held to comment.

I hastily tried to contact anyone who could help me suddenly prepare something coherent...but no one was available. I prayed...went along...and registered to speak!!! Well, very wise people presented various legal ramifications very articulately. I was the 12th one who spoke! I shared how I'd had the opportunity to settle anywhere in America (due to being a pediatric Occupational Therapist working with children). My husband and I felt led to Roanoke, Virginia due to amazing schools/universities, low unemployment, low crime, low costs, but most of all the evidence of our putting God first in this county. I asked that we, as leaders and a community, continue to seek God, humble ourselves and pray, and thus enjoy the continued blessing of God, as our family had experienced the last 18 years!

Well, surprisingly nearly everyone started clapping and came afterwards to thank me for reminding them of their great blessings. It took me, a foreigner, to remind them of their amazing inheritance. I NEVER expected to be standing there today–but our loving, faithful heavenly Father had already prepared my heart 3 days ahead of time by Pastor Bonnie's teaching.

I did mention to one of the supervisors (his name is Mr. Church - isn't that hilarious) that I would try to get some information that may help him in the upcoming battle. They sense this group may force it all the way to the Federal Court! Any suggestions are most welcome!

I also pray that I get an opportunity to bless those who clearly need to meet their Savior!


Let God Arise Prayer Relay:
Our prayer focus this week is Come Holy Spirit—Spirit of Restoration and Recovery of our moral and economic foundations.

We are hungry and thirsty for His presence. Let us cry for revival! Let us cry for the rains of the Spirit to come and pour out for restoration of our hearts and our land. May America once again be the head and not the tail, the lender to many and the borrower from none, a refuge to the tired, the poor, the hungry, and a source of blessing to the weak, the poor, and orphans and widows around the globe.

Ezekiel 36:11 promises Israel that God will restore Israel and “do better for you than at your beginnings.” We pray this prayer for both Israel and for America in this season of prayer. May God Arise and scatter our enemies, and restore to us all that the enemy has stolen. May Israel and America be blessed and be a blessing to the nations!

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