Pulling Down Strongholds!

20121004Pulling-Down-Stronghol These next few weeks the battle will be raging like never before as our nation faces historic elections that will determine the future of our nation for years to come. Our battle is not against people or about politics. It is spiritual warfare against the demonic powers that are contending for our inheritance and our future as a nation.
There are demonic powers contending for our future, but God has given us weapons for battle, and a promise, “Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.” If you ever had a question about your significance, just look around at what’s happening in the world today and realize God appointed you to live in this hour for such a time as this! In that context then, as we take our place, hear the war drums and go towards our destiny, realize that the Lord is equipping you to engage the enemy and come out victorious. God has ordained you to be part of His end-time army. Victory is your destiny.


“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”  (2 Cor. 4:12).

When we see a stronghold, God gives us the spiritual tools we need to pull them down.


Gifts of the Spirit: The gifts of the Spirit are part of our essential battle gear (1 Cor. 12:4-11). Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we are given discernment to help us identify our foe and strategize how to wage battle against his dark forces. We are empowered with Holy Spirit “intelligence” through words of knowledge, and wisdom. We are filled with supernatural faith that gives us the vision to see the victory and press through the enemies defenses.
Spiritual Armor: This protection is outlined in Ephesians 6 and includes truth, righteousness, salvation, faith, and the good news of the gospel of peace. Like any good soldier, keeping your spiritual equipment in order will keep you ready for battle and able to use your tools when you need them. Be aggressive in staying plugged into these realities of your faith so that when the day of battle comes, you can stand.
The Sword of the Spirit: The Word of God is our chief weapon. Jesus wielded it against Satan in His time of testing in the wilderness. Satan operates in the realm of lies and deceit. His greatest strategy is to define you, and your situation by his terms. God has a higher reality. We step into it by staying immersed in His Word, waging battle with His Promises, and letting His truth penetrate the cloud of demonic deception and despair.
Fasting and Praying: Many forms of demonic oppression and influence will yield to the anointing of the word of command spoken by Spirit-filled believers. However, there are certain demonic obstacles or strongholds that won’t break until you combine prayer with fasting. When His disciples were unable to deliver a child from a demonic oppression, Jesus said, ““This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21). When we fast, and particularly when we corporately fast, we tap into the power of the Spirit to overcome even the most entrenched demonic powers.
Praying in the Spirit: When we pray in our spiritual language, we are bypassing the limitations of our own understanding to allow the Holy Spirit to pray through us (see Rom. 8:26-27). The more you pray in the Spirit, you will find that you will begin to flow in the River of His Presence that dwells in you, giving you understanding, spiritual wisdom, direction, empowerment, and greater anointing. It is a supernatural gift that edifies you personally and changes the destiny of nations as you harmonize with Heaven’s perfect prayer.
Power of Agreement: Jesus said that if two of us will harmonize together as touching any thing, it shall be done for us! (See Matt 18:19).  If you are just a lone person you don’t want to take a whole principality on by yourself. This is why we are networking together with thousands of believers in this critical season who will fast, pray, and stand in God's power, equipped with His strategies, to change the atmosphere, engage in prayer, praise, and spiritual battle to pull down strongholds and welcome His visitation in this hour.
The Anointing: "The kingdom of God is not in word but in power" (1 Cor. 4:20). The Greek word for power is dunamis, the same word from which we get the word "dynamite." Dunamis is the anointing that breaks yokes. It is the Promise of the Father residing in you through the Holy Spirit. In John 20:21 Jesus says to His disciples, "As My Father sent Me, so send I you." Jesus was anointed in the Holy Spirit and with power, and healed all who were oppressed of the devil. Our nation needs healing. We have the Champion residing in us, and the anointing and commission to do even greater works than He did. This is the word of the Lord. The anointing equips us and empowers us to blow up the kingdoms of darkness.
The Blood of Jesus: There is one force that no weapon can defeat. It is the atmomic power of the Blood of Jesus shed at Calvary. It is the testimony of the battle won for all eternity. One drop is all it takes to wipe out the kingdoms of this world. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb. Let us always stay connected to the awesome reality of the victory Christ won, and the authority we have in His blood.


“No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house” (Mk. 3:27).

The key to taking back our inheritance is to first bind the strongman that has laid claim to our nation.

Jesus won the ultimate victory over every power and principality at Calvary. Through His name, we can take the spoils of battle, recovering all that the enemy has stolen and releasing all the captives from captivity.
One of the major demonic realms that we want to bind in the upcoming elections are in the area of witchcraft, enchantment, and the spirit of antichrist. Basically, witchcraft can be defined as a demonic power that tries to influence people away from God, the Bible, and worship of the Living God. It makes good look evil, and evil good. It tries to shift our culture from Judeo-Christian foundations. The classic battle between the spirit of witchcraft and the Spirit of God is seen in the battle between Jezebel, who represented the spirit of witchcraft, and Elijah who represented the Spirit of God Almighty, the God of the Bible (see 1 Kings 19). Today, it is anointed believers filled with the Spirit of God that have the anointing to break the yoke of witchcraft. Elijah was a man just like us, except we have something even greater. The Spirit that anointed Elijah is dwelling in each one of us.
The spirit of antichrist is against Christ, or the anointing. It is also specifically against Israel and the Jewish people. We saw this influence at work in the recent political convention where God and the City of Jerusalem were both booed and denounced publicly by thousands of delegates. Enchantment is the veil that has blinded the eyes of many in our nation to truth and clarity. Now is the time to bind these strongmen and break the power of enchantment over our nation. This week we are specifically targeting the spirit of witchcraft and enchantment that has veiled our media and nation in deception. The answer comes as we turn to the Lord. 2 Cor. 3:16 says as we turn to Him, the veil will be removed. As we bind back these powers, we want to pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to break though the enchantment, remove the veil, and bring our nation into True Liberty!
God is here to give us deliverance from the demonic forces that have tried to occupy our territory. As we fast and pray, and use our spiritual weapons, the Lord is releasing a fresh corporate anointing for victory over the demonic realm. The spiritual forces of witchcraft, enchantment, and antichrist are loosening from us and the spirit of Elijah is coming upon His people, on you, and on us as the family of God.

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Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, 10/4/2012

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Elaina Radford (Guest) 10/04/2012 20:47
I am standing in the gap for this presidential election. Let God's will be done for such a time as this.
Linda Vega (Guest) 10/04/2012 21:32
Dr. Mahesh I will be standing and praying with you. Thank you for taking this stand. We must see Goliath come down. Bless you
Jacki.Heston@gmail.com (Guest) 10/05/2012 00:56
How honored I feel that the Lord chose me for such a time as this. I also feel honored to be associated with you both and your ministry. Praise God for Generals like you in the army of God. I want to be a part of what your doing in these days, because I know you hear Holy Spirit and follow His direction. Blessings in Christ Jesus :)
Tori E - Canada (Guest) 10/05/2012 04:32
Thank you SO much for catching the revelation of the binding of the strongman - God has called me to a fast here in Canada, and while fasting and praying, lead me to watch the movie "Swing Vote", about one American man whose vote was the swing vote, and i wept through the whole thing - it moved me so much as i interceded in weeping for America's lost men, the ones who, by a series of circumstances, have lost the ability to care, and who, in their numbness, are literally bound by a spirit of stupor. Continue to press in, for we will not falter, we will not fail - we know who wins because we've read the end of the story! Bless you all in Jesus' name.
Danett Lozano Sonora Ca. (Guest) 10/05/2012 05:14
We are standing in the Gap with you to tear down these strongholds for our nation and Israel. Thank you for your obedience. Keep it coming. Shalom
Susan Hubble (Guest) 10/05/2012 09:35
Your articles have been an inspiration to me during this time. I have been praying for an awakening for six to seven years and my heart is for the church to be awakened, for those in our nation to come to a revelation of Jesus Christ and for a righteous leader who loves Israel to rise us to serve as leader of our nation. Praise you, Jesus!
howardhope88@yahoo.com (Guest) 10/10/2012 15:50
On Monday God stood up 10-8-12 and said "Enough, is enough!" by 12-12-12 he will have reclaimed ALL of His inheritance in the Earth.
jenn_seo@yahoo.com (Guest) 10/10/2012 20:41
Our intercessory prayer team from a local church in Buford, GA (Atlanta Great Faith Church), is praying and fasting with you daily for this election as we share Dr. Chavda's writing each morning. Thank you for all your support. We stand in the gap with you.
Tsanya Dean (Guest) 10/13/2012 12:56
Willing, Ready and Standing in the Gap! Let Lord have his way! Its the Lord's Day!
(Guest) 02/28/2013 16:27
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