Recent Testimonies 
Just got your newsletter today with the testimony of the person who was able to pay off over $250k of debt in a year. What great timing! My wife and I have gone through a very trying couple if years where debt has added up just to stay afloat. Today...
Mr. Chavda, you were at the first annual Twin Cities Prophetic Conference last January, and you prayed for my dad, who had cancer. You also encouraged people who knew they were supposed to write books. Well, a year later, my dad is cancer free...
Barrenness Broken Twenty-nine years ago, you ministered at Way of the Cross Church in Blaine, MN. While ministering the Word, you paused and held an altar call for women who were unable to conceive children. I came forward, and you prayed for me. I now
Click here to watch some of the awesome testimonies from iGnite 2013! Metal disappearing from bodies, limbs growing, learning disabilities lifting... Feed your faith!
When everything looked hopeless, one word from the glory became a lifeline for hope and healing for this family.
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