Healing Atmosphere at Bedtime

I recently was at the Signs and Wonders Conference in Toronto. Mahesh called out for a parent of a child who had troubles learning to read to come and get his CD Healing From on High. I was thrilled to take it home to our 9-year old son Daniel who has Dyslexia. I presented it to him as a gift from His Father who was thinking about him. He received it very warmly and has listened to it every night at bedtime since. The first night he was healed of all the congestion from a cold. The second night he was healed from a sore knee. He asked tonight when he would be able to read well.
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Michael Vettori 07/17/2019 04:39
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Most adjustable beds come with a massage function. What this does, is help improve blood flow to your joints and muscles. Even without the massage function, the bed’s ability to help you shift into different positions easily helps improve blood circulation in the body.

Sara Taylor 12/18/2019 01:35
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perry george 01/03/2020 01:53
comfort is vital to helping you rest better around evening time and, thus, advance proficient injury mending. Your room ought to be dull and calm – go to light-blocking shades and background noise to help make this condition. A great many people favor the space to be somewhat cool, yet discover a temperature that is directly for you.

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