God wants to heal her son

I have been praying for a friend’s young son (21 yrs old) who is in the psychiatric unit for schizophrenia. About 4 weeks ago, I sent the CD, “Healing from on High” and a small bottle of anointing oil from [All Nations Healing and Revival Center] and also submitted his name to the prayer team.

My friend (the mother) has been listing to the CD everyday building up her faith because her son is not allowed to listen to any CDs in the hospital. Each time she visits her son she has been applying the anointing oil on her son and proclaiming healing of her son in Jesus’ mighty name. She has been going to church for a long time but no one has ever told her that God wants to heal her son.

...his hallucinations are almost non-existent now and he waits and asks his mother to anoint him with oil and pray for him each time she comes.
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