Cancer Healed

Please ship A.S.A.P. your Healing on High CD's that I have ordered for two people who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have purchased this disk previously for a friend of mine who was diagnosed with the same and she was completely healed! She believes that her healing was mostly due to her listening to this CD day and night! There truly is Life in the Word! Thank you for this inspirational healing tool! - CS, Florida

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Mario (Guest) 06/06/2011 23:05
Where can i find these CDs?!? My mother has cancer and is receiving Chemotherapy. It is very exhausting for her to do this. I am not even sure if she will make it through. is it called "Healing on high"? God bless you all
McCandless (Guest) 11/08/2017 01:14
The cancer healed purchased this disk previously for a friend of mine for the more topics with this chavdaministries blog. Generating here about believes that her healing was mostly due to her listening tool.

andre (Guest) 11/29/2017 04:35
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shawnkemp (Guest) 01/01/2018 02:57
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