Watch Report – April 29, 2011


National Day of Prayer; Violent Storms in South and Fire in TX

He is the Resurrection and Life. We are His Disciples. Peace Be Still!

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39 NKJV


  • Israel: We connect with our Jewish roots and declare Ps. 91 over Israel and leaders.
  • Nations: Shalom to Congo, Middle East and New Zealand.
  • America: We are called to the wall. America has a covenant with God for the sake of all nations, and so we extend God’s blessing to her. We proclaim liberty from sickness, fear and satanic bondage. Let freedom reign!
  • Government: Godly decisions will be made.
  • Armed Forces: That their needs and the needs of their families will be met fully.
  • Spiritual Leadership: We pray for all our spiritual leaders and especially bless Mahesh and Bonnie as the leaders of the Watch of the Lord®.
  • Church: Enlarge tent pegs. Blood covers us. Revival. Signs, wonders and miracles increased. Prodigal sons and daughters return. Discouraged Christians stand on the Solid Rock. Spirit of Daniel/Joseph come upon God’s people ushering abundance. Release the spirit of multiplication in Believer’s finances.
  • Charlotte/Fort Mill/Metro Area and Atlanta: Deliverance from the spirit of witchcraft. South Carolina Governor will find favor in creating jobs and unions will support the cause. Ps. 24 over youth and no weapon formed against them shall prosper.

Message Key Points:

Mahesh Chavda
  • Mahesh mentioned the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate. He used it as an analogy for Christ and the Church as His Bride. It saw it as one of the most Christ exalted weddings and he extended blessings to Great Britain from the Watch.
  • He also honored the memory of David Wilkerson, prayed blessing over his family and spoke of the powerful works David was known for: Crusade Teen Challenge, the book and movie about the story of Nicky Cruz (The Cross and the Switchblade).
  • Mahesh noted how David Wilkerson was influenced by Jesus Christ and how his life and ministry was an example of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:17-18). He exhorted us that God is making us disciples. We are under authority of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our Commander and Chief and we are mantled with Jesus’ authority. He had us declare: I will not be moved, I am under the authority of King Jesus and I am a disciple.
  • Mahesh also commented about the Watch Foci. Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. So we humble ourselves and cry out for the mercy of God. Wake Up America and take authority! We take authority over our nation, school system and city. This is life and death for our children. He also focused us on the devastating storms that hit the Southeastern Regions and the continuing wild fires in the Southwestern Region. He recognized that the storm was influenced by the spirit of destruction. So we pray for Alabama and Texas. We pray God’s blessing over them and that they will receive a hundred fold return. We released comfort to those who’ve lost loved ones and restoration.
  • Some storms are fueled with a demonic energy. The recent storm and violent tornadoes that hit North Carolina was even headlined in the Charlotte Observer as “The Beast that clawed its way across our region.” We have authority over the storm (Matt. 28 – All authority). Storms can be natural storms, or they can be cultural, economical, spiritual, political and educational. However apostolic mantles can change storm systems. Shared word from Lord of Shalom that he received from a conference several years back. When Mahesh released that word “Shalom” a storm system that enveloped and threatened our entire area (within a 100 mile radius) instantly stopped. So as Corporate Watchmen we have authority to rebuke storms. So we declared that we here in Jesus’ name bind the storms in our lives and in our area. The Southeast region is known as the “Bible Belt” and it is under attack. So Wake up Church! The mantle is over you! We thanked the Lord for keeping our area safe – Atlanta, Charlotte and Fort Mill and we prayed a shield over this areas and we bound the storms. The Holy Spirit wind is greater and the Holy Ghost fire is more powerful than the devil!
Bonnie Chavda
  • Bonnie reiterated how in last week’s Watch she saw the Watch of the Lord® going up over Charlotte like an umbrella. She exhorted us how if believers will pray, God will put His tent covering over them. Our union with the Bridegroom creates a future and hope. Referencing Prince William and Kate’s wedding, she noted that how at the same time that the sun came out after their vows, the sun came out in Mahesh and Bonnie’s yard. And she remembered the prophecy that Derek Prince gave about how before the coming of the Lord, a great national revival would be released in both the U.S. and Great Britain.
  • She also exhorted us how God’s Watchmen and Prophetic Church have been approaching the days ahead by what we’re seeing. This is rooted in bad theology about the end times and this mindset encourages a demonic spirit in hard times. She gave us a brief lesson about tectonic plates and the natural occurrence of shifting as they float and how this actually replenishes nutrients needed to sustain life on the earth.
  • She directed us to Luke 13:1 which describes a time that the disciples came with a religious attitude and perspective about some of the suffering that occurred in their day. And in Luke 13:2-3 the Lord shows us His approach to pain and suffering. Suffering is not the sign of God’s judgment, or personal sin or evil. Jesus points to the fact that there is life in Him beyond this life, that is our hope for the end of all pain and suffering, and that is when judgment will come to the wicked. Luke 13:4-5 gives us His perspective where there are breakdowns because of human nature or physical nature. Psalm 23 further testifies that the sheep of God should not be terrified in these times – Jesus is the Good Shepherd. And his approach is of safety, hope and peace so we need to stop agreeing with the wrong spirit concerning our nation. The parable of the barren fig tree in Luke 13:6-9 illustrates the Word of the Gardener for our nation. He is digging around the root of the trees in our nation and allowing manure to be shoveled on this year so we can bear fruit! This is the Spirit of Christ.
  • Job’s story also bears a similar witness. There are again two types of breakdown shown in nature: human nature when it is immoral and evil and physical nature in the devastations that came. And then we see there are two reactions: the curse God and die from Job’s wife and then Job who tore his garment, wept face down and worshiped God. How could Job have the right reaction? Surely the Lord will come, even in the resurrection. Job 14:24-25 declares how his heart burned for “That Day.” Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life!
  • Job’s three religious friends came to explain that his pain was due to Job’s sin. We don’t want that spirit. We want the Spirit of Christ. That is what the world is looking for. That is what will make you the messenger of good news in the midst of levels of bad news that is coming to persons.
  • Jesus predicted the difficult times that would come in the end of days. But that was not the main sign. The main sign of the end is, “THIS Gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth.” That’s our job – to be messengers of Good News and to vibrate with Heaven’s vibrations. We want to be in tune with the Spirit of Christ. To The sure sign of the end is that the Gospel will be preached everywhere!


Isa. 40, 42:6; Rom. 15:13; Jer. 29:11; 2 Kings 3:15; Rev. 22:1; Hab. 3:17; John 11; 1 Tim 2:1-2; Jer. 6:16


Prophetic Dreams/Visions:

  • U.S. and Great Britain: A watchman saw a bolt of cloth with gold thread woven and the gold represented glory. This bolt was cut from Great Britain’s monarchy. Jesus Christ is the Seed that has been planted and we release His Resurrection Power over Great Britain
  • Ring of Fire: Another watchman saw the Ring of Fire but saw Jesus and the Glory in the midst of the fire.
  • AZUSA: A watchman shared a picture that God gave him several years back as it came afresh to his mind. He saw the word AZUSA for the Azusa Street revival but the lettering was spaced as A-Z in the USA. God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End and He is bringing America forth with a fresh wave of revival. What He started in America, He will finish.

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