Watch Report – July 8, 2011


The Underground Church in China


All Glory to God!

Worship opened the heavens and ushered in the Holy Spirit. Prophetic revelations were downloaded throughout the night and testimonies of His goodness were offered up one after the other.

Prayer Highlights

  • China: Deep called unto deep as we prayed fervently in the Spirit over China. We marveled over the Church in China’s bravery and steadfastness. We released a fresh outpouring of His Glory and we decreed freedom, increase and honor. We asked for the Lord’s inheritance in China according to Ps. 2 and testified for the Lord that before China was, I AM that I AM. We prophesied the turning around for the Church in China – that She would be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. We declared that the Lord was well able to deliver Her and bring forth His promises. We bound the spirit of persecution– we asked the Lord to tear down the walls of oppression as He did with the Berlin wall in Germany. And we prayed for the laborers there - we asked the Lord to remember the many missionaries who gave their lives for China’s sake. We decreed more bibles would flow into China and that missionaries like Watchmen Nee would permeate the earth.
  • America: Ps.68:1-6. We cried out as a company of the Lord’s humble, holy and hungry people for Him to visit America once again. He came when She waned and brought revival through the First Great Awakening and caused this nation to be birthed as a Godly nation. He came again in the Second Great Awakening and caused many social ills to be righted including slavery. So we asked for the Lord to remember Her again and bring forth this Third Great Awakening that had been prophesied for over a century! We cried out for mercy and favor to the One who was the true King, the true Judge, the true Lawgiver. Revive us again O Lord!
  • Israel: Joshua 21:43. Praying for the fulfillment of all that the Lord promised to Israel – an undivided land, an undivided Jerusalem.
  • Church: The voice of Your people is rising. Clarity is coming. Favor, wisdom, mobilization. Discouragement will break off. Isa. 60:1.
  • Pastors: Thank God for their sacrifice. We love and honor them. Pour out Your Spirit and glory over them. Break off hindrances. We decree excellent health and for the thickening of His anointing.
  • Additional Prayers: Blessings on our Troops; Binding the spirit of homosexuality; Grace and favor for upcoming, Conference and Youth ministry there and for our local church ANC.

Message: Bonnie Chavda

Mark 9.
Jesus’ transfiguration and miracles are a timely proclamation of how God acts. Nothing is impossible no matter what this life throws up against you.

Jesus and disciples were coming down from the mountain and a man had taken his son to the remaining disciples. His son was oppressed with demons causing seizures. Jesus heard the commotion and asked what was going on. The disciples had prayed for the boy, but nothing happened. Jesus said, “Bring him to Me”.

The father said, “If you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Notice Jesus’ response in v 23. “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” The father came and asked for faith to believe, but it was Jesus’ faith that healed the boy.

At the end of last year the Lord gave Mahesh and I (Bonnie) directions to look over God’s promises. God has given us promises that only He can fulfill! It is our part to know Him who is true to His promises. We’re the keeper of His Word and He is the keeper of His promises. Ask God to bring you those promises. Look up to the throne of Christ! Heb 12:1-2

Some of the promises for this year – look:
  • For the harvest that fills the barns for every seed sown
  • Ahead in expectation. Ps. 37:34, 46:10.
  • For angelic visitation and intervention.
  • For opportunity coming from difficulty. Micah 7:7
  • To the Holy Spirit. Isa. 61.
  • To the Cross where we find the Healer, Deliverer, Son of God, Last Adam, Servant, Ancient of Days...

We are the salt and light for the whole earth. Let us be refreshed and revived. God’s promises are Yes and Amen! Amen the promises of God in your life.

We have approximately 8,000 specific promises in Scripture. That is equivalent to a promise a day for the next 22 years. Caleb had a promise that he believed on for 40 years to possess it. It is time to stand on His promises!

Promises predict the answers to prayer. They are the molds in which we pour our prayer. They foretell what we should expect. Promises shape our prayers/motives and direct our supplication. Elijah expected a result. He prayed knowing the rain was coming. He prayed and he looked and expected. He poured his prayer into the mold that the rain was coming. We pray from the answer to the answer until the answer comes. God promises, we believe and act on the Word. Satisfying His promise delights God’s heart. Jer. 33:19-21-God’s promises are as steadfast as the day and the night. Be renewed in your faith. Numbers 23:19. Prayer is the key to heaven; faith unlocks the door.


With every encounter, God gave Abraham a promise. Abraham moved forward in expectation of the promise and God met him. The scale enlarged as he moved forward in his testimony. His testimony blazed a trail. What challenges are you facing? We are all a trailblazer for others to follow. Go to God with His promises and stand there as an Amen! The Holy Spirit is calling us to a renewed expectation of the promises of God. The Lord is meeting us face-to-face. Take a moment and give the Lord an opportunity to speak to your heart and meet you at the place of an unfulfilled promise.

Isaac was one of Abraham’s first promises and one of the last to be fulfilled. Abraham continued to move forward. God has a funny way of doing His business. But God!!!! The very promise God gave He required back. Abraham learned God is faithful and dependable to His Word. Abraham’s test with Isaac was a life lesson. Moriah means Land of Seeing. Abraham looked to the Lord with eyes wide open. No matter what, he continued from faith to faith. Look up; move forward in God’s promises. Abraham took Isaac to the Land of Seeing and a divine exchange took place. Abraham had come to know that the Lord’s promises were yes and amen – even if it meant resurrection from the dead. And the Lord saw Abraham’s faith in the promise and He made provision.

God sees every detail of your life just as He saw Abraham. The same eyes see. Isa. 65:24. All Scripture is God-breathed for protection, spiritual growth, gifts, joy, love, peace, hope, eternal life, power, trust, wisdom, teaching, guidance, comfort, prosperity…… Ps. 20:4. There is not an area of your life that doesn’t have provision in God’s promise. See it fulfilled! Ps. 23:1.

If God wants us to pray without ceasing, He wants to answer without ceasing! We have ears to hear, a tongue to repeat and eyes to look in expectation for the answer. God’s law of revival is prayer, praying the answer, praying His promise, until His provision is seen.


2 Cor. 3:17; Matt. 24:14; Hab. 2:14; Ps. 34:3, 112, 113:1-9; Isa. 9:6.

Prophetic Visions

Vision of a hydroelectric wheel of water breaking over China. Three gorges breaking as the Breaker goes before them. Deep calls unto deep.

Vision of water flowing into sewer system flushing out the rats. People rushing to dry ground. The floods carry the people by the Spirit.

Vision of a big hand going into a bag. Heard God say, “It’s in the bag!” Prov. 16:11. The 3rd Great Awakening is in the bag!

Heard the Lord saying, “I’ve anointed my people to step out and take authority over the fear of man. Holy boldness is rising up to step out in faith in what we already know. He has implanted it in our mind.

Vision of Jesus rising and the Bride of Christ rising with Him as She came together from around the world, like molecules forming the body. As molecules came together, there was an increase in power and authority. Song of Sol. 6:4,10.

Testimonies -The Good News is the Bad News Was Wrong!

My father needed three months supply of medication totaling $4500 which his insurance would not cover. As my parents were standing in line at the pharmacy, the doctor called and said he found a program that would pay in full!

My vehicle needed repaired and the cost was stated at around $800. When I went to the mechanics, the price was reduced to $40 with a minor repair!

Two years ago our daughter had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) diagnosis. Mahesh and Bonnie prayed for her and I waited until a year to ensure she was healed. It has now been a little over a year and she hasn’t had an occurrence the entire time!

When I was in the 3rd Grade I tried out for Gifted and Talented but I took the test and didn’t pass. Now I am in the 4th Grade and I passed the test, after praying at the Watch of the Lord ®, and I’ve been accepted!

I was working a nine month project in the market place. My team and I did all we could for our client. However, when the project was complete, my client contact said they were not fully satisfied. I went to the Lord asking for vindication. Not long after, another higher level employee of our client was at a conference and bragged on how well our team did. God is the Vindicator, Glory, and Lifter of our heads!

I got a scholarship for summer school. Also, I have a paying job taking notes for a student and I moved near our local church. God answered the desires of my heart!

I got saved from hearing somebody’s testimony, so keep them coming! Ps. 91:14-15.

The Treasure Hunt had a breakthrough for people living alternative lifestyles. Teams testified of impact and openness after releasing words of knowledge. We will win the lost not by our efforts but by His Spirit.

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