Watch Report — December 31, 2011


2012: This is the Year of God’s Favor!


We are a Vessel of God’s Glory!

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. (Isa. 60:1 NKJV)

We entered into this Special New Year’s Eve Watch with Worship to the Lamb – Who was and is and is to come – and we invited the King of Glory to come in – who is this King of Glory?– He is the Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle!

We echoed the prophetic declaration of “Shift!” that Mahesh and Bonnie had been receiving for several months. And we shifted our hearts and minds to move with the Lord from the year of 2011, “11” meaning transition to 2012, a year of God’s divine government and order.

We paused our worship for our first annual Watchman on the Wall Awards (WOW) that were presented to individuals, families or groups who serve faithfully – often behind the scenes - in the many areas and departments that are needed to support the Watch every week. A Special WOW Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Mahesh and Bonnie for their committed service to the Kingdom of God as servants of the Most High. The Lord called them as missionaries to America back in 1986 and they have been faithful in their commission to raise up an army of intercessors for this nation and now the nations. They also have faithfully served and interceded for Israel, even spending many times in all night prayer at the Western Wall. They opened their home and hearts hearkening to the call to Watch with the Lord and out of their obedience birthed a global network of thousands of watchmen around the world. A small token of a signed copy of the book Secretariat was also given to honor their heart of a champion. And finally, as a sign of our renewed commitment to them, the Watch and the Lord similar to the pledge Ruth made to Naomi, a dance was performed in their honor to the song I Won’t Go Back! We, watchmen, answer the call to watch and saluted them as Founders and Sr. Leaders, true Pioneers! Mahesh and Bonnie extended their appreciation to the body and said, “Together, we are more than the sum of the parts. It is our privilege to share our lives with you. We thank God for each of you.”

Video Chronicles from 2011 were viewed of the awesome prophetic words, teachings, miracles, signs and wonders flowing from the ministry of Mahesh and Bonnie, the Watch of the Lord® and our lives together at All Nations Church.

Message: Mahesh Chavda - see also the Article “2012: The Year of the God’s Favor”

Mahesh began by thanking everyone for their service and commending the youth for their commitment to the Lord and His service.

Don’t just be a getter, be a giver! We are touching a large number of lives around the nations. So many of you serve behind the scenes. It takes teamwork. You are part of an apostolic team. You are helping transform men and women. Prayer groups around the world are inspired.

One woman’s life was saved in India when she saw a program aired of our ministry. The anchor said he knew he made an impact when he was led to air the message. Everyone played a part in this woman’s salvation. The anchorman regained hope and vision. All our efforts together save souls, heal bodies and make a difference. Praise God that it takes a team with servant’s hearts.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, the captain, the last survivor of the rescue team, as he was mortally wounded looked into the face of the young private and said, “Earn this!” As we look at our Captain, Jesus, we cannot ever earn our salvation - it is by His blood. But there is nothing we shouldn’t be willing to pay to bless our Captain. May we be in tune to give this coming year as never before – not to get but to give! At the same time, the Lord wants to bless you.

Luke 4; Isa. 61:1-6. The Holy Spirit starts all of this! The Lord is painting a picture for us. This is the Year of Favor! The glory shall be mine. The Lord has given us little samples through our youth.

The youth gave one testimony after another of how God: Open doors for favor into prestigious schools, military academy, Phi Beta Kappa award, scholarships and more. We claim favor for all our sons and daughters!

We will have challenges but don’t be afraid to take up difficult things. We will begin a twenty-one day fast on January 9. We will be praying for greater glory than in the birthing of His Church. We pray for the most glorious outpouring of His Spirit and harvest. We will also pray for the 2012 elections.

David Cameron, of Great Britain, has declared they are a Christian nation. We, America, should not be afraid to say the same. The Bible gives us values and morals that we should stand up and defend. Canada has also been blessed by declaring their allegiance to Israel.

Christians, we must not withdraw, we must occupy. We must not lose our reference point of where we came from. It is time for revival in America! We are a Christian nation. We need to war in the heavenlies! We need to take the culture, so we must point our prayer at the right situation!! The problem is not with White House - the Church vacated the place of leadership 60 years ago. And where there is a vacuum, evil will come in. There is a battle! Our values are Christian - we must say our children can pray in school, read the Bible in school. The answer lies in the believing Church. We have the word of hope! Jesus is Lord.

Isa. 60:1-3. Our mentor Derek Prince taught us that this Scripture is a prophetic picture of the last day church.

God’s people have to say this is the light! Christians are the ones who have been silenced. In Egypt they are killing Coptic Christians. Darkness will cover the earth but His light will be seen on us! We need to be effective. The light is arising over you and this church. His Supernatural Light is arising – this will be a year loaded with miracles, signs and wonders because the glory of the Lord is rising over you. This is the Year of Favor!

Luke 4:18. As Pastor Bonnie pointed out in The Message Bible – This is God’s year to act! God is going to act on our behalf. We have had wonderful testimonies of miracles with Ginger and her new heart and Tammy’s healing from tumors. God still does miracles today!

Rev. 21:10-15. There are 12 gates, 12 angels, names of 12 tribes, 12 foundations, 12 apostles, 12 precious stones, 12 pearls. Twelve (12) is Spirit of God coming for proper rule and order. And there are 3 gates on each of 4 sides - His perfect perfection - 3333, 3 is divine perfection - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - in every direction!

Gen. 12:2-3; 39:21; John 10:10. God is painting a portrait. FAVOR!

In Gen 12 – Abraham is called to be a great nation, even to future generations they are blessed to be a blessing. And through Jesus we have been grafted into this promise so through Him we are blessed.

Gen 39:21 God gave Joseph favor, no power could prevent, hinder - thrown in the pit by own people, was thrown into slavery, put in prison but in the end, this favor blessed the whole earth as everyone had to come to him for food.

And favor restores things stolen. Joseph's descendants - enslaved, oppressed but the promise of favor was still there. And when they killed the lamb and put the blood on their doorposts and lintels - brought them out overnight with silver and gold. John 10:10 speaks of abundant life – the blood of lamb releases favor.

Ex. 11:3; Deut. 33. All your assets will increase in the year of favor. Movie 300 is a demonstration of amazing victories -300 against 300,000. - held them for 3 days - opened way for transformation. Joshua marched around Jericho, blew the shofar and the walls fell. God will give us amazing favor and amazing victory against every opposition.

Esther 5:8. The law of the Medes and Persians which could never be changed were changed when Esther got favor!

In the movie, Narnia Dawn Treader, they became one with the portrait in the water on the boat. If you stay in one dimension (natural), it won’t be easy. Enter the glory! Enter the Presence of the Lord. May we carry and steward the Presence of God!

Speak glory and the favor will increase in the most amazing way. God is showing you a portrait. Become one with the picture God is showing. Isa. 60 & 61. We will walk in a reality. We will build old waste places, not because of our might but because of His favor. We enter in by faith!

Lord we thank you for blessing of2011 but we enter into 2012 by the blood. I declare like Joseph, Abraham, Samuel and David, I am highly favored. This is the year for God to act. It is a year of prosperity and Increase in every area. The lord takes pleasure in my prosperity. I declare it, step into it. It's real. It's over me, around me

We give you thanks lord Jesus. This is the year of favor!

Key: Blood of Jesus!

Prayers-SHIFT Declarations!

  • Watchmen: Father, in the name of Jesus, all believers are called to the wall. We put aside our agenda and past as we seek Your Kingdom first as disciples and sons! We declare to all watchmen believers, SHIFT!
  • Family: Thank You for our parents, husbands, wives and children. Thank You for the responsibility. Where there is weakness, damage, hurt and where children have turned from You, SHIFT!
  • Government: America in 2012, SHIFT! Thank You for godly leaders that will bring you glory. We declare a foundational SHIFT!
  • Economy: Ez. 37:3. We speak to the dry bones in business and say live! We prophesy to the dry bones, SHIFT!
  • Media & Arts: Spirit of the Lord is hovering over the face of the water. The sea of humanity is waiting for the glory of God. Hover over the face of the nations. Thank You that the kingdoms of the world are Yours. We declare Your glory in the area of movie production, publishing, printed materials and internet, SHIFT!
  • Military: We pray for the security of our nation and truth. Angelic firewalls around our troops, their family, and our families. Ps. 32:7, our mouths will be the keys. It’s in our mouth to make the declaration. This is the year of no fear! To the troops and national security, SHIFT!
  • Israel and the nations: Instant acceleration! SHIFT! Great acceleration is taking place politically, SHIFT! Open our eyes and shift the surrounding nations. Isaac and Ishmael are brothers. We pray for allies for Israel from Egypt, Iraq, SHIFT!
  • Economy of Israel: SHIFT! Oil will ooze and gas will flow. Nations of the earth will realize the debt we have to here. Open her eyes tear the veil in two. Out of Israel will flow to the entire earth, SHIFT!

Scripture References

Ps. 24:7-8,10

Prophetic Words: Bonnie Chavda

  • Living Word: This is a living word-Who Was, and Is, and Is To Come! He is present tonight to meet us. The glory is flowing with us now for what God has planned! Let us enter in together now!
  • Story of Ruth and Our Bridegroom Jesus: As I entered in the Watch, I was with Ruth of old on the threshing floor. The year of 2012 is the year the Bridegroom - we will experience Him as Comforter and Counsel where the nations are groping in darkness. I will be Might and Wonder in their hands. Get ready for the might! Peace that is perfect will open the way and make it possible to happen. Fullness of My name is unfolding. It will be felt individually and corporately. Like Ruth, the Lord’s heart is looking back over the choices you have made and commending you and entreating not to leave you. Where you go, I’ll go. Where you stay, I’ll stay. Your people will be My people. From, our Boaz! I commend you as you have made a choice to follow the cloud who has been your Naomi. Some of you have had opportunities to make other choices less costly. Because you chose My way over all things, in 2012 you will find Me in the threshing floor of promise. I will reveal myself to you! As Ruth washed herself, we’ve come to the hour of our harvest. Our Bridegroom is awakening at the midnight hour. Tell Me what you want me to do for you! Lord, we pray cover us! Provision, empty jars being filled with wheat and seed. Fields that were planted in a past season where rain didn't come or it was not the right timing – it is time to plant again. It will bring forth harvest in the same year.
  • Korea: Bonnie mentioned their (Mahesh and Bonnie’s) upcoming missionary trip to Korea and how a few weeks ago, the watch focus was for a shift in N. Korea . By the next watch night, there was a shift - one of our generation’s most violent and ruthless tyrants , Kim Jong-il, passed away – he had received that mantle from his father in 1994. The last time I (Bonnie) was there was in 2003 and I saw prophetically an image of a train run through my meeting thee. And as I saw the train I prophesied a shift, a change In regime, that would create a kairos moment, an opening - there were going to be events and the church in S. Korea would be strategic in this opening for reunification and restoration for the nation and for the families torn apart by this divide. I discovered through conversation with my children that Kim Jong-il died on a train.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to us and He is calling us in 2012 to be faithful and prophesy. Tonight, we are all receiving and upgrade in the Cloud in the prophetic anointing. You shall prophesy, dream dreams and have visions. Declare that 2012 is the year My bridegroom Jesus is meeting me on the floor of the Watch for harvest and provision

Prophetic Word/Visions/Songs

  • Word: A prophetic word was sent in from a watchman saying to prepare for a major shift from the heavens that will invade the people and move them into supernatural power and visitation. Doors previously closed would be opened. Opportunities missed would present themselves again. Dare to step into the river. And for Mahesh and Bonnie and the ministry, there will be an increase in miracles because of the pull and hunger of the people and an increase in major media broadcast for their meetings.
  • Word: Ps.18:28-29. 2012 is a leap year! We will leap into favor!


On Christmas day I received an orange that was given out after service. Mahesh humorously said it was anointed. I took one for my wife and daughter. My wife was having chest pains and the Holy Spirit prompted her to rub the orange on her chest. The pain left. Truly, the orange was anointed!

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