Watch Report — March 9, 2012


Watch Focus: Purim Deliverance of God’s People


Our God Is the God of Deliverance! 

You shall not need to fight in this battle; take your positions, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord [Who is] with you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Fear not nor be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you. (2 Chron 20:17 AMP)

The night began as Bonnie had everyone welcome the Lord’s visitation over families, businesses and life. “Let it rain! We lay down our unrest.”

In honor of Purim, two Shabbat candles were lit – “Blessed are You oh God, sovereign of the universe Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the lights of Shabbat. Amen.”  Shabbat Shalom was sung and everyone joined in the celebration as young and old danced together.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

Vision: You are in the waiting room of the glory. It is preparing us for something else. It’s a special waiting room.

We are sliding into the end hours of the Feast of Purim. We have learned ancient Hebrew wisdom to honor the Feasts and Festivals in the Bible. As you are serving the Lord and His kingdom, He is working things out for you.

I pray a father’s blessing on the singles. You are in the waiting room. You will see what happens in the waiting room.

I was happy to see the children dancing to Shabbat Shalom. God keeps His promises to your children’s children. There is holy electricity falling over you. The blessing is real and tangible. I release that.

The Feast of Purim. Esther 2. God is planning your deliverance, your breakthrough as you yield yourself. He is working out wonderful plans for healing and restoration. God says, “I Am the God of deliverance”. My God is a god of deliverance, healing and breakthrough for our generations to come. Our children, grandchildren, city and nation are healed, delivered and blessed. Yeshua Ha'Mashiach.  Jesus is our salvation, our deliverer, our healer.

He is the God of deliverance for the United States of America. We will be debt free and delivered from the dark plan of every evil power. We are delivered and they are defeated. The spirit of Haman is broken. Step into that word. Yes, by faith I am receiving it. Be it unto us according to Thy word. We will hear the counsel of the Lord only. We reject the counsel of the wicked. We declare the mantle from The Feast of Purim which is called the Feast of Lots.

Psalm 126. Sometimes God takes us through challenges. We are people of faith. For such a time as this.

Esther 1 begins with a feast for 187 days. Queen Vashti was torn between pleasing the king and being humiliated through the open display that he called for.  She refused so she was banished and the king began the search for another queen. Esther was chosen.

Part of the reason for the feast had to do with the Persian Empire preparing to go to war. As we see in the movie 300, this was a key event for saving the Greek culture and the birthing of western civilization and the gospel language.

The Purim Festival is a time of laughter.  It’s more than deliverance; it’s about destiny and purpose. From these very people the Savior comes. Genesis 12:1-3. God will bless me and He will make me a blessing. Be a blessing and serve. In that God releases the blessing.  Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of that promise – in Him, every family on the earth is blessed.  In Jesus, every family can receive eternal life.

The spirit of Haman wants to kill. In the Book of Esther, she is the main character. God brings blessing and deliverance through women and men. God is not mentioned by name but instead is hidden in the numbers and colors of the Book of Esther. He is in your life daily. He may be hidden, but He is there.

A video was played of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the annual AIPAC conference 2012. This is one of the most important speeches you will hear. He is the right man at the right time! Like in the Book of Esther, it is strategic and essential that we hear the voice of the Lord. There are people with the same spirit who controlled Haman that control Israel’s enemies. The key is God’s people. Don’t be confused.

Ephesians 1:20-23 Message Bible. There is a shift in this kairos moment. Jesus is ruling and exercising His rule in His people through intercession. Iran is planning to destroy the Jewish people. But “For such a time as this!”, we will commit ourselves to God. The Scriptures and the Holy Spirit will guide us. Take God’s side - The Lord God of Israel!

The number one focus then was the coming of Jesus and the number two focus now is the second coming of Jesus. Events are coming together. God did not leave us orphans.

Esther was instructed by Mordecai to not reveal her identity so she was brought into the King’s harem like the other women in the land.  Sometimes we need to zip our lip! God has great plans but we must be wise. So in Esther 2:5, the eunuch Hegai who represents the Holy Spirit is making the Bride ready. Esther was prepared for six months with oil and six months with fragrances. Oil represents the Holy Spirit anointing and fragrance represents prayer.

Esther was chosen and had to live a difficult life but in a certain season she was called upon by Mordecai to respond in the hour of crisis to save her people. At first, Esther was afraid. Esther 4:8-13 is like the Prime Minister of Israel speaking to us. He is like Mordecai regarding the plan of Iran. Don’t let the spirit of chicken hit you. You will want to run away.

But we are in preparation for the second coming of the Lord – the Scriptures tell us in the same way He ascended we will see Him return over Jerusalem. He will come to that same place. According to the Word of the Lord, no man can destroy Jerusalem. We have to take the place in the spirit of Esther. We have oil and fragrance. We are being prepared to come before the King. We are the Esther Army and we must stand in the gap. Don’t think these nuclear weapons are just for Israel. It’s for America also. We must pray for God to release the angelic hordes.

Don’t go to sleep!

Benjamin Netanyahu is a real prophet. We pray for his wisdom and protection. We have a vested interest. We bind the spirit of antichrist and witchcraft at work against Israel. Esther 4:13-14. May America have the privilege to be the sheltering hand of God for Israel. We don’t want to miss it. And if we are silent, Israel’s salvation will arise from another place but our nation, our family, our house may not survive the arising storm. The same spirit against Israel is against us and who knows whether we have been brought into the kingdom for such a time as this.

We must be like Esther and arise in prayer and fasting and then stand and declare “If I perish, I perish“ (Esther 4:16). We pray for the spirit of courage of the Lion. Jesus is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God will put His scepter out to us. There is good news. God turns it around. God will hang Haman and Haman’s children.

Lord, King of Israel, He is Jesus. Every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. The providence of God is guiding us. He is in control.

You are in control Lord. We are sons and daughters of the King! For such a time as this, we are here. Hear our cry as we stand as the spirit of Esther for Israel and the nation of America. God, save and bless her. Watch over her. Jesus, bless us and make us a blessing.

The Holy Spirit is here and His living particles are here.

Mahesh told a story of humming the song Lili Marleen last Saturday at the conference and asking if there was anyone with the name Marlene.  There was a woman present who was named after this very song. This song was popularized during WWII – it was a German song that the allied troops sang to demoralize their enemy – it represents the spirit of turnaround and victory. The very weapon set against us will bring the defeat of our enemy.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords – do not be afraid!


  • Israel: We extend Your glory bubble over Your people and Your nation. We bless Jerusalem and pray for peace and protection. We thank You for calling us into Your kingdom for such a time as this. We pray for wisdom and favor over Benjamin Netanyahu. Oh, how we love you Jerusalem. Shalom. Let Your glory roll through the streets of Jerusalem. Thank You for appearing there again. We are Your watchmen and we hear Your voice. Bring heaven to earth for Israel. May those prosper who love you! We stand in the gap as watchmen on the wall.
  • Economy: We harmonize with heaven tonight. We release the vibration of shalom from Him who rules the heavens. We ask that You would rest Your scepter of favor over us. Still the stormy sea of our economy. Shift the hearts that are failing from fear.
  • Nations: We release the oil of the anointing of the pure word of God. Grace for the nations through the Blood of Jesus. Let Your fragrance enter the senses of our generation from Israel to America to Asia and to the Isles of the sea from Africa to Greenland over Europe to the South, East, North and West. We recognize tonight the world is peripheral to the church and Your throne. Together with You we sing glory!
  • Additional Prayers: Israel, Church, Revival, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Government, Family and Military

Scripture References

Ps 23, 29, 103.

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Word of Knowledge from Bonnie: There is someone watching on the internet. Something to do with a heart cauterization and a loved one in need. The Lord makes all things new. If you need healing in your organs, he makes all things new. Yes and Amen! We release the singing decree over everyone in need of healing. Every organ every system, child, finances and business. He makes all things new. God is restoring broken hearts.
  • Vision and Word from Bonnie: I saw the Throne of the Lord and it was not empty. The folds of the fabric of His garment, as He moved His arm ever so slightly, gave off a fragrance. Hearing from the Message Bible Ephesians 1:20-23. Jesus is enthroned in deep heaven. Ask the God of our Master for intelligence and knowledge so you can see what He is calling you to. The extravagance of His word is in us. Boundless strength. God raised Him above the galaxy to govern. No name or power is exempt from His rule and word. At the center of all this Christ rules. The world is peripheral to the church. The Holy Spirit of God is awakening us to know and understand the church is not peripheral to the world, but the world is peripheral to the church. He is sitting here reigning and ruling. Saints are gathered together unto Him. The fragrance is healing, joy and forgetfulness of sorrow. Isaiah 45.
  • Song: Release heaven on earth.
  • Watch After-Party: The Holy Spirit came in like a mighty River soaking all with His glorious presence. We were undone in the Presence of God. The watch leader began to sing prophetically over the leaders and worship team for God to pour out His Spirit. Some of the lead worship members were swept up in the River’s current as they lay on the floor overtaken by the Holy Spirit.
  • Song: Pour it out Lord! Pour it out over the pastors, watch captains and worship team. Pour it out!

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