Watch Report — March 30, 2012


Watch Focus: The Supreme Court—Health Care Mandate; Israel’s Peace, Borders & Security


Jesus Reigns Supreme!  

And He has put all things under His feet and has appointed Him the universal and supreme Head of the church [a headship exercised throughout the church], (Eph.1:22 AMP)

As an act of worship the Shabbat candles were lit. The worship leader began with, “Allow the Lord to send His wind under your wings so you can get the updraft and soar into a new perspective”. We soared like eagles in worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Glory to God!

Joshua 6:15-16. The Lord is giving you the city debt free. Declare it over your brothers and sisters and the church. Honor the mothers and fathers in this area. Bless them with the spirit of revival.

God wants to increase your level of faith. Great faith like the woman with the issue of blood. Great faith! Touch His garment. We all need some work. We are going from faith to faith. Glory to God. Shout!

There is a whole band of terrorists from Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon and Syria marching toward the borders of Israel calling it a nonviolent demonstration. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) would have to fire on them if threatened. We blow the shofar for the release of angelic host over Israel to protect her borders. None of the IDF will be hurt. We blow the shofar and intercede on Israel’s behalf and release blessing. Jerusalem belongs to Jesus.

As angels are being released for Israel, they are also coming here. Healing angels. Stand in the gap for your family. Someone’s son is having difficulty in school. God wants to give him a breakthrough. God is promoting him and he will be above his classmates. Breakthrough for families. God of the Angel Armies is healing cancer and putting His oil on them. Brain tumors are falling away. Thank You, Father.

Tomorrow we will honor the Vietnam Veterans with a Home Coming Celebration in Charlotte. Those veterans deserve honor. A spiritual disease came over our nation by witchcraft in the media. They should have received honor when they returned home from Vietnam. For some, it’s been an ongoing process of healing. We pray, “Shout, for the Lord is giving us the city!” Virtue, honor, and comfort on those veterans. We repent for the bad treatment shown. Thank You Lord for healing their broken hearts. Bless them.

We ask for a miracle for the Supreme Court. They are making a final decision about the HealthCare Mandate. It’s possible that we could lose some freedoms. We want God’s decision. Ask the Lord to guide us completely through this decision. We lift up each Supreme Court Justice, four are considered liberal and four conservative. There is one who you don’t know which way he will vote. We are counting on one Man, Jesus, to preserve our freedoms. We want to have freedom of worship. The “Black Robed Clergy” led the way in the Revolutionary War. Now it is our time, men and women of God must speak into these issues.

I, Mahesh, am being a voice of the Black Robed Clergy. I repent and I want You veterans to release forgiveness. May the Lord return sevenfold blessing upon you. Phil 2. We bring the spirit of honor back home on our church.

Last Friday, I had a prophetic word, “Shout, for God is giving us the city!” On Saturday, there was a significant rainbow over our city. This is a sign of God’s covenant. The Lord says to remind Him and He will give us the city. There was a double rainbow over Washington, DC. We are in the prophetic flow and we must keep interceding.

Spirits of double-mindedness, witchcraft and anti-Christ are over the media to promote their own agenda. The spirit of manipulation is over the media in Washington, DC. We claim that city. The rainbow is a sign to keep praying. We bless the watchmen tonight. We pray the spirit of revival. Lord, we acknowledge Your promise in the rainbow.

Joshua 6:15-16. On the seventh day the seventh blast brought the Jericho walls down. Seven is completion, victory, healing and rest. We must stay united as a people. One people giving a united sound. We cannot stand alone. We have the spirit of unity and victory over every family. We are a team. May we be one in our family, church and vision.

We have a heart for other churches. God loves unity and commands His blessing. Charlotte is a glory city in the nation. There are other glory cities in the rainbow that God is visiting. We reject any spirit of division. We need to pray for healing. The Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus will break the yoke of racism and bigotry.

Only the Holy Spirit can give you love. Be an ambassador of love. Love heals. Lord, come and fill us all with Your Holy Spirit to heal our nation. Love! 2 Tim. 1:7. There are evil spirits of fear, loneliness and bigotry. Shout, for the Lord has given us the city. It’s God’s Spirit and ability. Don’t let the enemy make you feel inadequate. Look into the glory and get a glory vision. Dream great dreams. Age doesn’t matter. Look at Miriam in Exodus 15:20. She was eighty-four. God has a purpose for you to claim more territory.

See. Put your hands over your eyes and receive glory vision. Prov. 29:18.

Joshua 6:15-17. This is a word from God to you for your family and nation. God is giving us the Jericho and the chief authority. Everything will bow to the name of Jesus. Declare “I’ve got authority”.

September will bring the Democratic National Convention to Charlotte. We will cover this nation in prayer for both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. Wall of Jericho fall! Presence of God will be released through believers. By faith, the walls of your Jericho are falling. You must combine the word and authority. Start exercising your faith. Do everything by faith and come into increased vision. Shout and take the city. Action plus faith. The kinds of people who can take the city are being molded as an “Army with Banners”. The banners say, “Jesus Reigns”.

Acts 6:7. God is giving an extreme makeover inside your church, city and nation. It is good for us to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us. If you listen to the media too much, it will make you negative. Be more joyful. More love. No spirit of religion. Signs, miracles and love will allow us to take the city!


  • Revival: Wind of the Spirit release the glory of God over Charlotte. We’re done with religion. We want to see the dead raised and gang members coming to church. Move in the schools. We proclaim the covenant rainbow over Charlotte. Be glorified. Gen. 9. Bow in the cloud. You have made a covenant with this city. Rain of revival over this city. We pray revival will break out in the stadium when the Democratic National Convention is held. Give them a heavenly perspective. Ruin their man-made plans. Ps. 125. City of God rise up! 1 John 4. God is love and perfect love casts out all fear. Perfect, proven. Our love is not mature if we fear. We praise You for Your love. You are love and You have imparted Your love into us. When we feel we’re not worthy, we know Your word says different. Thank You for Your love.
  • America: Thank You for this nation and Christian foundations. We call America back to its borders. She has the mind of Christ. The rainbow is over this nation from coast to coast. Lift up the Supreme Court Justices. They have the mind of Christ and make decisions from that stand point.
  • Israel: Ps. 147:12-14. Safety in Israel. Surround the borders with Your angelic armies. Let no ungodly thing cross the border. Cover her with Your wings of protection. Bless Your people and nation tonight.
  • Armed Forces: Ps. 27. Thank You for the armed forces. Bless and protect them. Let Your canopy cover them. Give them unity, success, grace and mercy.
  • ANC/CMI: Get ready! The Presence of the Lord is carried by the priest with a safe distance being kept. Joshua as the leader. We honor our leadership. Don’t take offense or rejection. We bless the church with unity.

Scripture References

Ex. 18:21-22; Isa.33:22; Ps. 82:1, 83; Dan. 7:9-10; Prov. 8:14-16, 11:1; Deut. 16:18

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act: Roar like a lion over your situation. Rev. 10:1-3.
  • Prophetic Act: Put your hand on your belly and receive a fresh revelation of God’s love.
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Praise God, I agree!!!
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This is definitely one of the more interesting reports that I've come across as far as the Supreme Court is concerned. I came across this report courtesy of and it's been a pretty decent find all in all. I want to continue reading about the same for as long as I can.

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