Watch Report — June 22, 2012


Watch Focus: Declare Jesus is Lord Over America!


We Pull America Back to Her Borders!

And behold, One like the Son of Man, Coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days, And they brought Him near before Him. Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom That all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, Which shall not pass away, And His kingdom the one Which shall not be destroyed (Dan. 7:13-14).

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by lighting the Shabbat candles. Worship began with a song declaring Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords and commanding the ancient doors to open up.

Watch Leader: Come forth to lay hold of the altar. He, Jesus, founded this nation. He led Christopher Columbus, the Puritans, the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers by His Holy Spirit. We are enthroning Him with our praises. Jesus is the Lord over this nation! He is Holy; He is majestic!

Song: Watchmen, what do you hear? I hear the Lord’s army; He’s coming! Victory is clear to see!

Worship Leader: I sense a real river inside this place and the Lord is going to give us the victory.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Each one of you is on a hero’s journey. No matter your age. On the hero’s journey, you pick up tokens of victory for overcoming. You can share those tokens, those “testimonies”. Your story has power in it. If you have challenges, you are about to get a victory. Jehovah Nissi, the Lord’s banner of victory. You can’t be defeated. He will charge you with victory anointing. You must spread it to others. The Lord did not commission you to spread depression. You sense His victory, healing and glory. You will pick it up in His Presence.

As we praise, there are glory molecules. Get as close as you can to the glory molecules. It’s good for you. I was on the 700 Club and I invited the Holy Spirit to come and all twelve lights exploded. The second time I invited Him to come, the back lights exploded. Pat Roberson has even told the story of how I prayed and the lights exploded. I invite you to come up closer. I wish people would bring dying people here. The people in the first 25 ft. got zonked. There was a doctor deaf in one ear and he got a creative miracle in his ear. For me, I don’t want to miss one thing.

Someone gave me a news article that states that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Chaplain was told not to use the name of Jesus in their ceremonies. The chaplain responded and told them that all he could bless them with is the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is above every name.

Word of Knowledge: Someone has macular degeneration and there is a miracle for someone’s eyes that tear up for no reason. I speak healing and the light to come.

This is a school of the Holy Spirit. Friday nights. This is an extremely important time for our nation. We must remain the destined nation that God meant it to be. Many of us have grandchildren. I want the next generation to be more prosperous. That’s our DNA. Poverty is a curse. When we have abundance, we can bless people. Jesus took the curse for us that we might be rich.

The Holy Spirit anoints us to make creative ways to bring people to the Lamb of God. There are evil forces that tremble at the name of Jesus. I’m proud of each one of you that are here. God put something in your DNA for more of Him. This is a time to raise an army of young people. This is a year of favor in 2012. In this context, God will show favor for you and your children in the midst of your challenge. In the midst of famine, Isaac was blessed 100-fold. I want us to rise up like lions.

Psalm 103. We are going to bless the Lord. We must stand as watchmen and not be ignorant. I am astounded at some of the things I am seeing. In Greece at the Battle of Thermopylae, 300 Spartans held back a million man army at the gates for three days. They helped slow down the Persian army and changed the course of history. Thousands of years later the same thing happened in Austria. And now generations later, we are free because of those battles.

Now, Germans are paying bills for retirees in Greece. Same thing in Spain. Margaret Thatcher told them they will run out of other people’s money. Our banking system is helping but we are borrowing forty cents on a dollar and we are going more in debt.

What country in the 1900s was considered the most prosperous? Argentina, but then they brought in a Marxist system. Proverbs was written for wisdom. Right now their banking system is going down. Now they choose extreme socialism. We are at a crossroads. George Bush spent money like nobody’s business. We want God’s system.

Intercessory watchmen, what’s happening in Egypt? The Muslim Brotherhood is going to come. It is better to choose the lesser of two evils. At least Mubarak kept his word with Israel. There were at least ten million Christians and they were protected. But the Muslim Brotherhood wants the capital of Egypt to be Jerusalem. The priority is to pray for the peace for Jerusalem. The war against Jerusalem is bad; peace for Jerusalem is good. The choice is clear; the Bible is our guide. Isaiah 60:1. Arise, shine! We want direction and strategy for victory, miracles, joy and triumph for God’s people. In the midst of darkness and confusion, I am going to shine. I’m going to have light.

Psalm 103:1-5 (ESV). Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

There are benefits as you bless the Lord. Bless the Lord oh my soul! He forgives all my iniquities. Mark 2:1-12. Healing comes with forgiveness. Verse 7 says, “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” What is the power of that connection? The key is to bless the Lord! When you bless the Lord, you are expressing gratitude, thanksgiving and honor. As you bless the Lord, you are recognizing Him as God and He blesses us. When my kids were little at Christmas time, I use to get them presents and they were so happy. As a natural father, I want to give good things to my children; I want to see them happy. How much more our heavenly Father. So how do I bless Him? A eulogy. You praise and give thanks.

Dishonor is at work in our public education system and college education. Ninety-five percent of professors are Marxist. They disdain our values. This week there was a story about a grandmother who was a bus monitor for three years and how she got bullied by middle school children. The kids were saying nasty things to her. Our children need discipline. We are to honor the elders. They represent the Father in a sense. When we honor the Lord, it is reflected in society. An airplane has a key instrument called an altimeter that tells you the altitude and measure to the horizon. To maintain flight, you must maintain height. Part of the key then is your attitude because it determines your altitude. And the way you keep altitude is to bless the Lord!

Psalm 34. One of our examples is David. In the midst of dire circumstances when his life was on the line, David’s posture was to bless the Lord at all times. And like David, you will not be conquered. You will come out kingly and ruling. Psalm 34:1. At all times, bless Him! Philippians 2:5. Let this mind be in you, meaning let Christ’s attitude be in you. Humility is a key to altitude.

God is looking at your heart. Draw a circle around yourself. Where are you in that circle? Philippians 2:5 will help you. Life tries to teach you that you are in the center, but you need to step out on the edge. I am never at the center of the circle. When God looks at my heart, I am not at the center. If the enemy has put you at the center of the circle, get away quickly. I put the Lord always at the center of my circle and that's a safe place to be. Praise the Lord!

There are two kinds of Christians; a hummingbird or a vulture. In Kenya we had a lot of vultures. Vultures eat on dead things, past mistakes, criticism, gossip. They are full of negativity. Hummingbirds look for living things. So get out of the circle, fly on the edge and let Jesus become your center.

Psalm 34:1. I will bless the Lord! It is a matter of your will. No matter what your circumstances, you must say, “I’m not a vulture; I will not focus on dead things”. I will bless the Lord no matter what because that is what Jesus did; other people never affected His relationship with His Father. When you make that decision, such as praying in the Spirit, it affects your emotions which, as we see in v. 2, overflows to your soul boasting in the Lord. Your emotions continue to overflow and they begin to affect other people; you become an influencer! “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” (Ps. 34:3 ESV).

Learn to bless His name. Center yourself to bless the Lord at all times. Inside, if the root is right, the fruit is right. If I bless the Lord, it will overflow. At ALL times means at ALL times. Not one word from me will distract others from the goodness of God. Ephesians 4:29.

Our appearance should match our testimony of the Lord. A few weeks ago in San Francisco, my family and I were at Fisherman’s Wharf. There were thousands of people and my daughter was driving. She began to say, “No, no, no, no, he’s naked!” A grown man was riding on a bicycle naked. Let’s dress appropriately.

The more you bless the Lord, the more you want to be with others to bless the Lord. Psalm 34 was written at a time when David was being chased by two kings. He wrote it in the cave of Adullam. He gets the victory in the cave and he turned the cave into a cathedral.

Get charged up when you come to worship. Let us magnify the Lord together. Turn your cave into a cathedral. Your aim is to look high on God. Break your silence; the humble shall make their boast in the Lord. Goodness and kindness and mercy are all around me. Put Him in the center.

Vision: I am seeing miracles and breakthrough from the North, South, East and West. A vibration is going out. Believe for super abundant miracles.

Word: I command brain tumors to shrink and healing for broken bones and heart surgery. Rise up from that wheelchair. Bless the Lord and start walking. No more paralysis. The Holy Spirit wants to fill you tonight.


  • America: Psalm 113:3-4. Bless You, Lord! Jesus, You are Lord over the United States of America. Your banner over us is love. We drink it in. We step into our authority for America. Line up America! We decree that in the 2012 elections, we will elect leaders that will stand with Israel. Luke 10:19. We trample on serpents and speak peace to America.The storms of confusion must go in Jesus name. America will reclaim her heritage. Amnesia is removed. We remember our Founding Fathers, our heritage and our destiny. We speak hope and identity everywhere. America is a city on a hill. We pray for and bless our troops. In God we trust. America is a beautiful Bride. Restoration for our finances. Healing. God is Commander and Chief over every law enforcement agency across our nation and we plead the Blood of Jesus over them. Your voice sounds like water; flood our cities with the water of the Holy Spirit. Come, we give You permission to speak and move in our cities and the Church.
  • Israel: Protection over all borders. Peace in Jerusalem. We stand with her. We cover Benjamin Netanyahu and ask that You would give him wisdom, knowledge and strategy. Let them have Holy Ghost meetings. Thank You for harvest from the Seed.
  • CMI: Year of favor. Increase and blessing.
  • Nations: We pray for the people in those nations plotting against Israel. May mercy rain down so that they may come to the knowledge of the truth, and not be lost.

Scripture References

2 Chron. 20:12; Eph. 6:12; Php. 2:9-11

Prophetic Songs/Words/Visions

  • Word/Vision: America is a place of battle. I want to pour out showers of blessing. I see a 3D map of America. All over I can see water rising on the map. Showers of water on great cities and prairies. As we pray, we go to battle. Pour out Holy Spirit in the greatest measure we’ve ever seen over every state, city and deep dark rural area. Great outpouring of Holy Spirit and fire.
  • Vision: I saw one huge droplet of water and I was looking at it. I was inside the glory bubble and it was inside me. Like the Chronicles of Narnia when Lucy had a vial of healing oil, there is a word of healing for America. We release the glory bubble over America. The past, present and future are wrapped up. We will have a better ending than our beginning. We declare healing over our nation, hearts and culture. Healing for America and the wound of racial tension, poverty and violence. Release Your virtue to go forth now.
  • Vision: I saw someone at the bottom of a flagpole, pulling on the rope and raising the flag. It was the Lord’s banner like the flag stretching forth from east to west and from sea to sea. The banner of love. You are a covenant keeper. We remind ourselves of the covenant our forefathers make. Thank You for keeping Your covenant stretched out over us. From New York to Seattle, from Miami to San Diego, You keep Your covenant of love.
  • Vision: I saw the Lord take hold of a rope over the covenant of marriage and our nation. He is pulling the slack with cords of love and kindness. Once again, draw us near to You. I pray by Your grace and mercy that we pull back the heart of America to You. We pull back education, legal systems, wayward sons and daughters and wayward marriages. Pull America back to her borders. Forgive us for being slack. We ask for Your hand to take hold of the rope to pull back the slack. Psalm 29:11.
  • Song: Pull back in love of America. We’re coming back to His Throne of mercy.
  • Vision: I saw a tug of war. The Lord planted Himself as an anchor. We pull with You.
  • Prophetic Act: Step into this. Lock arms with each other and pull. Link arms and pull back America.
  • Word: God is clearly here. I AM, I WAS and I AM TO BE is with us; He said, “Command My troops and tell them what you want”. We want the nation and power back. I command Your troops to go to our nation. We loose them on our nation.
  • Word: Hope. He wants to restore our inheritance and place of intimacy. He will have His eye on that one sheep. His eye is on America. There is hope in the Lord.

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