2018 — The Lord Has Done Great Things for Us!

    We are living in some of the most incredible times. We take note of what God has done and celebrate the move of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in May of this year. Isaiah 60 says, “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.”

    Your prayers and support are helping us change lives and impact nations with the glory. In March, an apostolic network of over twenty leaders from Brazil came to our headquarters for a day of prayer, impartation, and mentoring in the glory. In October, Bonnie returned to Scotland to strengthen the work of a vibrant community of awakened believers breaking into the arts and industrial high places of the United Kingdom. In November, we began the first of what will be an ongoing partnership to strengthen a network of pastors and local churches in Cuba.

    We see evidence of His power, love, and miracles every day. Jesus is the Light of the World, and it is our joy to carry His light into darkness together with you. Here are just a few more highlights from this powerful year of glory:

  • In Louisiana, we received the good news that a man who had suffered from Parkinson’s disease was completely restored after we prayed for him. Watch Video
  • Another woman had been wheelchair-bound from emphysema. I prayed for her the previous year and one year later she was wheelchair-free.
  • In Maryland, a very pregnant woman drove two-and-a-half hours to come to the meeting. She wanted to say “thank you” for praying for her. She and her husband had been trying to have children for over ten years. Doctors said it would be impossible. One year later, she and her husband were just a few weeks away from holding their first, miracle baby in their arms!
  • In Michigan, I had a word of knowledge for someone with heart blockages. A woman was there with two blocked arteries. She said I broke generational curses off of her and she felt like someone reached in and massaged her heart. She returned to the doctors and her heart is all clear.
  • At a Friday night Watch, a woman with terminal kidney disease was instantly healed. She had been in severe pain and bleeding for weeks. That night her pain instantly disappeared and her urine was clear. Watch Video
  • In Seattle, a man from Kyrgyzstan shared that he had suffered from debilitating migraines and incurable brain disease that left him suicidal. He came across my book, The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting in Russian. He read it, began fasting, and was completely healed. Watch Video
  • I prayed for a child with autism. She had great difficulty speaking. After prayer, her family reported she was speaking and singing normally.
  • I had a word of knowledge for women who struggled with barrenness. A woman stood and within weeks she let us know she was pregnant with a healthy baby. Watch Video
  • In Baltimore, a man who had constant back pain from an old surfing accident that almost broke his back was instantly healed.
  • In September, Bonnie had the privilege of leading believers from across the nation in intercession on site in the Senate buildings during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We are so grateful for each of you that participated in watching, praying, fasting, and battling in the Spirit. We felt your prayers and saw a great victory.
  • In Virginia, a young woman who was a major leader among the full-time activists in our nation attended a meeting where Bonnie was speaking. That night, like Saul of Tarsus, that woman encountered Jesus. She gave her life to the Lord and made a radical change of direction.
  • In Chicago, a mother shared that her son, a full-time fireman who had lymphoma, was completely healed after I prayed for him. In October of last year, she had brought his picture to my service for prayer. I laid hands on the picture and received a word for him. By Christmas all his tumors had disappeared and doctors did not have an explanation. He was completely healed!
  • In Compton, a beautiful nun in full habit came to me while I was signing books. She said, “This is my dream fulfilled. I have all of your books. Every time I call your ministry for prayer, my family receives a miracle.”
  • In Compton, a mother brought her nine-year-old son for prayer. He was autistic, violent, and nonverbal. She reported a week later, “After Pastor Mahesh laid hands on William, there’s been a turnaround! William is verbal and saying, ‘Mommy!’ He’s been full of joy, often erupting in laughter instead of violent outburst.”
In this season of thankfulness for the birth of our Savior, we love to recount the awesome things God has done. As this year draws to a close, we ask that you consider sowing into this great work that the Lord is doing across the world. We thank you again for joining together with us. Bonnie and I are so thankful for you, and we send our love, prayer, and blessings to you for a wonderfully blessed new year!

 Your servants in Christ,
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   Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda