Chavda Ministries Testimonies 

Testimonies of the awesomeness of God and what He has done in the lives of our friends and partners.




Healing in Ear and Feet

In March of this year, I woke up one morning and my left foot was blazer blue. Had it X-Rayed and the metacarpal was broken and separated in (?) many places. Required an operation with 2 plates  and 10 screws. Also required to wear a boot for 25 days. I had difficulty walking and had lost much of the strength in my legs. When prayed for during the evening session on Friday, the strength came back in my leg. Also, for the past 5 years my hearing has disintegrated to where I’m almost deaf. During the prayer, my ear popped and hearing was restored. Both private and VA doctors said my hearing couldn’t be restored, but God designed my ear and healed it.

Rev. Robert H.
Waynesville, NC 

Irregular Heart Beat Healed 

Praise the Lord, my name is Ruth L. from Indonesia. I was healed from heart problem. According to the diagnosis result from Cardiologist, I suffered heart problem in which there were holes that caused irregular heartbeats and other uncomfortable effects. I had had this issue for 15 years. The cardiologist required me immediately to go through heart surgery to fix the problem.

By the grace of God, I was healed by the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of his servant, Rev. Mahesh when I attended Kingdom Invasion Conference in Singapore last January 2016. In the past, my heart beat irregularly and caused pain. I became fatigue easily. At the conference, Rev. Mahesh prayed for me. After that, my heart beat normally. At first, I still had some doubt and fear whether I was completely healed. Then I told myself to test if I was completely healed. Somehow, I thought of running at East Coast Park in Singapore during the afternoon break before the evening session. It turned out while I was there, I chat with my daughter and I didn’t get to run. Then we returned to the conference. Before the evening session, we went out to eat dinner at the food court located in the basement of Suntee City Mall where the conference was held.

After eating, we were running out of time as the session was going to start. My daughter didn’t want to be late and miss the worship time. We quickly ran forwards to the escalator. However, somehow the escalators were not working and we had to go up the stairs quickly. After we reached the top, at that time I fully realized and was very thankful that indeed God had healed me completely. That was the legitimate test of my heart condition that beat normally. Praise the Lord. He had touched and healed me. I give thanks to the Lord for his great grace that healed me. I also would like to thank Rev. Mahesh who prayed over me to receive the divine healing. Until now (sine January 2016), my heart beats normally. Keep me in your prayer so that my life can be a witness of his goodness and power all for his glory. Amen.

Mrs. Ruth L.
Jakarta – Indonesia