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Binding the Strongman by Mahesh Chavda
Price now: $4.00
A key to our spiritual freedom and victory in battle is understanding the spiritual dynamics of strongholds and how to overcome them. In this booklet, Mahesh Chavda reveals and instructs us in the tools that the Lord has given us to overpower the strongman and loose the blessings of heaven over our families, our churches, our cities and our nation.

Break the Resistance of the Enemy by Mahesh Chavda
Price now: $3.00
Time and again Scripture shows that before every promise there is a battle to possess it. No matter how large the giant who guards your way, the One who made the promise is faithful. He is the God of Angel Armies, and He invites you to contend for your blessing with Him at your side. There is no power that can hinder the purposes God has for you and for His Church.

Leap of Faith MP3 by Bonnie Chavda
Price now: $3.00
Your Open Door stands before you. At every door of opportunity, there is a test—a leap of faith. God is calling you, mighty hero! Take the leap, and answer His call. Awaken the Hero in you. Fulfill the destiny God has for your life.

El Shaddai: Your All-Sufficient One by Mahesh Chavda
Price now: $5.00
The Almighty God, translated as “El Shaddai”, is our ultimate reality. The blessings God gave to Abraham are for you and your children. Learn how to strengthen your faith, and go to the next level for miracles as you go from glory to glory.

It is Finished by Mahesh Chavda
Price now: $3.00
The greatest declaration Jesus gave was, “It is Finished.” On the cross, the plan of redemption was accomplished. The blessing of the cross for you is that Jesus will pour His healing glory over you, because he took your pains, and by His stripes you were healed. Learn how to declare “It is Finished” over you and your family.

Jesus is Alive by Mahesh Chavda
Price now: $3.00
The Resurrection was an awesome and glorious moment in history. It is the final word over every situation. Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was resurrected, and He is the resurrection. This is good news for us, as He has defeated all of the powers of death and darkness.

Praise Brings the Presence by Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda
Price now: $10.00
There is an atmosphere of the presence of the Lord that comes when you give the Lord praise, thanksgiving, and worship. In that glorious presence, nothing is impossible. Praise releases the spirit of revelation where we see things as they really are in the light of His glorious presence.

Daughters of the Lion 2021 Conference Individual CD Sessions by CMI
Price now: $6.50
Individual CD sessions from the Daughters of the Lion Conference, August 2021. Speakers include Barbara Yoder, Julie Meyer, Patricia King, and Bonnie and Mahesh Chavda.

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