Let the Healing Presence of the Lord saturate you and your surroundings as Mahesh Chavda reads healing Scriptures used in his own life, ministry and family from the Bible accompanied by anointed worship music. Healing from on High is the first CD in the Power in the Word series. Mahesh brings a voice of healing all over the world through his international ministry of signs and wonders, and now in this new series, you will experience the divine healing anointing as you use this CD to soak your home, church or a sick friend or loved one in the Word. This is a must-have CD that ushers in a fresh atmosphere of healing for you today!

Mahesh Chavda, 11/2/2009

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cynthia newell (Guest) 04/04/2011 16:27
how do i order this cd?
sonia (Guest) 06/22/2011 07:18
How do I order the cd?
Immaculate Bampadde (Guest) 07/06/2012 10:50
How do I order the healing from on high audio CD?
lincy (Guest) 09/23/2012 21:06
I really want a copy of this CD can you pls tell me how i can get it?

solse (Guest) 11/23/2017 06:49
The healing saturate you and your surroundings as mahesh chavada reads scriptures used in his life. Nice to be hearing http://au-assignment-help.com/ blog mostly updating and sharing about international ministry of signs and wonders.

cruzy paul 01/02/2018 06:12
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