Weekly Watch Focus 

Weekly Watch Focus: National Elections—Pray for our Ally, Great Britain
FRIDAY, November 15, 2019— On December 12th, Great Britain will hold General Elections that will determine the next Prime Minister and the United Kingdom's future for generations to come. Great Britain has been a special friend and ally of the U.S... More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: Pray for Mexico
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2019— This week three American mothers and their six children were brutally massacred by drug cartel members in northern Mexico. Several of the victims were children, including twin babies. Six more children were wounded in the violent More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: Pray for California Wildfires
Pray for California as firefighters have been battling fires in both the Northern and Southern regions of the state. Dangerous Santa Ana winds and extremely dry conditions have the potential to spark devastating fires across the state while worsening ten More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: Pray for President Trump and His Family
FRIDAY, October 25, 2019—A nation-wide call went out last week to all witches here and abroad to cast evil spells on President Trump and his administration this Friday, October 25th. Some of our lead intercessors whom we sent to pray at the Senate... More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: Pray for Peace for Syria and Surrounding Nations
Weekly Watch Focus: The Feast of Tabernacles
Weekly Watch Focus: Yom Kippur
Weekly Watch Focus: Rosh Hashanah—We Honor the Feasts of the Lord
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