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Weekly Watch Focus: Hurricane Florence Recovery, Feast of Tabernacles, Judge Brett Kavanaugh
FRIDAY, September 21, 2018—Pray for the people in North and South Carolina recovering from hurricane Florence and the devastating floods that have overwhelmed New Bern, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. Record rainfall inundated the coast, leaving... More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: Bind Back the Storm
Friday, September 14, 2018—We continue to cover North and South Carolina and Georgia as Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the coming hours. Bind back the destructive force of the winds and floods. Pray for the safety and protection of everyone in... More ...
Urgent Call to Prayer: Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence, a dangerous category 4 storm, is on course to strike the Carolina coast on Thursday. Ask now for God's mercy for the Eastern seaboard. Pray for the safety and protection of the people in the Carolinas. Bind the destructive force of... More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: 21 Days of Victory Fast—Pray for Crucial Mid-Term Elections...
Friday, September 7, 2018—Let us lay a foundation of prayer during this season of fasting for the upcoming mid-term elections in November. At this time our nation is experiencing the highest employment rate in forty years, tremendous growth in our GDP... More ...
Weekly Watch Focus: 21 Days of Victory Fast - Begin with Humbling and Repentance
Weekly Watch Focus: Back to School
Weekly Watch Focus: Pray for Our Armed Forces
Weekly Watch Focus: Chicago Violence and California Wildfires
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