Watch Report: April 10, 2009 (Good Friday)

Good Friday is the Center of the World

goodfriday“Good Friday is the center of the world” (Jurgen Moltman). The events of Calvary that are
commemorated on Good Friday are not just the geographical center; but the center of all space, time, and history for the world and all of creation. It is the defining event that transcends every generation, every geographical divide and is eternal. Every time we declare the victory of the cross and the power of our Passover Lamb’s shed blood, we are activating and appropriating deliverance, salvation and victory today.

We are carriers and ambassadors of the redemptive blood of the Lamb. He has delivered… He is
delivering…He will deliver. Wherever we go, we carry the reality of the blood of Jesus, but we must
apply it by faith (Exodus 12) and activate His salvation that redeems and delivers the whole man (Isaiah 53:4, 5). The blood is every fresh. In this season, more than ever, we aggressively apply the blood of our Passover Lamb over our families, cities, churches and our nation.

We declare Passover for our families and America. We apply the Blood of the Lamb. We declare that we have been sanctified and are covered by the blood. The blood still speaks and is over every power of darkness. We break the curse and release blessing…GOD BLESS AMERICA.

We will Bow before No Other Name! Jesus is Lord and King in 2009

This past week, our President bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, who is considered the leader of the entire Islamic world. Whether the President realized it or not, this gesture in the natural realm gave deference to powers and principalities in the spiritual realm. Shortly thereafter, our president declared that, “America is not a Christian Nation.” These two events opened a door and weakened the spiritual boundaries of our nation by saying to powers and principalities, “You are welcome here.” BUT we as Christians and watchmen can put up a shield around our nation and declare the dominion of Jesus Christ. We bow to no other. We declare that Jesus is Lord and King over our families, our children, grandchildren and America in 2009!” This is an hour of great urgency for every Christian to wake up, aggressively apply the blood and declare His Lordship. The arm of the Lord has revealed His mercy toward us (Isaiah 53:2-5) and we respond by appropriating His power through His blood.


We bow to no other King, whether spiritual or natural but King Jesus and have no other Lord than the Lord Jesus Christ. We annul any declarations that would open our nation to the dominion of darkness. This nation is subject to no other power but the power of the Holy Spirit. We bind the spirit of violence and lawlessness. We plead the Blood of Jesus and declare that Jesus is the Lord, Ruler, King and Leader over our families, children, grandchildren and the United States of America. Stand in Authority of the Cross “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it” (Colossians 2:15). On the cross Jesus disarmed every power and principality. When believers stand in the authority of what happened on the cross, then the powers and principalities have to acknowledge the victory we have!

Visitation and a Fresh Season of Deliverance

When the enemy comes in; like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord comes and rises up a standard! This is a time for revival. A great visitation is coming to churches around the United States, India, Africa and Europe. The darkness is getting darker, but the glory of the Lord is shining upon us and the anointing is rising to deliver from the demonic oppressor. Let us welcome the Spirit of Revival and fresh visitation from God. Declare Psalm 24 over America and the nations! The atmosphere is here to activate and enter into the power of the cross.

Healing Words of Knowledge

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Attacks on the mind, memory loss, confusion
  • Premature death, premature aging
  • Brain tumors
  • Breast cancer and cysts
  • AIDS, HIV+, Hepatitis, blood diseases
The spirit of witchcraft is broken and the spirit of Elijah is released to restore fatherhood and manhood Back and shoulder pain are being healed. God is doing surgery right now.
The demonic power of depression is broken We are receiving a blood transfusion of the Lamb in terms of His virtue, strength and joy.

Ministry Time

Mahesh stated that he could smell the presence of the Lord all around like a bouquet of flowers which further ushered in an atmosphere of joy, victory and celebration. The designated leaders formed a fire tunnel to bless everyone present and the whole congregation spent extensive time in praise, worship, dancing and even running around sanctuary. The children and young people filled the altar area with exhuberant dance, running, tumbling, joy. One little boy with a walker whose legs looked partially paralyzed, triumphantly joined in expression of worship by walking across the full length of alter area as fast as he could with a huge smile of joy and triumph on his face. We entered into the joy of our salvation, and the certain victory of our King, Lord Jesus.

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