Fly in Formation!


Miracle Testimony

  Robyn , has been confined to a wheel chair for quite some time is showing fast recovery. Last week she came for prayer, and Pastor Mahesh prayed for strength in her muscles. The doctors are amazed at her sudden muscle improvement. Her therapists said, "Your muscles suddenly grew." Today she walked for the first time in a long time without any assistance!
A healing wave was released for all those with muscle issues.
God will often give miracles in the seed.  In these coming days pray about miracle seed. Pastor Mahesh had a vision of Jack and the Bean Stalk – Golden Goose… Jack sowed it – and this is what he climbed to plunder the giant's castle and get to the golden goose!!!
May the Lord release golden geese in your life!

Testimony of Protection through Prayer

 A Major who headed up a special forces unit in Afghanistan all last year contacted us. He was on one of the most dangerous assignments with approximately 400 special forces. The Watch covered him in prayer and His picture is on our prayer wall. He wanted the watch to know that not one of his soldiers was killed! Only one was wounded in the entire tour – and it was just his toes. He completely healed and recovered.

Thank you for watching and praying. You are covering –binding the strongman by showing up and praying. “If My people will humble themselves and pray…” (2 Chron. 7:14).  In the eyes of the Lord and His angels you are awesome in God because you show up for duty just like Major Greg did.
If our soldiers are ready to risk their lives everyday, then we Christians can show up to pray for our guys. We are committed to covering our soldiers.  When the General says we need more reinforcements deployed,  that means we need more reinforcements where our intercession is concerned.
Our goal is to have a thousand watchmen/watches praying through the night. This is the strategic headquarters for pulling down the strongholds of the enemy. I want to commend you and thank you. You have heavenly commendations for faithfulness. This is aerial warfare in the heavenlies. You don’t invade enemy territory until you have knocked out strategic strongholds from the air. Then you go in with ground troops. We are the spiritual aerial bombardment. And when we dance and sing and pray – the demons are chased out. And then we say in the name of Jesus – they have to go.  The shofar is being blown. Show up for duty.
Pastor Bonnie viewed geese flying in the "V" formation today.  Afterwards, she noticed a feather fall at her feet (a Glory feather).
The Message – 1 Cor. 12:4-11
1 Corinthians 12:7 (The Message)
 God's various gifts are handed out everywhere; but they all originate in God's Spirit. God's various ministries are carried out everywhere; but they all originate in God's Spirit. God's various expressions of power are in action everywhere; but God himself is behind it all. Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits. …
When this feather came – it was reminded me of glory.
Angels are texting on my behalf – they are getting texts from me, and I don’t even know their number. Texting angels.
The feather was confirmation for us. The Lord is speaking to us about having "goose" sense. When they fly, they fly in the "V" formation.  The reason is that as the geese flap their wings, and fly in formation it creates uplift so that the goose following gets lift from the goose in front. So the whole flock adds 71% greater range than if each bird flew alone. So the difficulty is immediately reduced by 71%. You are going to get there quicker and with ease when we fly in formation because of the power of thrust. Like an airplane. We travel – we can go further in God as the thrust of each other lifts us up corporately.
That is where 1 Cor. 12:7 come sin – Everyone adds something. Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits.
 If you don’t get in on it , the journey is going to be 71% more difficult, and that’s why geese fly in formation. The geese are magnificent; they use 50% less energy.
There are times that a goose will fall out of formation – they immediately feel the drag flying alone. Quickly, they will learn to come back into formation. They will find that it is so difficult being alone.
In 2010 I believe that we are going to come into some of the great promises of God – Yes and Amen in 2010! But it will be not with the lone goose, but it will be with the geese that fly in godly formation that God gives us the "goose" sense to fly in. It is a higher level than good sense.
They keep an eye on each other. When the goose in front takes a break, another goose will come to help take the burden. It is a principle that we don’t just let one person keep going/pushing until they die. Come alongside and give our is good to have relief.   The church is a community, not lone rangers.  Fly in Formation together as spiritual family.  Family relationships are formed as the geese fly in "V" formation.  They are bonded for life even after reaching their destination.
The geese "honk" to encourage the leaders in front taking the brunt to let them know that they are behind them. "Honk" for leadership, teams, volunteers, partners, and fellow Christians. "Honk" for America! There are angels assigned to this nation to not allow America to go under. "Honk" for small businesses.  Matt 18:19- We honk for one another in will be done by my Father in Heaven!
The Promises of God are Yes and Amen in 2010. After the New Year – we will go on 21 day fast together – write down the prayer that we want to pray together. It will be done for them by My Father in Heaven! The Lord is the Chief (Lead Goose).  He is in the midst of us.
If you agree on earth concerning anything on Earth, it will be done in heaven.
Pastor Mahesh saw a lot of smoke around us (cloudy pillar and the fat burning on the alter- the prayers).  Smoke does not come without fire which is the passion.  There are two kinds of smoke: (1) Presence of God, (2) Passion/fire.  Pray prayers according to the will of God.  Do not dwell on the prayer need; just get the smoke and the fire going!

Another Coma Miracle!

Girl in Austin, Texas was in a terrible accident which resulted in her being in a coma. Pastor Mahesh prayed, "Lord, send out an angel right now!"  He believed she was going to come out of the coma. And suddenly, as he was getting to the airport he heard that the girl came out of the coma!
God wants us to believe for great things for each other, get back finances devil has stolen; millionaire and billionaire anointing.  Powerful prayer and agreement in the coming days ahead.  Keep on honking!
As we get the fire going, it will get other things going; very excited about what is to come through our prophetic evangelism (Treasure Hunt).
Acts 2:46-7
There is coming a greater smoke/fire in the coming days at the Watch.
Fly in formation together. Jesus came down to show us the way to safety; so if you feel like a lost goose – it is ok. He is going to lead us home. We are not going to be orphans. The Holy Spirit is flying with us. It is great to fly in formation.   There is going to be prosperity like never before in the year ahead.

The Square Root Vision

Pastor Bonnie heard phrase from Genesis chapter seven: "On that day, all the fountains of the great deep burst forth.."  Was surrounded by imagery of the days of Noah; we are living in the days of Noah.  The windows of heaven were opened.  "Our of your belly, the fountains of the deep will burst forth."  As the windows of heaven open, out of the deep within you, our of your belly will flow rivers of living water.  Malachi speaks of windows of heaven being opened when we give tithes and offerings.  Two blessings, (1) windows of heaven are opened, (2) fountains of the deep burst forth.  God dwells within us and is as big as the creator of the cosmos, yet within us.


Saw the mathematical sign of the square root.  The Lord had said to her that in a single sign he would show our personal economy.  We are rooted in God and we have the promise of all our needs being met; we are connected to the root.


Salt and Light in Honduras!

Prophetic impression for Honduras - one of our watchmen saw God's hand sprinkling salt over the land of Honduras. God is stirring up His people in Honduras to be salt that will preserve this nation against the surge of anti-christ ideologies. We pray for rain in the time of latter rain, that revival will sweep over this nation, and awaken the Church to be Salt and Light that will influence and shape the history of their nation.

 The Watch