Watch Report – May 6, 2011 (Metro Watch: Stop the Traffick)


Honor Your Parents and Closure for 9/11

Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed!

Guest worship leader, Stephen Roach, led us in a night of triumphant praise.


  • Trafficking: The United States is the number two destination, Atlanta is the number one city in our nation and North Carolina has the number eight economy relating to human trafficking. Declare Isa. 60:2 & 61:1-3. We lift up families around the world who are missing their sons and daughters and ask for comfort. Loose angels. Revenue streams dry up. God of Justice, break the spirit of Mammon involved in trafficking. Jesus is more precious and glorious than gold and silver. Recovery of God’s holy children to be returned to His possession. Stomp on the head of manipulation, witchcraft and control. Take dominion over the lying spirit. Call forth clarity of mind.
  • Israel: Bless our mother Israel. Protect her from her enemies.
  • Universal Church: Blessings. The Church and Israel are like Naomi and Ruth. Lord, prepare the Church for this hour. We are Living stones joined together providing strength to the Body. Church of Christ rise up like Jael and drive the tent peg into evil. Judges 5.
  • America: Speak revival to the economy and businesses. There is light in Goshen. God make our country rich and add no sorrow. Break the curse of debt so our children will not inherit this debt. Declare it stops here. Break the mentality of entitlement and poverty.
  • Government: Come against corruption and declare it will be exposed. Pray lawmakers will receive strategic solutions through repetitious dreams and visions. Lord, send Your armies to break the spirit of darkness.
  • 2012 Elections: Godly administration with Judeo-Christian values. Break the enchantment over this nation. Righteous elections.
  • Troops: Ps. 144:6. We declare strength and blessings to them. We honor their service in routing out the enemy.
  • Fort Mill and Charlotte: Freedom will break forth as hot magma. Plans and purposes of God will unfold.
  • Local Church: Bless the pastors. Bless the Watch of the Lord ® with greater release to flow in the rhythm of the Holy Spirit. Financial release. God, give us the ability to make wealth. Declare Ps. 23

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Mahesh said the Lord was passing by tonight. The Lord needs a few good men and women. Volunteer freely and act in faith. Ps. 110:3 We know God has made us to be men and women who enforce the authority of Jesus Christ. The key is humility. Jesus is our main model. God is raising up the Church as emissaries of compassion. God’s Spirit will move through you.

Mahesh blessed a large group of visitors from Korea with his book 100 Year Bloom. He had a vision of the Koreans being given a major place at Jesus’ right side to pray in the nations. The power is going to be released to break the yoke of North Korea and impart grace. We sent Holy angels over North Korea, releasing angelic fireworks to break the yoke of famine. The God of deliverance is going to set the captives free. Fireworks of blessing will be released quickly to harvest millions of souls in Korea. No boundaries. The Holy Spirit does not need to show a passport to cross borders.

Mahesh sensed an anointing present like Father Nash carried during the Finney revivals. Father Nash was the key to the awakening that swept America. Finney would send him ahead to prepare for his meetings with intercession to pray for salvation and break strongholds over cities. Finney was the great revivalist that broke slavery over this nation. The anointing was so strong during Finney’s revivals; it would bring down the glory and break yokes. The mantle of prayer over Father Nash is present, if we say yes, it will be over the Watch of the Lord®, Charlotte, Atlanta and Korea. We are a part of the generation of Aaron’s rod. The Church represents the budding of Aaron’s rod supernaturally. The nations are hungry to see the budding of Aaron’s rod. The Spirit of Revival. We welcome the Spirit of God!

We break the spirit of religion. We will be hungry and thirsty for more of God. The Church doors will be open 24/7. Mahesh received a picture in the mail today of himself 37 years ago when he was part of the charismatic revivals. People were so hungry and the fire was burning. A sign is when we become so hungry and thirsty for more of God that we cannot get enough.
We send a thank you to the Armed Forces and Navy Seals for the apprehension of Osama Bin Laden. The blood of the 3000 cried out and now has closure. Mahesh received a revelation that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan some years back. One of the watchmen gave testimony that they were using a pair of tweezers at the time and they heard the Lord say Osama would be plucked out from his hiding place.

Declare Rev. 12:10, Ps. 107:20, Luke 4:18-19. Receive fresh impartation.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Scripture References

Isa. 10:27, 11:11, 49; Ps. 22:3; Judges 5; Eph 6; Acts 10:38

Prophetic Visions

  • Bonnie had an impression of Jesus as High Priest standing at the Throne of the Father dressed in a priestly robe from the Tabernacle and Temple. He was there in front of the altar of incense getting ready to throw handfuls of incense on the altar creating smoke that allowed the glory to radiate like a Living Rainbow, which John describes. We are literally in Him. We are standing in Jesus, who is our High Priest, at the Throne of the Father. Tonight, as we pray, He is throwing these prayers on the altar creating for God a pleasurable atmosphere. As Bonnie saw us standing in Jesus, she saw the stones on His breastplate light up, shine and sparkle. Gifts of the Spirit are being refreshed: visions, dreams, signs and wonders.
  • Mahesh had a vision of Father Nash, and felt the anointing present for awakening and deliverance through prayers of Watch. He saw power released to break the yoke of North Korea. He saw angelic fireworks bringing deliverance to the captives and a harvest millions of souls in Korea.
  • A watchman led us in a prophetic act of lifting our hands, crossed at the wrist, above our head and on the count of three we cried Jesus and broke the bonds that hold those in slavery.

 The Watch