Watch Report – May 13, 2011


Floods in the Mississippi Delta

The Drought is Over. Be Expectant!

“Go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of abundance of rain.” 1 King 18:41 (NKJV)

Prayers Targets:

Israel, America, Mississippi Delta, Government, Armed Forces, Leadership, Church, Charlotte and Fort Mill Metro Area.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Mahesh blew the shofar to break walls of infirmity, sickness and curses. Revival glory is coming to Atlanta and the Carolinas. He sensed a breakthrough. 2 Chron.5:13-14. Be hungry for God without your own agenda. This will help us to make one sound. We meet together for the sake of God. Come hungry and thirsty for more of God!

There are people and movements presently that question the Word of God and effectiveness of the Cross. God measures us; we don’t measure God. We better not be found in a place measuring or judging God. His mercy endures forever. Declare: For He is good and His mercy endures forever!

Mahesh recalled his surgery from years ago referencing the glory that came and took all his pain away. He was drunk in the Spirit. When the drugs didn’t work, Jesus stepped in. When God is with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not allow fear to come in and overtake you. Trust in His Word! If it says forever, it means forever. The Lord fills the House as we pray. Not just the House, but your house, car and wherever you go. We are the temple of God. Put your hands on your chest and welcome the Lord’s infilling.

Mahesh had Pastor Robin McMillan share a vision.

Back in January he was in Washington, DC - 15 miles from the White House in Alexandria. He was in a little bit of a battle and he began to confess Ps. 91. As he did this, an air duct or shaft appeared and he shot up through the air duct/shaft into the second heaven and heard the demonic realm say, “Hey, you can’t come through here”. When he landed in the heavenly place, he saw a huge wing with gold, silver and precious jewels. When He moved His wings, the jewels would fall off. He realized he was under the shadow of the Lord’s wing. The Lord gave him five wagons to bring back. He knew they were connected to Joseph and the book of Genesis.

These wagons were:
  • Deliverance from deserved consequences.
  • Deliverance from criticism and a critical spirit.
  • Hope
  • Provision
  • A new vision for the United States.

There was significance in the use of wagons. They were old wagons made out of oak (oaken) and had wheels with spokes (spoken). Wagons are pulled by a tongue. We receive by speaking. In Gen. 45, the brothers of Joseph found out the one they thought was dead was very much alive. There are those of us who have been called to go into those heavenly realms and bring back those wagons and the glories of that realm. That’s our calling because we are seated together in the heavens. That’s our spiritual reality.

In Genesis, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and when he sent them back to his father with the wagons filled, his father’s spirit revived. This is typical of Jesus. One of the things about revival is when people can bring the reality of the spiritual realm and release it in this realm. If we are able to release the reality of those five wagons, we will see a revival. We will see things break out. If you can convince people that they can get delivered from what they truly deserve, stuff is going to happen.
Goshen is the best of Egypt. This will be released in America. Goshen means drawing near to God and if we do this, God will draw near our nation.

 man showed up in his room in the vision. His name was Chip Hope. Charles means “free man”. He said to the pastor, “I would like to introduce myself to you; I’m your new best friend.” Now, that’s the position a believer has. A believer in Jesus has a living Free Man who is their hope and new best friend. The Lord told him the demons are saying “Is that the work of one man?” We have limited the reality and work of Jesus. The Lord told the pastor that Free Man is a rogue, uncontrollable. We’ve already won. The person with the most hope cannot be defeated!!!!!!

Mahesh continued:

It’s good that we speak things over ourselves. We are a prophetic and redemptive people. This is not positive thinking, it’s through Jesus. He is the center of this whole wheel. What you see must come through the ultimate reality of Jesus and change things. See things passed through Jesus. He is the Light of the world. Your situation is being transformed through the blood and name of Jesus.

We bless the Mississippi Delta tonight. Mahesh began confessing Job 28:11 for them. Declare it! We will have the Lord speak Shalom to our nation and claim Ps. 23. He leads us beside still waters. These words become Rhema words. We shall not lack for wisdom, healing, revival, finances. The Word does what it says it will do. In the glory the words become Rhema. As Mahesh saw these waters, he saw the drought broken. Declare it! The drought is breaking! We are like Elisha having a double portion. I can hear the sound of the abundance of rain. We are going to win this in the Spirit in the name of Jesus. He needs emissaries. Believe for great things for your children, church and nation. Job 14:7-9: Your hope will bud. The Lord will preserve us and we will have an abundance of rain. Find someone and declare it!

We are in a season of turnaround individually, for our family, ministry, calling, destiny and children. Declare it!


Isa. 43:2; Ps. 32:6-7, 47, 74:15-16, 121; Prov. 22:28; Jer. 6:16; Acts 3

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