Watch Report – July 22, 2011


America’s Debt Crisis


Revive America Again Oh Faithful God of Majesty!

When I walk into the thick of trouble, keep me alive in the angry turmoil. With one hand strike my foes, With your other hand save me. Finish what you started in me, God. Your love is eternal—don't quit on me now. Ps. 138:7-8 (MSG)

Words of knowledge came forth during our time of worship for healing. We declared America’s reliance on God by highlighting His wonderful attributes in song.


  • America Debt Crisis: We declare God’s faithfulness throughout the great revivals until now. We decree open heavens over America, the ancient doors are opening now in America, America is coming back to her godly heritage and we are reaping the harvest fields now. We pray that the leaders have the wisdom to heal our economy. We need the Lord’s mercy and intervention. We speak the peace of the Lord to the nation’s market. O Lord, remember those who cut a covenant with You in this land. Have mercy on America. Come breath of God! Fill the empty place in our leaders. Drop a plumb line in the meeting with the President and leaders on Sunday. We release a rain of visitation in the 11:00 a.m. meeting with national leaders. God’s footprint is over America and He will bring us out. We bind the spirit of fear and loose the spirit of a sound mind.
  • Israel: We stand with and bless Israel. We declare again our allegiance to always being a friend to Israel.

Message-“Talk about Revival” - Bonnie Chavda & Paul Chappell

Bonnie interviewed Paul Chappel, who was influenced and impacted by some of the great revivals and revivalists from the 1940s onward. In recent years, the Lord told Paul He was going to bring things back to his remembrance to share with others and that He was going to make his heart tender to recognize the tenderness of the Lord. Paul proclaimed that the Lord wants our hearts to be continually filled with His presence.

He began his testimony by sharing about the miracle he got on Father’s Day when Bonnie prayed for his eyesight. He has glaucoma and macular degeneration. One eye was completely blind and the nerve had died, the other was very poor, and degenerating quickly. When he went to eye doctors on Friday following prayer his vision had improved by 75 points! His eye pressure had decreased to 7! His blind eye with the dead optic nerve could see light!

Paul’s parents were in the revivals with Aimee Semple McPherson. His mother led him to the Lord when he was six years old. He had whooping cough and got terribly ill. His mother would not allow him to go to the hospital. His regular pediatrician came into town and examined him and found that he had double pneumonia. His temperature stayed at 105 for a while. His mother called a nurse who just received the Holy Ghost and she asked had she given her son up to the Lord. His mother said yes, but she told the Lord if He was going to take Paul, He could do it, but she didn’t believe it was Paul’s time. One night in the middle of the night a surge of liquid electricity went through Paul and drove the pneumonia out of his lungs. The doctor said this may have caused a weakening of the heart. Four years later the doctor checked his heart and it was normal.

Paul is a living testimony to the Holy Ghost revivals in the late 40’s. He recalled the story of Lorne Fox who had contracted polio when he was young. Lorne had Saint Vitus Dance disease and his nerve muscles were uncontrollable. Yet, Lorne’s mother told him he would be an evangelist before she passed. Lorne was incapacitated by the effects of Polio, and had little hope for his future until Charles Price came to town to hold evangelistic healing meetings. Lorne’s pastor was a skeptic who went to the revival meeting to discount it, but he left a believer. The next night he took Lorne with him so he could get prayed for. Price called Lorne out of the crowd and prayed for him. He had braces and crutches to help him walk, and Price asked if he would remove them. He did. Then, Lorne felt a huge giant hand come down over his heart and squeeze until his heart became normal sized again. He began walking and then running across the platform. Lorne Fox became a tremendous evangelist and went on to mentor Bro. Oral Roberts.

Paul was in three of Oral Roberts’ revivals. Paul heard Oral in Richmond, VA for the first time. He saw him heal a little three year old girl. She walked until she ran back and forth across the stage. Sister Ruth Ward Heflin’s grandmother and Paul’s grandmother were friends. Bonnie shared how the Ward-Heflin family left a glory trail. Paul recounted how he heard Uncle Willie Ward preach - he even called Paul up and they talked for hours about revival in Texas. Uncle Willie told him about the night that General Douglas MacArthur’s office called and how he went to meet with him. General MacArthur commended Uncle Willie and said “what you’re doing is what America needs.” General MacArthur testified of the Lord - one morning in an old wooden building a voice told him to duck his head and at that moment a Japanese striker bullet came through the window. General MacArthur had given an appeal for America in that season to send missionaries to Japan because they needed a great awakening. But in the Middle of WWII, America was forced to retreat. General MacArthur thanked Uncle Willie for what he was doing and prayed for his success.

Bonnie said we are seeing the Third Great Awakening. We are part of the next outpouring in this hour.

Paul also told us of a life transforming experience in 1948 when he got baptized in the Holy Spirit. In 1946 was the outbreak of William Branham forty years after Azusa Street. One day Paul was complaining to the Lord. He said “Lord, I’ve been praying for the Latter Rain and was never there. “ The Lord said, “If I would have wanted you there, I would have taken you there. You just thought you missed the Latter Rain Revival. You remember when you were at the altar and spoke in the spirit for 1 ½ hours; I dropped some of the Latter Rain Glory on you. Do you remember when you felt like the angels had poured out a pitcher of stars over your head? I send a portion of my Latter Rain over to you there.” God said the Latter Rain Glory is coming back!

David Foxworth, Dean of Zion College and Regent University Doctoral Graduate in Renewal Studies , shared that we have to touch the past to embrace the future. As we touch the living seed it has a way of regenerating and releasing something in the future. He proclaimed that this 3rd Great Awakening will be the greatest awakening ever seen. He commented how it always gets the darkest before the dawn and that we are on the verge of something massive. Some of the characteristics of this awakening are the signs we see of a massive move of young people worshipping with passion and fire like never before. Such an intense Presence will be here we won’t be able to get up. It will be so intense it will be ongoing with outpouring of signs and wonders beyond what we’ve ever seen. It will be phenomenal with the Body of Christ moving throughout the world.

Mahesh and Bonnie likewise carry a living ember of revival from the 1970s and 80s. During an ANC Leadership meeting, one of our long-time members who was with Mahesh and Bonnie and Derek Prince when they were in Florida said that as the team prayed in the Spirit, he experienced the same atmosphere of visitation that he experienced when they had a tremendous visitation in the 1980s at the church Mahesh and Bonnie helped co-pastor. For weeks on end, the church would gather at 5 in the morning to pray. Children would wake their parents up at 4 am and want to go to church and pray. 350 people showing would show up spontaneously morning by morning. As prayer was going up in the leadership meeting, he felt the same Presence that he felt back then come upon him again.

That same week, one of our watchmen received the word “clearinghouse.” He saw a picture of a giant warehouse where product was coming in and out. He also heard the word “ledger” and saw a ledger go from red to black. Then he saw a scale of justice. It was initially tilted to the far left, but the scale began to move to the right. The Lord said, “I am going to adjust the scale of justice in this nation.” This is a word for the local church, our families and nation. Like the clearinghouse sweepstakes, we are on the threshold of the Third Great Awakening – it will come suddenly and with great joy! The atmosphere is pregnant with the Lord’s Presence and His promises.

The message ended by everyone corporately praying in the spirit.


Ps. 28:11, 33:12, 50, 69: 13-18, 85:6; Prov. 22:7; Isa. 33:22; 1 Tim. 2:1-3; Deut. 15:6, 28:12; Isa. 40:31.

Prophetic Visions/Songs

  • Vision: A massive shield of faith over America with the Church holding this shield over America extinguishing all the fiery darts of the enemy: We lift up the shield of faith over this nation.
  • Vision: Like the seeds that sprung up from rains in Death Valley (100 Year Bloom), saw intercessors of old praying. The Lord is fertilizing those seeds of prayer, blood and sacrifice over America. God is answering those seeds now and they are blooming. Revival rains come!
  • Word: The Presence is here to heal digestive and eye problems, knee problems, collar bones and asthma. Salvation call.
  • Song: In the Glory of Your Presence: I Can Heal Your Back and Heart, Touching You Right Now!
  • Vision: Bonnie had a vision that she was inside the earth where the tectonic plates let off pressure. She was laying spread eagle between the two plates saying Shalom in the Name of the Lord. Mahesh received a word of the Lord years ago that God was preparing His people to contain great power in this time of crisis through their prayers. This is a man-made crisis. And as we were worshiping Bonnie saw a scene from the Lord of the Rings that represents the Church in this hour in prayer stopping the powers of darkness for the next generation.
  • Vision: An abacus with the hand of the Lord tipping the beads as they went in a different direction. The Chinese invented the abacus. The root of the abacus is to count. We declare the Lord is repositioning America’s economy and reversing our debt to China.
  • Vision: Our Capitol was a roulette table with black and red. The ball became the Church as it spun around the rotunda. All became black as water began to flow down the steps. Lord, manifest Your glory as You turn our economy from red to black. A picture was sent at this moment to the watchman (via cellphone) of the Capitol with water gushing and we stretched forth our hands in prayer.
  • Picture of Ruth and Boaz. The Lord is hovering over America with red and gold representing His blood and glory.


Mahesh and Bonnies’ book Getting to Know the Holy Spirit: I can’t put it down, I finished it in three days and got a prophecy in those three days and my hearing has improved in the spirit.

I was three months pregnant and the baby had early signs of Down Syndrome, but Mahesh prayed and said that in the next test the child would be normal. Three weeks ago I had an amniocentesis and the baby is perfectly whole.

I attended the Metro Watch and got prayer for a painful condition in my feet which resisted treatment for two years. I was initially skeptical when I got prayer, but I am healed. This week I was able to run several miles with no pain. I have personally experience the power of the Blood of Jesus in my life.
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