Watch Report – September 9, 2011


Seek His Face and Remember 9-11


We Possess the Keys-Exercise Authority!

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (Matt. 16:19 NKJV)

As we worshiped the Lord God Almighty, the Watch Leader saw us like Joshua waiting by the Tent of Meeting with faith and wisdom to believe God and usher the people into the Promise Land. Everyone’s hunger was stirred as we welcomed the Lord of Glory to be present with us.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

We began by watching a short video clip of a young man, Wells Crowther, who gave his life to save the lives of others during the 9/11 tragedy. As a remembrance, there was a red bandana and roses setup before the altar. The question was asked, “What are you doing in the last hours of your life?”

Pastor Mahesh began by remembering and honoring families who lost loved ones during 9/11 in prayer.

We thank God for continued protection over the nation and ask that You would give us wisdom to provided safety for defending the United States of America. We remember Wells, who laid down his life for others, but more than that we remember Jesus who laid down His life for all mankind. Jesus wore the ultimate red bandana.

Binding and Loosing

Humanism and political correctness seem to be guiding a lot of politicians. A forum was held in remembrance of 9/11 and no police, firefighters or clergy were invited, only politicians.

America has an awesome destiny. Robbers and destroyers represent Satan. The Church has the authority to bind and loose. We must take our place. There is an enemy and we must see with clarity.

On 9/11/01 after the attacks had occurred, we held a service that night and the Scriptures the Lord gave Mahesh was Matt. 13:28 and Isa. 59:19: An enemy has done this and when the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard. To know the enemy so that we can bind him, we have to see clearly.

You can see via satellite a picture of lights between the border of India and Pakistan. The borders there are lit with soldiers on guard to prevent the enemy from slipping in. We also are on watch and we must keep our lights on and not turn them off. We pray for a global watch army to arise and pull down the strongholds that come against us in every way. The 9/11 occurrence was an example of watchmen sleeping. This should have opened our eyes to watch. There are evil forces that want to harm Christians. God is our defense.

Recently Mahesh received a word from the Lord. He asked Mahesh, “Are you training your house? Examine their swords because you are sub commander, but I AM the Commander in Chief!” Mahesh asked the watchmen if their swords were sharp and oiled daily. We need to keep our sword of the Spirit sharp and oiled through reading the Word and praying in the Spirit daily. We must learn to keep our sword sharp and live in victory and to bind the enemy against coming at night.

We are going to commit ourselves to 2 Chron. 7:14. We are going to humble ourselves and fast. We seek His face and ask for healing, shalom, favor, promotion etc…


Matt. 12:29. We must bind the strongman. Don't accuse yourself - that is the wrong strategy. Fasting will bring things to the surface. It is God who is doing it and He's clear, not a manipulator - He is on your side. It’s like soap and water. The process of sanctification. Yield, it’s not complicated!

Luke 11:20. We can get oppressed by evil spirits. Watch spirit of grief and sadness - will allow spirit of loneliness to come in. People have opened themselves up to all kinds of things. There are strongmen over your family but the stronger than he is Jesus. Bind the strongman of addiction, separation, sickness, cancer, generational curses, etc… There is an answer - Jesus has given us authority. Corporately we can do that for our nation.

In one high school someone put up a Saudi flag. The demon of political correctness prevented the administrators from pulling it down. It is illegal to not honor the United States flag while in this nation and likewise in any other nation, it is illegal to raise another nation’s flag. Clergy founded this nation. Founding fathers’ foundation was the bible. We must bind the stronghold so he will release the spoils.

The strongman of reincarnation was over Mahesh’s family and was preventing his loved ones from coming to salvation. So Mahesh went on a 21-day fast and then bound the strongman and his family was saved. The enemy comes in different ways in every situation. We must rise up and say if God be for me who can be against me.

During this fast, God is going to take us to the next level – favor and promotion. But we must first bind the strongman sitting on our blessing. Isa. 53:1. It was the work of the arm to bring salvation but deliverance comes by the finger of God. The finger of God is the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s time for us to draw our sword. Time to rise up and declare that God is for me. Rev. 1. Keys to hell and death have been given to us now to use. We have the keys to bind and loose and open doors. We have authority.

In Gen. 14:1-15, the bad kings were the gatekeepers to the passageway. Anyone going by them had to pay tribute. These kings attacked and took people captive including Lot, a relative of covenant man. If you believe in Jesus, you are a covenant man. Abraham, the first covenant man, broke open the gates and took back what was his, Lot and his household. We will break the gate open and take back this nation. Isa. 45. Loose loins of king. The Lord is the One that can break through the gates. He is the one that will breakthrough for us and He will break in pieces the gates of bronze and bars of iron. Take the promise in Isa. 45:1-2 and claim it! We have a covenant with the Living God through Jesus Christ.

Gen. 14:13-16 –- Abram the Hebrew - 1st mention- Hebrew means one who had crossed over and the oaks of Mamre - means strength . He was walking in full strength – in the abundance and blessing of God. Are you walking with those of strength - full of faith. It is extremely important who we keep company with. People who are in faith should hang around others in faith. And Abram hung with Amorite –mountain people which means authority and Aner which means youthful - these were Abrams friends. Then Abram armed 318 servants in his house. Don’t hang alone. Isa. 65:8 – the new wine is found in the cluster. Abraham kept powerful company. God was on Abraham’s side.

Have a servant spirit. What can 318 do against thousands? Abram knew His God - 1st covenant man. Develop an attitude of a servant’s spirit. Say, “I am a servant of God”. We choose the Lord of Israel. Angels of God are with us to help us take back our families, our treasures. So stop pouting, start shouting

Scripture References

2 Chron. 7:14; Phil. 2:9; Ps. 24:5-6, 27:8, 91:11; 2 Cor. 9:7; Ex. 19:16

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

As these visions, songs and words were spoken, the watchmen also entered into prayers of declaration targeting them, proclaiming them and loosing them:

Vision of a door with the words “FAITH” written above it. The Lord is opening the door inviting us to walk through that door of faith. We come with expectancy and faith.

Vision of the Lord is shining like a light to lead us out of dark places. The Light is drawing us, like masses following after Him as we worship. We loosed that glory, that atmosphere over the body of Christ and specifically over the Treasure Hunt team that went out that night.

A vision of a big goose, or swan, flying through the atmosphere as we entered in and we were on His wings. Ps. 63

A vision of a waterfall of the Blood of Jesus pouring over God’s children. Nothing can penetrate the blood. We must hold onto His truth. Ps. 105:1-4. We loosed the power of His blood over the Watch and the Watchmen – it is the source of our strength and victory!

A vision of a balloon like object going into the heart as a catheterization. The Lord’s breath is going in and unclogging blocked valves.

A vision of deer leaping and running like in Song of Solomon 2:9. Jesus is coming into the room with joy and exuberance. We touched the heart of God that will mark this day in the history of this church.

A vision of a large letter “S” with the word “world” written in the bottom of the “S”. Jesus is the Savior of the world. (Youth vision). We pray for revival to the school system and bind the spirit of the world. We pray for our children, for their protection, blessing and destiny. We loose the favor of the Lord upon them.

A word that the oil of joy was soaking the ground and we are being anointed as the oil is poured out onto the Church. We are trees of righteousness. Isa. 61:3

A word that the Lord is saying Zech. 4:6, by His Spirit. Enter into His rest so He can lead us. God is making a distinction between those who are His. Mal. 3:17. We are His inheritance and He is ours.

There is a spirit of light heartedness. God is saying His yoke is easy as two oxen yoked together, but He is pulling the load. He wants us to be willing. He is hovering over us, like the Spirit did in Gen. 1. Bask in His Presence.

And an impression that the Lord is calling us to Advance! And we do decree it and proclaim it for the sake of our nation, our government, our troops, our economy and for the sake of Israel His covenant people. We are grateful that we are grafted in and that we have even a greater covenant through the blood of Jesus. We enter into the season of His Presence in full expectation that we are on the verge of the next great awakening. Blow mighty breath of God and Come Lord Jesus in strength and power!

 The Watch