Watch Report — September 30, 2011


Pray for Economic Recovery

We’re Over Our Heads Swimming in the River!

He walked to the east with a measuring tape and measured off fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was ankle-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water waist-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet. By now it was a river over my head, water to swim in, water no one could possibly walk through. (Ez. 47:3-5 MSG)

The Watch worship flowed between praise and times of singing in tongues. Each time we corporately began to sing in the Spirit, the presence of the Lord grew thicker and thicker. The atmosphere began to be filled with the anointing for healing, inner healing, and there was a word of knowledge for people with heart conditions to step right into the glory. Later, the atmosphere shifted into wild praise and extravagant worship, and dance. Shouts of joy and triumph and the sounding of shofars spontaneously erupted as every watchman experienced a surge of God’s joy, power, and victory. We began to move together and stepped into the life that is flowing from His glorious throne.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

We are writing the last chapter of the book of Acts with the pen of the Holy Spirit. Awesome signs, miracles and the dynamic power of God for our nation, family, self, church and nations are being released in these last days. We will see the demonic powers try to resist us, but God will do a mighty work!

Declaration: Lord, we are ready for more of the Holy Spirit. Pour out Your Spirit upon our nation, family, church body and our lives. We seek Your face and we expect mighty things because my God is an awesome God! I’m a disciple and I’m under authority and I will go. Signs and wonders are following me wherever I go. The Lord is with me! I am called.

When one person in the Holy Ghost walks around, that’s a dangerous person. Paul shook the snake into the fire. Get anointed. Shake off every bit of junk off into the fire. Shake off loneliness, depression, self pity and any other attachments of the enemy. Had the Watch physically shake their hands as a prophetic act to shake off the oppression trying to hold us back.

Political correctness is a disease in this nation. It will try to define your language and put you in a cage God has never designed for you. But we have the answer and His name is Jesus.

In God’ Presence, you can be alone or with a group of people and get free. Receive the anointing of the Lord’s currents as they flow over you. This is life, Zoe. John 10:10. Eternal life is in us and we are fierce.

From time to time the Lord will measure us. If your charge is low, have people lay hands on you. Get charged up!

Due Date! Mahesh likened where we are today as like a woman whose baby is due. When it gets closer to the time of birth,
everything gets uncomfortable, and the labor becomes difficult. We have to Push through to the promise.

Mary is a prototype. She received blessing and angelic visitation. The angel spoke the word and Mary got pregnant. Around His Presence you can get pregnant with the creative energy of God. In the Presence comes the living promise of God. Get charged and excited.

Ps. 105:17-22. Joseph had a dream and he allowed the Word of the Lord to test him. He was sold into slavery but at the set time, God made him lord and ruler. God is going to manifest the promises made to you during this fast. But young people need discipleship and training. When you get pregnant with promise, it will be tested.

We need changes and great awakening at every level of government. We want to get pregnant with the anointing for our nation, church and family.

2 Kings 7. Elisha gets a word from the glory in a season of famine. In a time of recession, we can get a word from the glory. There’s going to be a turnaround in our situation. God is a God of mercy. There is a set time for the manifestation. We can get pregnant with the promise of God; we are pregnant with the word of the Lord. Kick the devil out and take possession of the promised land. Get pregnant with He will return - occupy - dispossess to possess - there is a battle but every promise of God has an appointed time. There is a due date. And as the due date approaches, strong emotions are released- both excitement and discomfort - but something great is coming!

Presence. Process. Promise.

We go through a process. Husbands and wives. Church. People. What you do in the process season is your responsibility. Hannah is a great example with Samuel. She had to nurture it.

We are fasting for a turnaround for our nation, economy, corporate body, and individually. While we’re waiting, God can use us. God is at work in the process. We are responsible to watch over the promise and not abort it. Don’t allow the devil to attack you and make you abort the promise of God. Opening doors to darkness can brain wash you by changing your language and thinking. Do not allow the powers of doubt and unbelief to cause you to abort the promise. The one who told Elisha that he did not believe the promise of food would see it but not eat it

Here is how we are going to PUSH in the Spirit for our Promise:

Gal. 6:9. Don’t grow weary. We’ve got to push through! We are in the final stage and we have to PUSH.

1 Thess. 5:16 - rejoice, pray, give thanks - turnaround is at hand - these are things that will help you push through. We are about to push through for healing and miracles for our nation, family, church and finances. The dynamic duos that will help us push through are patience and faith, grace and glory, and goodness and mercy. Other dynamic duos – praise and prayer:

Phil. 4:6. Prayer and Thanksgiving. Heb. 12:12. Lift up your hands in praise and strengthen your knees in prayer. The key to the victory in Ex. 17:11 was Moses’ hands were lifted up during the battle. Praise will overcome defeat. Find the higher plain. The higher plain is prayer and fasting - get into triumph; get your eyes on the Lord. We have the spirit of victory, joy and praise

2 Chron. 20:4, 21-23. The Lord set ambushes. Push through. Praise and prayer are intensified by fasting. Demonic forces are trying to attack our land through political correctness, liberalism and humanism. Praise and pray! We are going to win! Pull down strongholds in the heavenlies.

As Mahesh blew the shofar, all declared, “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. Jesus! “


  • Special Prayer for California: Bonnie was ministering in California, and a group of watchmen and intercessors were going to pray over and prophecy over the fault lines in California, to speak peace to the ground and bind the power of the negative reports and curses spoken over California. Our Watch prayed and prophesied over California at the same time that Bonnie and the Watch in California were meeting, in order to harmonize together:
    • One watchman saw the whirlwind of God’s glory bringing a turn-around of every negative decree and proclamation over CA into proclamation of blessing. We used the footprint of God’s moves in California in the past as the blueprint for California’s future. Began to agree with, decree, and call California back to her original design as revealed in her beginnings – the Golden State, the promises land of America, a good land flowing with milk and honey, a land of treasure, prosperity, and provision. We reclaimed California’s call to missions. The original settlers were missions, Azusa was the revival whose fire went around the world. What goes out of California has influence in the nations. We proclaimed that that destiny for missions and influence for the Kingdom would be restored, and an outpouring greater than Azusa would flow from this land of destiny. Spoke Shalom to the fault lines and peace to come against every word of earthquake and destruction spoken over California. Prayed for Daniels to arise and take back the media mountain, and come to places of influence and favor in Hollywood. (Our Watches did not communicate during this time, but in comparing notes after the fact, Bonnie said that our prayers phrase by phrase, were the Yes and Amen to what they were decreeing in their Watch in California!)
  • Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani: Mercy. Life. Bind the spirit of darkness. May Yousef contend for faith in Jesus Christ. We bless him and his family. Deliver him and shake those prison doors and bring him out. We bind spirits of witchcraft and antichrist. We pray blessing upon the Iranian people. Let revival come and open their blinded eyes. We send Your angels to that prison. We bind the prince of the power of the air over Persia. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
  • Israel: We bless you. May God curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you. We refute every negative word spoken in the atmosphere. The negative words spoken will drop to the ground null and void. Jerusalem is undivided. God is the hedge of protection for you. The government, people and economy will flourish. Shalom to Jerusalem. We will not be silent.
  • Military: Praise goes out from the Watch of the Lord ® before the troops.
  • Economy: Break the spirit of delay. After a watchmen brought a testimony of an incredible miracle breakthrough in his own job and finances, we used this as launching place for us to come into agreement to break the spirit of delay over our economic recovery, and to pray for a release of prosperity. We are lenders and not borrowers. God, send angels to the four corners of America as we cry out for grace and mercy.
  • Local Body: Thank God for the watering hole and pastors. We call in the prophetic word that nations will give to this local body. More of Your Presence. Protection for all family members. Blessing on our partners. Open heaven, glory fall and release visions of Jesus. (Isa. 6:1; Acts 6:15)
  • America: Turnaround. Breakthrough. Prosperity and blessing for our economy.
  • Great Awakening: We ask for it right now. Isa. 43:18-19.

Scripture References

Ps. 37:25; Phil. 4:19; Joel 1:14; 2:18 & 23-25; Prov. 22:7; Isa. 48:17

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act. During our time of praying for California, two watchmen had a simultaneous impression/vision of the Lion of Judah roaring into the earth through our prayers. We concluded our intercession for California with a corporate “roar” into the ground 7 times, representing the Voice of the Lord reclaiming His land in California.
  • Prophetic Act. We held up our neighbors hands and prayed for breakthrough. We declared to every enemy and lie that has tried to abort the promises of God that there is no one like our God! The Breaker is here! Push through for your promise! Micah 2:13.
  • Dream. Humming bird and hawk went by in a blur. The hawk had just caught a locust. Hummingbirds make their nest near the hawk because the hawk kills their predators. Hummingbirds represent the supernatural, as mentioned by Bonnie Chavda in recent watches. The Lord is arresting the destroyer!
  • Vision. Watering hole is also a well. A well’s source is an underground river. The Watch of the Lord ® is the maintenance of the well, which is why we don’t stop keeping watch. We will show others how to tap into the river.


A watchman has struggled in his new sales position for several months. He has always been good at sales, so he attributed his lack of sales to learning a new industry. Then, he decided it was perhaps because he was new to America, and it was just learning the culture better. His managers have been very supportive all this time, but he felt a spirit of heaviness over him and his job, and was getting more concerned as his sales continued to stagnate. Then, the Lord spoke to him and said, “You need to break the spirit of delay.” He stopped right there, and quietly prayed, “Lord, I break the spirit of delay.” The next week at work he got the biggest sale of his career. Then, that same day several other sales came through. By the end of the week, where he had been in a dry season with few sales, his sales were flourishing. After this testimony, the Watch Captain asked him to release that word of breakthrough from the spirit of delay for America as a nation, and for the watchmen who needed breakthrough in their individual lives.

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