Metro Watch Report — October 14, 2011


Healing, Signs and Wonders


We Answer the Call-The Blood and Our Testimony Speak!

They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. They weren't in love with themselves; they were willing to die for Christ. (Rev. 12:11 MSG)

Worship was a time of romance between the Bridegroom and His Bride. Testimonies of God’s goodness were shared creating a contagious environment. The cry was “Get Infected!” Get infected with the power of the Holy Spirit for the release of signs, wonders and miracles!

We also celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles – God with us and now in us! God is obligated to produce a harvest for the Feast – it is one of the appointed times for an Open Heaven. The threshing floor was always full of wheat and the vats were full of wine and oil. As a remembrance, Jewish families spend the week outside in homemade booths to celebrate the Lord’s delivering them from slavery in Egypt, providing for them for 40 years in the wilderness and for His goodness in ushering them into their inheritance. We decree an “Open Heaven, raining down deliverance, provision and all the goodness of the Lord on ALL flesh!!!”

Bonnie Chavda

Ps. 141:1-2

Bonnie saw that the Lord had brought us into His Presence. As we’re ending our time of corporate fasting she was reminded of two things.

Daniel praying and fasting when Gabriel showed up. Expect the Lord to show up. Now is a time for shift, now is a time for breakthrough.

When Peter and John were going up to the Temple and the lame man was there. Expect miracles, signs and wonders.

This is the time for answered prayer and angelic help. This is a time for healing, signs and wonders like never before.

There is healing from cancer tonight for anyone who hears this word:

Augustine tells of a woman, Innocentia, of “highest rank in the state”. She was stricken with breast cancer, and having been told by physicians that her condition was incurable, entrusted herself to God and prayer. As Easter approached, Innocentia had a dream in which she was told to wait at the baptistry for the first woman who would come out after being baptized and to ask this woman to make the sign of the cross over her cancerous breast. Innocentia did as she was told, and she was completely cured. Augustine wrote: “I was indignant that so astounding a miracle performed in so important a city and on a person far from obscure should have been kept a secret like this and I thought it right to admonish her and to speak to her with some sharpness on the matter…

What do these miracles attest but the faith which proclaims that Christ rose in the flesh and ascended into heaven with the flesh? God may himself perform them by himself, through that wonderful operation of His power whereby, being eternal, he is active in temporal events; or He may affect them through the agency of His servants… Be that as it may, they all testify to the faith in which the resurrection to eternal life is proclaimed.” (Power of the Cross pgs75-76)

This is what testimony is all about. Christ is not dead, but alive. He is still doing miracles today. There is healing tonight. Tonight’s the night. This is the time. Open the door and there will be the thing that you have been praying for.

In the story of Jacob with Laban, Jacob got a word from the Lord. He took almond, popular and plain tree branches and set them before watering troughs. The animals would come to the trough in heat, when ready to conceive. (Gen 30:37-43) When we come to the Presence hungry and thirsty, we are ready for the miracle to take hold in our life. The water represents the Holy Spirit. Out of nothing God will create a flock. Look what the Lord has done! David understood this when he brought the ark back to the temple. He listed all the mighty acts of God and entered into his breakthrough. Testimony is contagious! Tonight’s the night to conceive a miracle.

Jason Oberman

We are getting infected with testimony so God can send us out and release us to infect those in our environment. The Lord is loosing something tonight. There is a tipping point in the power of the testimony. It goes out and people grab hold of it and it multiplies. Acts 1 & 2. The power of the Holy Spirit lives and dwells within you. It begins to reverse the curse! Release the testimony! Paul shared his testimony with King Agrippa and contagiousness began to seep into the king. A seed was planted. Acts 26. There is a tangible Presence of the Holy Spirit tonight! We are the shift that is loosing the Third Great Awakening!


  • Israel: Hover over her with protection faithful God.
  • America: Mercy and grace. Pour our Your Spirit over her. Forgive us.
  • Local Body: Faith! Blessing! We call in every promise now!

Scripture References

Acts 2:22, 10:38; Heb. 2:4, 13:8; Mk. 16:17-18,20; Ez. 47:9; Ex. 15:26; Deut.26:8; 1 Pet. 2:24; Ps. 105:37; James 5:14

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

My wife had a dream that many key, godly people in our lives were coming out their front door and stumbling over all the good things they had been praying over. God had answered their prayer!

Testimonies-Sound the Alarm!

Healing for a lung condition was received by watching the online healing video. Now I can breathe deep and exhale normally.

I attended last year’s conference with my husband and had a stroke. Your people were there and reached out to us. I was close to death and taken to CMC. I was healed by a miracle on the third day. The report stated something mysterious happened on the third day.

My son and I came to a conference and he had been diagnosed with AIDS. Mahesh prayed and his next test was completely negative.

My wife and I attended a conference. My wife received a call after having a mammogram and was told she needed to come back for a sonogram. We received prayer while at the conference. When she went back for the test that following Monday, ALL the tests were negative!

Three months ago I had an ultrasound .The results read that my baby had signs of Down syndrome. I was able to speak to Mahesh and he said God revealed to him that my baby was going to be well in my next checkup. I began to hold to this word and claim God’s word over the situation. I had an amnio test not long ago and the test was normal. My baby is normal!

\I attended a Watch service in July 2001. Your prayer warriors sought me out. I went up for prayer and went out under the power. When I went in for surgery for pelvic cancer, no cancer was found!

I had written to the church asking you to agree with me for my son to be accepted in the law faculty. The Lord answered that prayer plus He provided for books.

Testimonies-Treasure Hunt

Our first clue was on the shirt of one of the team members, “equipo de fuego” or “team of fire”.

We had one hundred percent engagement. The following clues were received by the team and all were found: tattoo of loved one; butterfly; spirit of death; cancer; symphony; brown/black and plaid shirt..

We found a woman with a tattoo whose grandfather had cancer and the grandmother was having heart surgery. We witnessed and prayed for her and her family.

There was a woman and son who fit some of our clues. Her son goes with his father to band practice and he is a musician.

Another person with a plaid shirt was blessed when one of the team paid for his order at the checkout counter.

A woman who recently was saved and filled with the Spirit walked by and was so impressed at what the team was doing. One of the team members gave her a copy of the Power of the Cross, which the Lord had told her to take and give away this night. The team prayed for this woman and her family for freedom from allergies.

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