Watch Report — January 6, 2012


2012: This is God’s Year to Act!


Believe and Receive Ridiculous Favor!

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NKJV)

"What shall be done for the one in whom the Lord delights?" The Watch Leader felt God was preparing to pour out blessings upon His favored. As we worship, watch, pray, decree, and praise God corporately, we are doing it from the posture of being the Lord's "favorite."

Message: Jason Oberman

This is the year for God to act with ridiculous favor. What does that look like? One definition describes ridiculous as being preposterous, laughable. If you knew you were ridiculously favored by God, what would that look like? If you really knew how would you think, talk, walk? How would it change your countenance? What is too hard for Him? This is the year to shift into ridiculous favor.

Individuals gave their testimony of God’s favor. (Listed below under Testimonies)

Luke 1:28. Rejoice highly favored ones, the Lord is with you! The favor is in you for others. We have more than enough!

Gen. 39:2-4. Joseph is an example of one favored by God. Your job is the setup for great things! You are blessed and highly favored. You have to cooperate with favor. Reach out and see it, dream it, think it! Your imagination is sanctified by God. He wants to bless you. What do you have that God is giving you to impact the world? Stewardship releases favor. Joseph went through ups and downs, but he kept the right attitude. What’s your attitude? Why Joseph? He was used by God to save his family and his nation. What are you doing with the favor now? Awaken to the ridiculous favor of God.

Zech. 4:1-9 is the story of the lampstand and the promise to Zerubbabel.

Vs. 3. The olive tree represents the oil, anointing and Holy Ghost. Where man came in their ability, God sent the oil. It will not be accomplished by the work of man. This is not a striving. Step into it. God is preparing the way for ridiculous favor. This is the word of the Lord to us. It is the glory of God.

Vs. 6. The light does not go out. The olive tree is supernatural. This word is coming to you for a reason. Might represents strength, power and force. Only empowerment by the Spirit with your cooperation will work. Don’t look for this in your own way. Allow God to come in and meet you in that place.

Vs. 7. He will deal with the challenge. What is the obstacle in your life? It’s your opportunity. It’s a setup for a place of tremendous influence. Where are you tonight? Wash that away. Release the weight of the past.

Vs. 8-9. If you’ve started something and you’re on a journey, the Lord wants to encourage you. Don’t despise small beginnings. Grace, grace! Favor, favor! What you have started in the Lord, your hands will finish it. You’re in a good place if it looks like it’s impossible.

There are three ways you can begin to position yourself:
  • Think it. Imagine it and dream big.
  • Talk it. What’s your focus? Be in a place of expectation. Speak it. Mark 11:23. You must also believe. Change it around. No matter how big the mountain, your obstacle can become your opportunity.
  • Seize it. You’ve got to go after it.
This is an activity of our faith and we must cooperate and position ourselves.


  • Israel: Thank God for favor! We pray for peace, protection and prosperity in Israel. Extend your scepter to Israel. They will write laws. We disarm every weapon formed against her. Isa. 54:17. Cause her enemies to flee. We bless Israel.
  • N. Korea: Ps. 2. We thank You for this nation and take authority over control, manipulation and domination. We declare supernatural shift. Pull down the ungodly regime and advance the gospel.
  • America: We pray that righteousness would prevail in our leadership for Your glory. We call to Your remembrance missionaries sent out from this nation. We stand against consumerism. Breathe on our stock market, small businesses, entrepreneurs, innovation and economy (nationally and locally). We declare favor in Jesus name! We declare God will break through with revival. Send supreme decisions through Your Supreme Court!
  • Military: We have the greatest armed forces in the world. Thank You for their sacrifice. We pray shalom, protection, and favor over them.
  • Family: We declare natural families with a mother and father. Give creativity to fathers with strength and wisdom so they can be the protectors of the home. Help the father minister to the family. As in Nehemiah, rebuild the walls by the family unit. Give parents wisdom and adoration as they raise their children.
  • ANC Charlotte and Spiritual Family in other places: Prosperity, no lack! Every family has a job and source of income. Show them the way You have planned out for them. Help us prosper. Thank You for protection. Increase unity in the ANC family so we will be a banner of love.
  • Watchmen: We pray for a release of the spirit of Elijah. Luke1. We ask that the hearts of the fathers would be turned back to the children. We will go out to the highways and byways and draw the people to You. We receive the favor of God. Let us believe the word of the Lord and receive His favor. There is a God in Israel! He is going to make a distinction on behalf of His people. Mal. 3:18. We declare we will see God’s glory in signs, wonders and miracles as in Acts 4. We are stepping into the greater glory. We pray into the year of God’s favor. Let us align ourselves and let the seed go down into good soil. Let our minds be renewed. We decree blessing from the pit to the palace. Tonight, we step into glory, healing and miracles.

Scripture References

Ps. 68; 2 Sam. 12; Rom. 8; Isa. 61:1-3

Prophetic Word/Visions/Songs

  • Act: Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down. Everyone closed their eyes and focused on the Lord as they prayed in the Spirit for God to rend the heavens. The worship team began to flow with a song "Open Heaven."
  • Word: Pool of Bethesda. Healing waters are being troubled by the Holy Spirit. Now is the time to declare “This is the year for God to Act”. This is the year that we take back the ground satan has taken from us!
  • Vision: The worship leader saw a swirling pool and called all those with diabetes, sinus, kidney, mind control, depression, lost children, and release for adoption. Those that needed a move were placed in the middle as everyone encircled them and moved in a circular motion around the outer circle to create a swirl. A prophetic song came forth Signs, Wonders, and Miracle-Shift!
  • Impression: During the healing circle swirl, there was enough power to raise the dead, open blinded eyes and set the captives free.
  • Act: Shift is an acronym for Supernatural Help In Favorable Times. This is the favorable time. Shift into gear. Put your hand on the stick shift and shift into gear as a prophetic act.
  • Word: God is coming around with drinks of joy. Lord, release the outpouring of joy right now. Prophetic song came forth We Want Oil of Joy!
  • Word: Gen.24:63. The camels are coming! We must meditate on this word. With favor is the anointing of God for you to extend favor to others.
  • Vision: I saw the hand of the Lord come through the sky and hit the land of America. 2 Sam. 5:20; Baal Perazim, The Lord of the breakthrough!
  • Vision: This is a holy moment. Strong angelic presence. Warring angels are being released on our behalf. At this time, visions were seen of a tidal wave across America; white lambs running through the mountain breaking through new territory and healing.


A woman gave testimony that she had three job offers. She received favor from her supervisors in two of the three positions with increased hours when everyone else was getting reduced and a favorable reference for the third job. She declared favor and shift!

A man gave testimony that he waited outside a local store for a Leap Pad for his daughter. They were out of stock the day after Thanksgiving. His wife had been praying for him to find one and then she told him to go to the store and arrive early. Once he entered the store, the manager said, “You’re here for a Leap Pad, aren’t you?” He said there was only one left and it was pink. It was perfect! Favor!!! He also testified of the favor of God on his job, which he received after being out of work about a year ago. He has since received two promotions and is now a manager and he just received a nice bonus and raise. Praise God for ridiculous favor! He imparted the favor of God for those needing a job as they stepped into the bubble of this testimony.

A man gave testimony that he was driving a truck, pulling a trailer, coming onto an intersection and he saw a young man get hit by a car. His testimony is as follows: I began praying in the Holy Ghost. I got out my car and put my hands are on this guy. He was losing blood from everywhere. I proclaimed life! An officer on the scene didn’t want to touch the guy because of all the blood. EMS came and began working on him and I moved myself to be with the young lady who hit him. I asked her did she know Jesus and she said yes. We began praying together. I said I was going to change everyone’s life for Jesus. The first officer came up and said, “I’ve never seen anyone do what you did.” I said, “I am filled with the Holy Ghost and fire! I came to change the situation”. The officer said, “On a personal note, I know what you did saved this man’s life and changed the situation. “

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