Watch Report — February 10, 2012


Watch Focus: Back to the Bible


Worshiping Warriors-Deep Calling unto Deep!

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. (Ps. 42:7 NIV)

The worship leader declared the Lord was taking us into the deep things of God as we worshiped. We asked the Lord to set us on fire and let the world watch us burn.

Message: Michael Neukam

Mighty waves of God’s Presence are all around this place. Touch, transform and meet with us. God’s DNA is coming alive in us. Get in tune through worship and adoration. Declare, “Nothing is impossible.” Step into the realm of impossibility. Every sickness, curse and disease has to bow to the name of Jesus.

I saw a picture of a spear. The Lord is giving us a new mantle of authority to declare things with our mouth. I declare a turnaround if you have fallen along the way. Our words are powerful. Prov. 18:21.

Joshua 8. First we see that the hearts melted in defeat.  Joshua 7:5. Ai means ruins in Hebrew. God was already naming the city in advance. They messed up the first time but thank God for do-overs.

Joshua’s heart changed. God told him to take the 30,000. Joshua took initiative. They got their act together. Defeat was not an option. We must step into confidence. Experience tells you what to do; confidence tells you to do it. Watchmen declare the word with confidence and boldness. Don’t’ let past mistakes stand in the way of new opportunities. There is hope now in Jesus. You are destined to win!

I work with computers and there is a domain. A domain is a network of computers in a shared environment with the same communication address. We have a powerful domain in the Household of God as watchmen on the wall. We are unified as a mighty force in the earth. We share hope. Rom. 5:5.  I am stepping into my domain in the glory.

Joshua 8:18-19. Take what’s in your hand and begin to use it. Our calling. Pray in the Spirit. Blood of Jesus-speaks of better things. Word of God.

Testimony. Praise. Joshua 8:26. The Lord is giving us tenacity. We must have follow-through. The right follow-through brings a separation between okay and awesome. We must see through what God gives us.

Joshua 8:29. God made a public spectacle in view of all. The Cross is a public spectacle of the enemy. When we’re in that place, nothing can touch us. Col. 2:15. Keep striking the ground with your weapon. We are stepping into a greater wave of shift. Winston Churchill was known as bulldog. He said NEVER give in!

Phil. 3:12-16. Run for the prize. Be encouraged. He is in the very midst of the very words of the glory that you speak. Take what’s in your hand and press on.

Declaration: Your Presence comes with breakthrough for every sickness. Our God is greater and stronger. He is our Healer. Thank God for healing over every child of God in this place. I am speaking forth today Your word of life and I proclaim life over my home, family and children. I declare breakthrough and shift into Your glory. We raise our spear of great deliverance and declare we are ambassadors. Glory and victory over my neighbor and myself. Amen!


  • Israel: We bless Israel. Touch the leaders and protect them. Shalom.
  • Syria: Flood them with Your Presence and divine intervention. We speak shalom. You said You would give me any place my feet tread. They have treaded on the land of Syria and I ask for that nation. I decree that no more innocent blood will be shed. I plead the Blood of Jesus over Syria. Uproot every evil spirit. Give them abundant life and flood them with Your glory. Man’s will shall bow to the name of Jesus.
  • Back to the Bible: Our nation will honor the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. Your blueprint is for good. We embrace ancient wisdom in Your word for guidance. We declare righteousness over our nation and shift. Blow away everything that is not You. We declare and call the North, South, East and West to return to the Word of God. Ps.67. We pray for mercy. 
  • America/Government/Election: America is returning to the Fear of the Lord. Thank You for the people of God that will call upon Your name. Return America! America shall bear fruit. Invade the social culture of the youth of our nation. Seek them! Ps. 7 over the elections. Let Your blessing come to this nation.
  • Troops: Protection. No snares.

Scripture References

Ps. 24:9-11, 29:8-11,145:4-6; Isa.40

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Song: Hey, hey, hey, He’s on the way!
  • Word: Declare the word the Lord has given you. The Lion has roared. He is roaring in the face of our enemy. Amos 3:8.
  • Song: The Fear of the Lord is clean. The Lord’s hand is not too short. He will save us with His mighty right hand.
  • Word: Declare, “Waters in my desert.” What desert in your life needs a river?
  • Song: Come and flood our lands with favor. 
  • Word of Knowledge: The Lord wants to touch back pain, arthritis, depression and release destiny for families to grow and expand.
  • Vision: I saw a picture of maple trees. We must tap into the Holy Spirit. Maple trees are the mark for the tapping into the roots. This is for our children and our children’s children. We tap into the root of biblical principles. We shift the wind. Isa. 33:22.


The Year of Favor. Our church needed to upgrade our drum-kit. I contacted a friend who is a drummer to ask him some questions about different options I was looking at to purchase for our church. I was blown away when he answered, “I want to give you my drums.” I had to ask him if I had heard him correctly. So instead of adding just a few pieces to improve our drum set, God opened the door for us to get a brand new, top of the line kit. Thank you Jesus!

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