Watch Report — February 17, 2012


Watch Focus: Watch for Prisons


Let God Arise and Let His Enemies Be Scattered!

Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. (Zech. 4:6)

As the praises went up, blessings came down. A sweet flow of the Spirit washed over us during a time of personal ministry of prophecy, healing and deliverance and also as the congregation interceded for all those in prison. Zech 9:12 -Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.

Message: Bonnie Chavda

I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Elijah was connected to a greater reality. He prayed through this reality to bring rain. It’s the Holy One. We’re talking about God pouring out His Presence. We’re in a season of God pouring out His Spirit in visitation. It’s time! It’s past time for a sound of God’s rain.

Elijah humbled himself. It’s not time to freak out; it’s time to faith in. He bowed down to the ground. It’s like a woman giving birth. Nothing will stop the visitation. God has been surrounding His creation in our time with life and seeds of resurrection like a Good Farmer with good seed and rich soil. I AM!

We have In God We Trust scripted on our money. We’ve got the times of visitation on our monument. We should not be in an identity crisis. When Elijah bowed down and prayed, he would get up and look out for the evidence. Are you looking for the answer you’ve been crying out for?

We have a testimony. One of our church family member’s sons has been released from prison. The world gives us a chance to be in prison but the Blood has broken through. Death, burial but then resurrection!

Some of you seem to be outside the sphere but God has taken you into His amnesty. It’s His will to release you out of bondage tonight. The Judge of all has amnesty for each of us. This great God we serve weaves a tapestry for us. We each have our own story but somehow He can take these loose threads and weave them together to create a heroic epic story. You are the hero. The God of glory frees you. He imagined you before He created the world. He also imagined a certain crossroads bringing meaning to our lives. These crossroads come in a season of visitation.

I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. There’s a turning of the tide. Our generation is awakening to the Living God in the greatest Innocence Project! I told the story before of how the Lord told me to pray amnesty for Amanda Knox, who was being tried for a crime last year around the time of Yom Kippur. The more I heard the details; the more I doubted, but God said, “Pray for amnesty”. I was agreeing with the will of God. Jesus, in His incarnation, is our Divine Yes from God. The Lord told me to watch for a sign. She was set free and now she has sold her story for millions in a deal signed this week. You have a story and our story has the value of the lifeblood of our King.

Our culture has been overwhelmed by despair. Even the Church has become messengers of doom. What happened to the Good News? Is He still a blazing glory in you? I pray for resuscitation in you. Mahesh said to me (Bonnie) this week, “Heroes aren’t always made on the battlefield, often they are backed into a corner.”
G.K. Chesterton’s life had been impacted by reading a book The Princess and the Goblin. In the story there was a ball of almost invisible thread that the princess and her friend followed to find their way back home. The culture at this time was steeped in despair. Everything was meaningless. Pessimism and despair began to overtake Chesterton and darken his imagination. The light began to dim.
We are the people who know the end of the story. We invest in hope and love. We are the messengers of hope. You Christian! Let us be revived in our hearts and spirit. Be free! I see the cloud that has the visitation of God. It can flood your heart.
G. K. Chesterton later became known as the Defiant Joyful Warrior. He found that invisible thread that led him back home – it was a thread of thanksgiving. One of Chesterton’s quotes: The test of all happiness is gratitude. Lift your hands and thank the Lord! Chesterton felt grateful, but he didn’t know to whom.

In the movie The Lost Boys of Sudan, Peter and Santino had no parents. They describe coming to America like going to heaven. One had been without parents since he was four years old. They were isolated from everything except for the love and gifts given by the Church. The American culture began to seep in on them. They were smiling when they came, but within a little time the smiles disappeared. But, God says, “Return”. Zech. 9:11. Future, hope and joy! Chesterton said when he was at the depths of despair; he had a thin thread of faith of his parents and grandparents. In his darkest hour, he was still holding the thread. He began to follow the thread until he came to Jesus. One of the things he realized was purpose in his story. Out of him came bits and pieces of furnishings for his epic adventure. You have a story! We need to step fully into His story and ours.

Stand on your feet and I want to pray and declare over you.

Prayer and Declaration (Bonnie)

I want to begin with our imaginations. Have you thanked anybody today for two legs? I am a walking miracle. Thank God for breath. Somebody should thank the Lord for lungs to breathe. Don’t be concerned about your condition. You are designed and made for optimism and heroism in your story. You’re not going it alone. I saw Him embracing some of you tonight. I saw the Lord moving through our midst bending down to breathe a breath of deposit in each one of us. For the joy set before Him He endured the Cross. These present difficulties are not worthy to be on the same scale as the eternal weight of glory. Scrunch together and hold somebody’s hand. Elijah saw a hand. Hand at hand.

I declare, I sing over you. Restoration in the glory. Love like you’ve never known or wished for. You’re in a real story from zero to hero. Now pray for a quickening of your mind, heart and His Spirit in your soul. Every molecule will be one and dance in the sound of glory. You live in two dimensions now!

One is earthly where nothing is possible but in between there is a Door of Salvation and on your side is the key of faith for you to enter into the second dimension of the realm of the spirit. You are a citizen of heaven. Almost, mysteriously now, right now, you have come to the city of the Living God, like John on the Isle of Patmos in Revelation. He got free in the same spirit you have eternally. There are myriads of angels, witnesses and clouds of witnesses that surround us. This is the night for you to go from zero to hero. Zech. 4:6.

As we hold hands, we declare, “This is the year of the Lord’s favor and the hour of deliverance”. Blind eyes will open, stopped ears will be unstopped. This is your year of jubilee and you will come out with unspeakable joy! What are you worried about? It’s not worthy to be compared!

Father, bring Your healing to every person. Come like the rain. We lay hold of this thin thread of thanks. Let us leap for joy in Your Presence. Let Your healing and deliverance come. I command every demonic oppression, every physical infirmity to bow to Jesus. Glory! Thank You, Jesus!


  • Prisons: The Lord’s heart is beating hard after those who are bound up physically and spiritually. He unlocks the prison doors. Father, raise up watchmen in the prisons. We ask that You would turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children… Mal. 4:6. We pray the fathers will step up to the plate and be examples to their children. We ask that You would stop the cycle of fatherlessness now. Break every generational curse in Jesus name. We pray that You would leap the prisoners forward into destiny and purpose and break the chains. This is Leap Year and the acceptable year of the Lord’s favor. Loose the arrow of the Lord’s victory. The Lord is extending His scepter and nothing is too hard for Him. Loose Your angels and pull prisoners out of darkness into Your marvelous light. We pray those who are wrongfully accused serving time will be set free. Give the watchmen in prison a sword and cut them loose in the spirit. We speak healing to those who are bound up in guilt and shame. Ezra 9:6. We bind the strongman over those in prison. We sow into those in desolate places and ask the Lord to widen the door and open our hearts more. We pray a fresh fire on all of Mahesh and Bonnie’s books to go into the prisons and set captives free. Restore their hope. We pray salvation. We call down wisdom, authority and creativity in the prisons.


Scripture References

Ps. 51, 102:18-21, 139, 149; Matt. 25:34-36; Isa. 42:6, 61:1; John 3:16-17

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Song: You set the prisoners free and they all come out!
  • Word: There was a program on this week about women who were wrongly accused; it was called the Innocence Project. Jesus is the ultimate Innocence Project!
  • Word: As we sing “WOA” there is a portal opening over the prisons.
  • Prophetic Word/Act: We are watchmen on the wall and we are praying for those bound by walls. We can jump into the space for loved ones, ourselves and those in prison. We push to the North, South, East and West to push back the walls as we cry “WOA”.
  • Song: Wake up, arise and shine!
  • Word: We are standing in the gap. Rebellion is the root of witchcraft. We break the prison of witchcraft. The Cross of Christ is stronger and it breaks through and delivers those who sit in darkness. Ps. 107.
  • Song: I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand.
  • Word: Dreams and revelations will be upon you tonight. You will hunger for more of Him. He’s going to open your eyes to see He’s always there. Open and charged.
  • Word: The reality of eternity of the Cross happened 2000 years ago and the power of the Blood, Body and Faith are working together even now. There are puzzle pieces the Lord shows us every time we come together. Things you’ve been praying for, you will move into it. We’re stepping into a moment when all the pieces came together tonight.

Question and Answer

A question was asked when the floor was opened to anyone who had a question. The question that came forth was as follows:

How do you identify the season you are in so you can walk accordingly? How do you make the transition?

Answers were given from various watchmen as follows:

You can look at it in relationship to the change in natural seasons. The air smells different and there are subtle signs that tell you the season is changing. If the Holy Spirit is telling you that season is changing, it’s designed to awaken you. The Lord will show you how to transition. When you step into a new season, things around you get a little weird. It screams in your face, “Things are different now!” Each step is guided by the Lord. Prov. 20:24. You will need to ask yourself if you really trust the Lord.

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