Watch Report — February 24, 2012


Watch Focus: Mexico


Sovereign God, Let Your Fire Fall!

The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. (Ps. 97:5 AMP)

The night began as God was enthroned on our praises. We acknowledged His greatness as we lifted our hands and hearts to the Almighty God!

Dream: Paul Chappell told his prophetic dream as follows...

I was weeping all day long Wednesday. I saw Bible Schools in the state of Maine being invaded by the Holy Spirit and shutting down classes as they spent a week crying out. I saw balls of fire from Maine to Florida and Massachusetts as It rested there and then colleges in New York and It rested there.

God was moving at Cornell University all the way down the east coast to Temple, Florida and southern colleges. Classes were being shut down and students were giving days and weeks to prayer and fasting. Gainesville, Florida; the University of Florida shut down classes and God visited these classes. Students were on their knees. The baptism of the Holy Ghost was received all over the university. God was taking charge.

The Spirit moved from the Midwest to Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville to Dallas, Texas. The Spirit moved to Lexington and Kentucky. Asbury College took a mighty hit of the Holy Ghost.

The students found a burden for confession and prayer and they would go to the chapel grabbing the microphone weeping and repenting. It was like a magnet was drawing the students to the chapel. Students would give a testimony about wrecking a friend’s car and asking for forgiveness. Another student repented because he would spend weekends drinking and smoking marijuana. He asked God to deliver him as he wept. A young lady repented as she confessed spending the last two weekends at a motel and doing many wicked things. A man would stand up, who was a professor, saying the Lord told him to get over to where the students were and call upon the name of Jesus. He confessed of lying to his students and cheating on his wife. He asked forgiveness for spending many years in more wickedness that anyone could imagine. Students would be everywhere and confession was taking place for weeks all day long.

Hillsdale College in Michigan was hit by the Holy Ghost; then He would shift to Washington, DC on Capitol Hill, the State Building and the Senate. Congressmen would be walking down the marble corridors asking for salvation. The Holy Ghost hit them and they would fall on the floor as they lie there weeping.

A secretary wept as she confessed to breaking up a Senator’s marriage. She asked the Lord to please forgive her. It was like the times of Jonathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.

Several smaller visitations started in the Supreme Court. Justices were beginning to weep and God was transforming them.
Paul then said that he saw nothing over the White House.

But churches in Charlotte, Nashville and Memphis and all kinds of denominations were touched. There was a remnant of prayer warriors calling on the Lord. The Holy Ghost will come sweeping upon this church.

Pastors who had pride and didn’t want the visitation were being swept away. People were lying at church all night long and the glory of the Lord was filling the sanctuary.

This is something that is happening NOW, not next week, next month or next year but NOW.

By the Spirit, Paul declared that God is doing a mighty work in many nations.

Paul then recounted a story about Neville Johnson, from Australia. Neville was prompted by the Lord three years ago to travel to North Carolina. The Lord told him to schedule a flight and leave the next day. As he packed, he began to hum, “Oh Beautiful for gracious skies” – he thought it was a song about America but wasn’t sure. An eleven foot angel then suddenly appeared to him. The angel told him his name was Destiny and he was sending Neville to America. The angel said he had written the song that Neville had been humming, America the Beautiful, and that he was to tell the people of America and North Carolina that the Lord had not forgotten them and that North Carolina will be a revival state.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

I (Mahesh) sense that angel who gave the word to America the Beautiful is present with us. So with this word given, we say as Mary did, “Be it unto us according to your word”. We receive this prophetic word on revival coming to North Carolina, South Carolina and the United States of America.

Stand up so we sing American the Beautiful. Join hands. Even as the angel gave his word, we receive it as prophetic. We see the end time outpouring over the churches, colleges and schools. We see it from city to city. Let Your flame of revival come. We bind the lying spirits in Jesus name. We cut off the head of the serpent and every lying spirit of Marxism, Leftists and immorality. Shed Your grace over America and Israel. The law came through Moses. Grace and truth came through Jesus. We claim the Source of grace over every city in America through Jesus Christ. Welcome Holy Spirit!

Let this word come to pass. Revival for North Carolina, Charlotte, Raleigh Durham and Greensboro. Let the Church get zapped and the pastors fall in the Spirit and let those who oppose be filled with the Holy Ghost. We welcome the Holy Ghost fire. God bless American and Israel. Let the nations receive fire from Canada to Mexico. Let God shed His grace on America from sea to shining sea.

Let Paul’s dream come to pass. Let us look back on this night and say, “I was there”. Paul carries the flame of past revival fires and there is a vibration.

Another watchman got a confirmation that this generation named Generation C stands for revival through the churches and colleges.

We must yield ourselves as part of the process of the Lord coming. We ask Him to hit us with His fire. Pour it out, Lord. You are welcome and we are desperately hungry. There is a shift happening. Now Lord!

How many believe in signs wonders and miracles? When God shows up, He confirms His word with signs, wonders and miracles. A few weeks ago kids here got filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord is ready to pour out and He wants to use you. The more like Gomer Pyle we are (full of childlike faith, full of awe and wonder), the better. God is showing up here tonight. May it stay here today and days after!

In the Hall of the Nations in Jerusalem, I welcomed the Holy Spirit and from the rear of the auditorium, the Holy Spirit came like a wave. A power surge went through the wall and hit a woman who had fallen dead during the meeting and she stood up. The cleanup crew came and as they opened the door they were falling down slain in the spirit.

As we welcome the Holy Spirit, He remains. We welcome the Holy Spirit to come and stay over Charlotte and Fort Mill.
We saw a move of the Spirit when PTL was here and millions would come to this area. We are hungry for You. We play a strategic role as we respond in faith to the prophetic mantle. These are the last days of the last days. This is the last era of the last of the last. We live in this time. Paul has seen the days of William Branham and others. Get prepared for the Holy Ghost. Get prepared to see souls saved and filled with the Spirit. God is making a pathway for Jesus.

Rosh Hashanah moved us into a new season. Say Shift! When shift happens, the enemy will throw dark shadows. The enemy is fighting. Our eyes should be on the Lord. Moses was born and babies were killed. Jesus was born and babies were killed. The Messiah is coming! The Light is about to explode. Revival and shift are at hand.

Ephesians 1:20-23 (Message Bible)

We are living in an era where the media and culture are focused on values different from God and the Bible. Priorities are different. Their icons are Madonna and Lady Gaga. They define the culture by CNN anchors. Different situations have been defining our culture: Right is wrong and wrong is right. Good is evil and evil is good. The land becomes confused.

God is about to give us the greatest deliverance and outpouring. Now Lord. Shift! In 1543 AD a major historical shift took place with Copernicus. In that time, the sun was thought to revolve around the earth but Copernicus proved that the planets revolved around the sun The world thinks that it is the center but Ephesians 1:20-23 tells us that Jesus is in charge and that He rules the church and rules the world through the church. “At the center of all this, Christ rules the church. The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ's body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence.”

There is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit nationally and globally. Jesus is the center and deep in the universe is His throne. We issue from this place, “Christ rules over Iran!” The Lord God of Israel is in charge. Jesus has the final word on everything and He has chosen His Church to be the instrument.

Something has brought you here tonight. God wants to bless you and bless the nation through you, anointed of His Holy Spirit. There is a shift and the purpose is revival. Pray young people will not miss this. With God’s grace, those young people will be disciples as kingdom men and women for the purpose of this life.

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani in Iran has been sentenced to death because he believed in Jesus. We declare to Iran and leaders, “You will bow your knee.” We ask the holy angels to strengthen Yousef tonight. We remember him with great love and affection. We pray our government will stand with him. We pray that God and His mercy will turn things around like the four men in the fiery furnace. We will not bow to the enemy forces. It’s time for western civilization to decide whether we will bow our knee to false culture or the King of Glory. Jesus Christ is king over the United States of America.

There is a shift as we focus on Jesus, who defines everything. Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ. Any politician who bows his knee to Jesus and does not waver we pray America will support these politicians. We, as a church, get wisdom and guidance from Jesus. There is a shift and Jesus defines everything. In that shift, we see another Person who helps us see how God arranges shift to happen. God says, “Come, I will answer your prayer”. There’s greater purpose in reference to the shift. The more you get in tune with purpose, the better you will be.

1 Samuel 1:10-11: Hannah wanted a baby. God used her desperate cry for His purpose. The more you apply biblical principles to your prayer, the better.

Favor: There is a journey we travel as we cry out for favor. God wants to answer your prayer in a larger purpose.

Samuel is the answer to God’s purpose and Hannah’s prayer. Samuel brings the shift of God’s glory and the Ark of God’s Presence is restored. When the glory departed there was grief. But there is nothing like being in the middle of when the glory comes back. Samuel represented the restoration of hearing the voice of the Lord. Shift happened and the Ark was restored. It caused a national repentance and grace came for people tor respond. The enemies of Israel were supernaturally defeated and men like David were able to rise up. Cities lost were recovered.

Pray that people will get called to the glory. Don’t get distracted from what is going on. Pray that glory will come to our family and kids. As Samuel brings shift, the Ark is restored, the enemy is defeated. The lost cities are reclaimed. Every church, every city we reclaim in Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC.

Pray the Lord will give us grace to begin and finish. Esther had an assignment that risked everything and everyone became involved through fasting and prayer. She finished the assignment. We are all involved and we’ll finish the course. Jesus is the Champion Finisher.

For God is saying 1 Thessalonians 5:6. Fifty years ago America was on top. General Douglas Macarthur asked the Church to send 1000 missionaries to Japan and the nation could have been revived, but America wouldn’t help. Church leaders got involved in little fights as the nation waited for revival. This is a shift. Pray we will take our assignment. Revival is for a purpose to extend the Kingdom. Pray that we catch the surf board and surf all the way.

Ephesians 5:13 and Romans 13: We are in the last days of the last days. Former rain and latter rain. This is the time. The Church will experience shift and we will not be lulled to sleep. We are the most dangerous people - those full of the Holy Ghost. Shift is at hand. Jesus has given us an assignment.

There is a spirit of enchantment. We must be alert. The Holy Spirit is the key and it’s a community effort “As One!”

Last year Bonnie and I heard all kinds of birds in our backyard. A cacophony, every bird was making its noise at the same time. We realized they all lined up looking at a giant snake crawling along. Every bird was united together saying, “Snake, kill!” Luke 10:19.
In this shift, we are getting Holy Spirit anointing to bind the power of darkness over our nation and city. Psalm 150. Don’t get defined by the snakes. Get defined by the mighty King of Glory! Be filled with the Spirit of God. This is a singular and corporate word. When the snakes come, don’t fear the snakes. We will do battle together and praise the Lord. Stay connected to the glory and it will come back. There is a shift!

May the Lord raise up end-time Davids and Daniels. May the angel of the Lord watch over Israel. Psalm 121. We declare the Lord is keeping Israel. The Lord is Israel’s keeper! He shall preserve you from all evil. We claim that blessing for Israel and every family here. Isaiah 54:17. He is preserving us!

Do not lose the definition and praise Him for His mighty acts. Declare that “I am a believer filled with the Spirit of God”. Praise the Lord; He’s bringing our strengths together. Part of the key is praise. The Glory is coming back...


  • Mexico: Tonight is the night for Mexico to receive their breakthrough. As we point to the South, we declare freedom to the captives. We lift up the poor and suffering. The men of the earth will no longer oppress the families, children, neighborhoods and businesses of Mexico. We declare Your Blood across Mexico. We pray for an outpouring over Mexico. Let everything that exalts itself against You be brought to nothing. Let Your salvation come to the people of Mexico. We wage war against the drug cartels in the spirit. We pray for the hearts of the civilians who are coming to America because of the American Dream. We lift up the Border Control and National Guard to help keep order. Send revival to Mexico. Thank You for sending Your Spirit upon the Church in Mexico to overtake the darkness. Your truth shall be their refuge.
  • Pastor Yousef: We stand for him and with him. Lord, give him strength; we thank you for his boldness. We declare Christ is your Lord. Peace and deliverance. Acts 4:29; Psalm 79:8. Lord, cause the lion’s mouth to be shut. Cause the turnaround and shift. Let His release be a sign and a wonder to the people of Iran. We ask for the nation of Iran. Genesis 29.
  • Additional Prayers: Israel, Church, Revival, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Government, Family and Military

Scripture References

Isa 11:2-5, 60:18-19; Ps 10:12, 24, 72, 91:1-4, 102, 107:1-3; Lev 25:6; Num 6:24-26; Jer 33:6;Prov 20:18;

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Word of Knowledge: Healing for backs, kidneys, eyes and arthritis.
  • Vision: I saw a picture from the life of John Adams when slavery was still an issue. Issues defining our nation were different from God’s destiny. I saw him as a lone man standing. But then tonight I saw Joshua crossing the Jordan and as he stepped into the river, it caused the river to roll back to Adam’s generation. We declare we welcome Your glory. Roll back iniquity against this nation, all the way back to Adam before the fall. Revive us Lord! Awaken us!


  • Favor: I wasn’t looking for a return when my wife and I filed our taxes. We not only received a return, but we received enough to cover the bills plus a little extra to put into our savings. God is faithful!
  • Outreach: I was at a local store and a sales clerk got filled with the Holy Spirit as I prayed for her. God is on the move!

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