Watch Report — March 16, 2012


Watch Focus: Turmoil in Afghanistan


Ghost Busters!  

Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you. (Luke 10:19 AMP)

As the first act of worship the candles were lit and this prayer recited: Blessed are You oh God, sovereign of the universe Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the lights of Shabbat. Amen.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Mahesh had a long time friend, Jim Croft, minister with him this evening. They both were mentored by and served together under Bro. Derek Prince.

Mahesh: Mark 1:9-12, 21-28: The Triune is involved here; Father, Son and Holy Spirit in authority. Until this time, people had not seen the deliverance ministry. He sent His disciples with authority.

Don Basham and Derek Prince were pioneers and we caught the wave of the visitation of the Holy Spirit. There is a new wave. What happens when the Presence is here? People get free; blind eyes are open and captives are set free.

The Lord arranged Jim to be here at this time to release a fresh impartation. Fresh power!

Jim: When Jesus was here, He preached the gospel; healed the sick and cast out demons. The basic needs of people have not changed. Think about the atmosphere Jesus came into. There were rich, poor, rabbis and more. The Torah was a school book; mothers stayed home and fathers taught their children a trade. The entire community helped raise children. People would talk in the neighborhood.

Every place Jesus went, people would need healing and deliverance. We think of people who are obviously demonized. Satan is a tremendous trickster. In public, he gets us to focus on the bizarre while behind his back, he holds millions of otherwise normal people in bondage.

In Jesus’ time, you were not able to get into a synagogue if you had a scab. So the people in synagogue were just like those sitting next to you now. And when Jesus began to speak, people got stirred up.

Have you ever met a man complaining all the time; or a couple fighting all the time? The devil would prefer to let you take the slow road to China so he can prolong the agony. He wants to torture God, but he can’t. So he tortures you and me. He wants to rob your finances and family.

We have not ministered in the footsteps of Jesus. He had 82 men, 70 plus 12, sent out two-by-two equaling 42 teams. They went into all the cities preaching, healing and casting out demons. And they made several rounds through. This shows the need for deliverance.

When Philip went to Samaria; he prayed, ministered and baptized. He wouldn’t leave until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Many of us got the installment plan; saved, then healed and then baptized with the Holy Spirit at different times. This is not the New Testament fashion. So with the installment plan, many of us didn’t get rid of the spirits when we came to the Lord.

We show people the shopping malls and the ice-cream parlor, but behind all that is the ghetto. Anger, rage, abuse and drunkenness. A rat infested ghetto. We need the Holy Spirit to come and root out the enemy. We crucify the flesh over and over again. We wear out our repenters. There are still strongholds. Most of the time it’s evil spirits. Sometimes they enter after you become a believer.

2 Corinthians 11: 1-3: “Another” means two things, same kind and different kind. They come in by deception. If we let the sun go down on our wrath…

Mahesh: The Holy Spirit came in a wonderful way to show me Jesus. I didn’t have the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit comes, He brings stuff to the surface to set us free. The Holy Spirit is Key. Authority along with power.

You may act like normal, but inside there is junk. A person can’t overcome rejection. It can go way back. Pain and shame are still there.

Jim: “When rain comes, it brings forth wheat and thistles.” We must recognize the thistles. Acts 10:38 talks about internal oppression. If you have a bladder infection, you take oral medicine. If you have a bad organ, they operate on your insides. Oppression is normally internal versus external.

The main thing is people can be liberated from those little foxes spoiling the vine. You don’t have to go into the extreme. You can lay your hand on someone and just command it to go in your mind.

Mahesh: Don’t over analyze. Sometimes the Lord will give you discernment. Learn the language of the Spirit and how He communicates to you. Black birds can be a spirit of death and fear. Often, it will be a word or an inside picture you get. It will give you more discernment of good spirits as well as bad.

War Stories of Mahesh and Jim

When we first started doing the deliverance ministry, we didn't know where to tell the demons to go. We had friends telling demons to go into various animals so we did the same thing. We would just tell the demons to go to this herd of goats we knew about that lived in this junkyard outside of Lubbock, Texas. One day, we wound up going to that junkyard because I was interested in a puppy that was for sale in that area. We had to go through the goat pasture to get there. Well, when we climbed over the fence to walk across the pasture, all the goats were standing at attention looking at us. All of the sudden, that entire herd of goats was charging us. We had forgotten that these were the goats where we had sent all the demons!

Mahesh: Oppression will come in many forms that make people do stuff they can’t control.

And it is important to note that we don’t discourage people from medical treatment. Sometimes, physicians will tell us they’ve done all they can, and will send people to us knowing that God has to intervene.

Jim: Freedom is wonderful. I had a terrible problem with cursing when I got stuck in traffic. This went on for 40 years. I would repent, ask the Lord to forgive me, promise to never do it again... And the next time I would get stuck in traffic, I would be cursing up a storm. It never even occured to me that it was demonic until a few years ago when the Lord showed me the time that that oppression came into my life. I was only a toddler at the time, but I was traumatized by an event, and a demon lodged in that wound. It only manifested when I was late and stuck in traffic. As soon as the Lord showed it to me, I was able to pray and be delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have never sworn since.

Mahesh: All of us carry different shadows. We must learn to get free. I want Jim to lead us into a prayer of deliverance.

Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us"

It normally has to do with emotions like depression, fear and loneliness.

Jim prayed for everyone’s deliverance. He had us remember a situation and then quietly ask the Lord to show us the root cause and then for us to release it.

Mahesh: Some of you are already getting deliverance in the next 24 hours. Often forgiveness will help set you free. This is the best process. This is for a reason. You are blessed to be a blessing which is the Abrahamic blessing!


  • Afghanistan: We pray spiritual, financial, educational and political breakthrough.
  • Spiritual: Shulamite in the Song of Solomon, the winter has passed and spring has come. The Spirit of the Father break off the orphan spirit. She is Your beloved. Pour Your love on them and turn the heart of the king.
  • Financial: Breakthrough to the economy. Increase. We come against poverty. We do a prophetic act and lay the axe to the root of corruption and organized crime.
  • Educational: Awaken them to Your truth. Tear down mental strongholds.
  • Political: Change the dark shadows. Come against confusion. We ask the Holy Spirit to come upon the leaders with wisdom and counsel. Hedge our troops in on the left and the right.
  • Soldiers: We ask for healing on the inside and out for soldiers. Cover them with Your favor.
  • Church: We acknowledge You are answering our prayers. We pray that the Church’s glory will shine forth. Remove the veil and bring forth signs, wonders and miracles. Let us dream dreams and see visions. Help her to focus on Jesus the Messiah. Bless the Church in the 10/40 window.
  • Israel: We ask that You cover her with Your shield. Help America to be a protective shield to Israel.
  • Additional Prayers: Revival, CMI Partners, Syria & Egypt

Scripture References

Ps. 91:4,11; Leviticus 26:6

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act: Captain America Frisbee as a shield representing America covering Israel. The watchman threw the Frisbee to make contact with the Western Wall at the back of the sanctuary. We stand with Israel and will never break covenant.
  • Vision: Soldier dressed with combat fatigues strolling through enemy lines and a fire devouring everything behind him. This is the great Day of the Lord. Favor reigns on the area of Afghanistan. Deliverance. Joshua 1; Joel 2.

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