Watch Report — April 27, 2012


Watch Focus: Pray for Korea


Journey to a Place Called There!

He dawns on them like the morning light when the sun rises on a cloudless morning, when the tender grass springs out of the earth through clear shining after rain. (2 Samuel 23:4 Amp)

We welcome the Lord and light the Shabbat candles.

Watch Leader: Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Pour out Your love on the Master. Come take a seat Lord. You have used us to bless people. Set the captives free! We hold our heads up because we are Kings. We love You, Lord! Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the King!

Song: Let it Rain!

Vision: South Korea. I see a large wind with large sun flowers. The wind of the Spirit. I see it coming across the field and picking up seeds and taking them across the border to North Korea. As we begin to pray it as a declaration, you will experience it like a conduit as it passes through. James 5:16.

Song: Open the flood gates over Korea; rain down miracles and healing. Rain down Your glory; rain down Your Presence. Pour it out, pour it out! Revival, the oil of Your Presence.

Message: Watch Captains (Husband & Wife Team)

Husband: It’s Part of the Journey. A Place Called There.

In 2008 my job was outsourced and I was out of a job. Faith rose in me. The Lord provided a position and it was the worst position ever. I was on call 24/7 for two years. Each day I told the Lord it wasn’t my heart, but thank You. I was let go after the second year. I had unemployment and I went through the same process again.

During this period, God maintained my income. As my unemployment was running out, I had one more interview. There was a position with a three month contract. I called the recruiter and told her I didn’t want the job. She couldn’t believe that I turned down the position since I was out of work. Two days later I had an interview for another position and began work the following week. When I started that job, there was a hindrance. The Lord moved him and gave me a raise with a promotion on top of all that. Within a year, I became manager. I honored God with my work. FAITH was crucial.

Next, the company I was at got bought out. I had to exercise faith and look at what God had done for me in the past. This was a test of God’s goodness. That Friday I had an interview and the following Monday I got a call from the recruiter with the company where I desired to work. I had tremendous favor on the phone interview and they decided to bring me on twenty minutes following the interview. Increase! I put God first. This company is where I wanted to be years ago. I walked by faith and moved forward.

Wife: I had a vision I shared with Bonnie after a conference. I was walking from one grassy land to another. There was a huge canyon. As I took each step, a stone formed when I stepped out. The stone was not visible so it was a step of faith. From these stones, a bridge formed. Before I could complete my walk of faith, I could feel something pulling me over, suddenly!!

When I got there, I saw what was like a tropical rain forest. I saw oak trees. I continued to walk and I saw two waterfalls; one of milk and the other, honey. Over the waterfalls the word THERE was written. There were doors that you walk through. Someone told me after I shared this vision, the difference between here and there is “†”, which represents the cross.

Husband: How do we get there?

Faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7. It’s a journey. Christians have the Light inside them so we can flow through and inspire others to go with us. We will encounter obstacles, opportunities and victories. The first job I had was the training ground. Keep following the Holy Spirit and He will show you why. How do you increase your faith? Romans 10:17; Jude 20. Through the Word of God; Holy Spirit and praying in the spirit. You must have a relationship with the Lord.

Confession of the Word – Joy and Love. Psalm 119:5; Joshua 1:8. It will build you up! Respond to His love. Don’t hold back. Revival will be here. Awakening will be here! It’s about walking in joy! I have in my spiritual sack a compass, Bible and the Holy Spirit. God will encourage you.

Wife: You have a choice. This is not by emotions and it’s not about feelings. I was feeling a little down one day and my daughter began to sing the song I Love Your Presence and then she said, “Glory to God”. When you begin to have a pity party, tell pity NO!
Husband: I asked the Lord for joy. He bubbled up within me and joy overflowed. It helped me a lot. It gave me energy and strength. Keep your joy!

I ride the light rail to work and you can feel the orphan spirit in the people. The Light of God draws them. I was out eating lunch and I gave up my seat to someone. I went and shared a table with a guy and I ended up praying for him. He just broke up with his wife. His life was changed.

Nehemiah 8:10. God poured His love into us. We cannot be part of the sorrow. Get off the milk and eat meat. You have to have an idea of God’s love for you and you can share it with others. I was in the break room, during lunch, looking at scriptures and a young man asked me what I was doing. I told him. God built us to endure!

Wife: “There” is a continuous journey from glory to glory. Make the decision to keep moving forward. The Light of God transforms us and those around us.

Husband and Wife: Everyone stand up as kings and priests. Take a step. Walk through in victory.

Let’s declare these scriptures corporately. 1 Cor. 6:19; Eph. 6:10; Rev. 21:7; Matt. 5:13-14; 2 Cor. 5:21; Eph. 2:10; 1 Cor. 2:16; 1 John 5:4; Phil. 4:13; 1 Thess. 1:4; Rom. 8:1.


  • Korea: Korea was a powerhouse of Christianity. As one of the Shabbat candles went out tonight, we want to pray where the fire went out in North Korea, that it will be lit once again. Father, Your nation has been split in two. You say in Psalm 2 the nations rage. Tonight, we ask You to look down with compassion on the nation of Korea. Step into this realm and bring freedom to Your people. Dormant seeds will be watered. Fan the flame so it cannot be suppressed. Let Your fire fall and burn. We bind the principality of witchcraft. Those who sow in tears will reap in joy. Bring forth the harvest of tears. Displace small men with big power. We bind the spirit of Jezebel and call forth the harvest of the Lord. After viewing the clip from the Matrix, where Neo realized his identity and blocks the bullets, we are the ones who block those bullets. Destroy the tyrannical bullets in Korea!
  • Prophetic Act: I am reminded of the Berlin Wall when I think of the dividing line between North and South Korea. The walls do fall. We are going to march around the sanctuary as if it’s the barrier between North and South Korea. We will shout and blow the shofar. We declare the North will give them up! The heart of the king is in the Lord’s hand. Shift!
  • Government: Unity and good government. We proclaim victory for North and South Korea. Invade the leaders of this nation and give them an awakening of who You are!
  • Revival: Fresh revival and the same freedoms we have to worship You. Thank You and praise You for revival in Korea.
  • Freedom: Supernaturally raise up the people and give them a kingdom atmosphere. We say FREEDOM!
  • Children: Show them Your glory. We pray God will be in their relationships that they would know Him more.
  • Church: Unity in the Holy Spirit. We lost lives in Korea in the war. We ask the Holy Spirit to take control.
  • Break the Spirit of Control: Remove leaders operating in that spirit. Ps. 149. We humble ourselves before You and say Your Kingdom Come!
  • Economy: As You are moving to bring unity, open doors in the ease of Your glory to Japan, Russia and China to join Korea. No more political pressure. Bring them to stream as one.
  • Pastors: We lift up Mahesh and Bonnie and team. Thank You for this awesome opportunity. Help them go one step further in the glory. Be with them to speak a word in due season.

Scripture References

Isaiah 61:1-2; Isaiah 60:1-2


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