Metro Watch Report — May 4, 2012 (Shout!)


Watch Focus: Shout and Take Your City!


The Walls Shall Come Down!

By faith, the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for seven days, and the walls fell flat. (Hebrews 11:30 MSG)

Guest artists Brian and Ramey Whalen ushered everyone into the third heaven with explosive worship.

Shout!!!! There is an experiential encounter through the word released for Joshua NOW! Joshua 5:13-15. The Commander of the Lord is here tonight to release you to take cities. Don’t miss it. Step into it!

Taking the City: Revival in Charlotte Youth! (Testimonies from local youth leaders indented.)

Yogurt Shop Revival

It started the beginning of this year. My coach asked me what my legacy was. I realized that I wasn’t doing anything for God. Someone told me to ask the owner of the yogurt shop if we could use it for Bible study. I was hesitant to ask, but I’m glad I did. I began a Bible study starting with 12 kids and it grew to 130 worshiping together in this yogurt shop. The owner had been praying that God would bring revival to his shop. It’s been six months and God is now breaking out in my school. Kids are now openly praying over each other.

A girl came from New York and her cousin goes to our school. She found us on Facebook and wanted to start a bible study like we were doing in Buffalo, NY. Someone contacted me and wanted to start one in Rock Hill. We have people going to the mall sharing Jesus. God is breaking out at the UNCC campus. We want Jesus even if it means everything. It’s multi-generational!

I was in the student parking lot and a friend ran out in front of my car to get a bible for another student. The kids are running out of the yogurt shop flooding the surrounding businesses for Jesus. Kids are living radically for Jesus! It’s not watered down Christianity. It’s all Spirit led.

I had a dream about a year and a half ago. I saw a small group of guys out in the city. Two hundred and fifty people were saved in a day in Charlotte. When I saw the kids in the yogurt shop, I could see it happening.

We are going to take the city for every generation. Permanent revival! Taking a city is on God’s agenda. Practicing God’s Presence is the key vs. religion. You begin to “see” the solution and are then tapped into an unlimited amount of miracles. “Repent, stop sinning and go back to the penthouse, the House of the Lord.” Colossians 3:1-2. When you practice His Presence, your mind will naturally be connected to heaven. You will bring answers where there is chaos and storms. You bring an answer and solution every single time. When heaven and earth converge, you take a city for the Lord. The number one commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart. Mary knew the secret. We can’t respond in an earthly way. We must bring a solution from heaven. Love is a lifestyle in the Presence. You can get a degree at a seminary, but you must gain authority to conquer the giant. You have to take that authority.

Take on the giants. Hang out with God and you naturally do what God would do. Joshua was called because he stayed in the Presence of God. Look at Paul. He was constantly tapped into miracles. Paul sings in prison. Peter made bad decisions, but he’s hanging around Jesus and his shadow heals people. John the apostle understood the love of Jesus. He listened to the heartbeat of Jesus. He was positioned with heaven in his environment.

Religion is built on fear. Religion sees the problem. When you see heaven, you won’t gossip and accuse. Look at the adulteress woman. Jesus says the one without sin should cast the first stone. Religion is built on fear to control you. Too old, too young. Religion isn’t free. It’s like communism. The strongman over Charlotte is Religion. Get a PHD in Practicing the Presence of God.

Everyone stand and shout to the Lord on the count of three and bring down the walls of Religion!

Young Leaders discovering Sonship: I look at Moses and Caleb. There is something about being prepared under a spiritual mother and father as a true son.

I want to paint a picture of the SHOUT. It has hope. Hope is the anticipation of good from God in every area of your life. Joshua 6:5. Great shout. It’s a joyful shout. Joy, hope and jubilee. Jubilee, shout! Release jubilee into the city. What does it look like to have that much Holy Spirit inside of me? The Holy Spirit longs to be that much in a whole generation. He wants to be released. It’s born out of hope. Hosea 2:14. From the Valley of Achor to a door of hope and expectation!

Isaiah 40:9-10. Draw near. Declare this over yourself and your city, “I have made a place for You, so come on, come on! All things are possible here, so come on!”

There’s a tangible impartation for the Jericho of your individual life and corporately. The breaker anointing is here. Shout the walls down. The walls of Jericho were shoved down into the ground. Joshua 1:6. Be strong and of good courage. God sends you out from that place tonight. Joshua 6:1-2. Jericho was shut up inside and out.

The Lord is here to speak to you tonight. No matter what size the wall or giant. There is a tangible shift present. “SEE” Joshua 6:2.

1 Samuel 3. The word of the Lord was dim in this time and God raised up Samuel. The Lord is releasing experiential encounter to restore hope and sight in you. The cloud is blown off by the Holy Spirit. “SEE”

Words of Knowledge

Healing for ear trouble, mouth sores, trauma of any kind, abuse, broken spirit, cutting, carpal tunnel, cancer, abortion and lower back pain.


  • Pastors: Thank You for Mahesh and Bonnie and the love you have placed inside them for us. They are totally in love with You. Thank You for their Christ-like love to us. Bless them with a blessing that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. Their latter shall be greater. Your hand shall move over them in a mighty way and the enemy shall fall to their right and left. We plead the Blood of Jesus over them. Place angels around them to protect. Greater things are yet to come!
  • Israel: Thank You for the patriarchs and matriarchs in Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Surround them with a wall of fire, grace and power in full display. We pray blessing upon the administration. Deliver Israel from every enemy.

Scripture References

Joshua 6:16; Jeremiah 29:7


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