Metro Watch Report — July 6, 2012 (Freedom)


Watch Focus: Submit to God and Resist the Devil


Days of Deliverance!

The worship team led everyone in triumphant worship exalting Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords! And The Lion of Judah roared!!!

Message: Jason Oberman and Guest

There is a spirit of freedom and deliverance. In Judges 6 it speaks of Gideon recovering the inheritance given to Manasseh by Joshua. There was a shift and change that took place; the origin was the Lord’s promise.

America was built on foundational principles. It’s our inheritance; a nation of liberty and free choice.

With Gideon, we look at the condition of the land. All these cities were coming in and invading them. Judges 6:6-7 finds them in a place of fear and bondage. As we hear the news today, it talks about America having a net worth down forty-three percent and unemployment up eight percent. There’s an entanglement of fear upon us. But the good news is the bad news is wrong.
The truth is Isaiah 60:1-3. Jesus is with us; arise, shine for your light has come. God is watching over us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. The Lord will arise over you! The glory of the Lord will rise over you! You’ll be a light everywhere you go. A visitation. A revival.

Judges 6:11. Gideon was hiding in fear of the enemy of his day but the Angel of the Lord came. When it gets dark, it’s a signal for God to come in a huge way. There is a visitation of God coming upon you. Tonight there is a breaker anointing to bring you into the fullness of your inheritance. Breathe in His anointing.

Jesus calls you by who you are. He calls us not by what we think but what He says. Judges 6:12. Mighty men and women of valor! The Lord called Gideon to identify with who he was to be, but Gideon wasn’t quite there yet.

Judges 6:13. Gideon was carrying the weight of 7 years and there was an offense in heart with the Lord. And he asked the Lord “why?” These were open doors for the enemy to come in to discourage, to destroy. But the Lord wanted to open Gideon’s eyes and ears to deliver him so that he could deliver others. We need to focus not on the problem, not on the offense but on the Word of the Lord and His promises.

Judges 6:14-15. Gideon rehearses how he is the least, the weakest – he had an orphan spirit. He was cloaked with fear and unbelief. Many times this is where we reside.

But God was speaking to him through the angel of the Lord. Judges 6:16 and Zechariah 4:6. And the LORD said to him, “But I will be with you, and you shall strike the Midianites as one man.” “…Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts…” And Gideon receives courage and destiny and heads toward his vision.

Tonight the Lord wants to blow on your cloud of fear and unbelief. Gideon rose up and began to go forth. Freedom and liberty occurred first for him so he would be able to help others. Jason played a clip from the movie Matrix where Neo finally realizes his identity and was able to stop the onslaught of his enemy.


I always wanted to raise the dead and was very excited to go on this mission trip to the Philippines that Jason helped organize. But early on during the trip, I got sick. And Satan said, “If you pack up and take the next flight out, I’ll take this sickness off of you”. One of the women in ministry came to me and said I wasn’t leaving. But I was in fear.

Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress. The Lord comes to Gideon and Gideon is in a crazy place, but the Lord shows up and calls him a mighty man of valor.

I saw a casket pass by where I was and thought I was going to die. For a year and a half after that trip I was sick. I was so tormented by the enemy.

Gal. 5:1 says it was for freedom that Christ set us free. Christ set us free and we’ve been adopted. There is no hope in fear. The good news is the bad news is wrong. God is big in America! When the Spirit of God comes upon you…

Fear will make you see yourself as the least. It consistently makes you look at you; it makes you self-centered. You think it’s all about you. Faith is the opposite. It’s inside of you and me. The Lord awakes something on the inside. The anointing destroys the yoke. The natural response to the anointing is to give it away. Fear makes you hold on to what you have. America needs that anointing.

The Spirit comes on me like a glove. John 14. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit. America is destined to get it dealt with inside and then give it away. The world can’t see the Holy Spirit. He’s in you, for you, and upon you for others.

Gideon had the testimony. Let go of the offense. I saw amazing things, but I got sick and had offense. The anointing is going to come upon us. The Lord is in me, for me, and will come upon me for others. Nothing is impossible with God. I’m reminded of Jonathan and his armor bearer when they went up to war. The Spirit upon him caused courage to alive. People began to come out of their caves.

We create a movement inside ourselves. John 3 says prosper and be in good health as my soul prospers. America will prosper. Let the prospering soul come; let wholeness come!

Message: Bonnie Chavda

There’s healing tonight for hernias and flat feet. Acts 10:38. There is connection between spiritual wholeness and physical wholeness. One-third of Jesus’ ministry was deliverance from spiritual oppression.

Gideon did have unusual weapons… priest trumpets, lighted torch inside an earthen vessel. The light shown and three hundred of Gideon’s men routed a single man.

Judges 6:34 Hebrew meaning: the Spirit taking Gideon and putting him on like a glove… earthen vessel and the torch of God. He drives out everything else. Tonight, there may be a few squatters. Fear likes to root low down in your spirit. There is deliverance.

This is a prophetic word for you, John 3:16. Love is present in a Person. Fear would keep us in a cave. I saw us rising out of burdens. There is deliverance tonight and He is breaking off bondage. There is healing for every bitter pool in life. Jesus has healing in the exchange at the cross. He breaks every curse. Sometimes it is in the family line.

The Blood of Jesus has broken every curse. The line stops here. No more repeated brokenness. David said reach down Your hand from on high. Deliverance creates rejoicing. Jesus recognized demons when they were present. Deliverance brings a new song. There is a new song tonight. Deliverance brings great joy.

John 1. Demons were cast out of church. Deliverance brings healing. Luke 4. Every person is anointed to preach the gospel and cast out demons. Demons are beings with personality; they look for a body to inhabit. They oppress bodies of animals and humans and will bring seven more with them. No squatters, no open doors or windows.

Jesus dealt with the spirit. You can’t cast out the flesh; you must crucify it. You can’t crucify demons; you must cast them out. We are emissaries for this power. There is a desperate need for the spirit of deliverance.

There are two objectives of demons. First, keep people from knowing Jesus. Second. Keep you from serving Him effectively. Demons entice, harass, enslave, drive or compel. Unforgiveness opens the door and they defile or pervert. The reverse is love. We have allowed love to be made to be a kindly affection of the human mind, which leads to deception, weakness and sickness. It makes you restless. Look at our culture. Their attention span has shortened. Restlessness is a primary indicator of evil spirits. Evil spirits curse; Jesus delivers!

Areas that open the door to evil spirits are: disharmony, parental abuse, rebellion against spiritual authority, false religion, heresy, and secret societies.

There was a man who was trying to get a breakthrough in his life and he came up to Mahesh for prayer. When Mahesh began to pray for him, the Holy Spirit directed him to the man’s belt buckle. The belt buckle had been passed down the family line and originated from a secret society. When the man removed the buckle, he received his breakthrough.

Main areas of deliverance deal with emotions, attitudes, mind, tongue, lust, compulsive and abnormal sex, occult, false religion and heresy. The demons look for bodies. You can get deliverance:
1) You must recognize, be humble and acknowledge you need help. Have faith in God.
2) Be honest and repent, release, forgive.
3) Receive. Call on the name of Jesus.

Tonight there is healing in the area of arthritis, headaches, chemical imbalance, depression, uncontrollable tears, carpal tunnel, bone spurs and heels, night terrors, autism, schizophrenia, restlessness and degenerative eye conditions.

There is someone watching on the internet with three children. There is barrenness. We take authority and loose the womb. This time next year you will be fruitful.


  • America: Isaiah 42. Restoration. Thank You for America and the freedom we have. We bless America and release restoration and freedom. Restore the years the locust has eaten. We declare with a shout, RESTORE! Bless America!
  • Egypt and Middle East: Thank You. Greater is He in us. Let the Church be triumphant. Give them the strategy of the Holy Spirit. Let courage arise in the Church so she can fulfill Your purpose.
  • Israel: Blessed is the apple of Your eye. We speak blessing, prosperity, peace and protection. Shalom!

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