Watch Report — August 24, 2012

Watch Focus: Break Strongholds of Drought and Poverty


We Serve the God of Breakthrough!

So they went up to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there. Then David said, “God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.” Therefore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim. (1 Chronicles 14:11 NKJV).

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Message: Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Bonnie: Let the King of Glory come in and open our hearts. This is a special night. The King of Glory is on the move!

Welcome friends and visitors!  We are living in an amazing time where opposition is creating opportunity for the people of God. Tonight is a special night of liberty and freedom. It’s a kairos moment. God creates momentary openings. We are being clothed with the power of the Spirit. We are creating history for the purposes of God.

One thing we know of our nation and the nations is that people are in dread. People are in dread because of the economy. Something is encroaching like a domino effect on one region after another; thereby, increasing the ability for devastation. But God! God plus one equal a majority situation. We stand in the broken down place in our economy to drive out darkness so we can have power to get wealth. Arise and shine as hope and as a testimony of what the Lord has done and share it with others.

We pray the Lord’s prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread”. The Greek meaning says, “Today, between sunrise and sunset give us our bread for tomorrow”. Israel on the sixth day gathered for the seventh. Labor in your faith to enter into the Shabbat of redemption perfectly perfect.

Jesus was made poor so we could have all sufficiency. This is the kairos season. We encourage you to break the spirit of poverty for yourself, household, church and nation. Shift to prosperity. May God give us grace to lead the way. Every one of us has a faith measuring tape. We must fully exercise the measure He gives us as priests. He wants a full demonstration of people whose bread comes from God looking to create a testimony. Enter into a prophetic, priestly act through the offering.

1 King 17. Elijah is sent to Zarephath and his encounter with a widow broke the drought and rain came; the famine was over. We might be like the widow or we might be like Elijah. Participate as priests. Malachi 3:10. They ate out of her measure.  This is the amazing setup. The Lord had caused a widow to exist in the future. God created a momentary opening and shot Elijah through like an arrow.  And she sowed resurrection (her last meal) and famine broke.

Then one day the widow’s son died. You may be in a crisis right now. We’re in this together. She cried out and the Lord answered. Elijah took the boy and laid him in his bed. He breathed out and the anointing drove out death and the boy awakened.

Exhale your faith in the anointing. Circumstances may be threatening our future and generations. God loves a cheerful, decisive giver. Don’t retreat. Put God to the test. He will open the windows of heaven. You hold the breaker anointing in your giving. You are a priest of the Lord tonight. Your offering tonight is your substance.

Feel the glory. This is a night of shift and breakthrough. Let’s make destiny!

Mahesh: The Spirit of turnaround is here. Angels are here tonight.

Word: Children, one child has heart problems. It’s a relative or friend. An autistic child or grandchild. God wants to turn the situation around. Speak long life and blessing for all these kids. The Lord God of Israel, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He reigns supreme. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. He is releasing an army of believers. Stand up and ring the bells and blow the shofars.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Shout unto the Lord with a voice of triumph. Joshua and the people shouted and the walls fell.

Most of the activity determining fate is in the heavenlies. God commissioned disciples, dangerous people, to pull down dark powers. Jesus came and demons would scream and run. Death, corruption and infirmity would leave them. The name of Jesus would release His disciples to walk in authority.

Luke 4:18. Jesus is the ultimate model. We are going to release power to carry anointing and break yokes. When we make that noise, it’s in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, the name of the God of the Bible. Energize the unseen world with the name of Jesus. Jesus’ official release, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me”. He is the primary carrier. Acts 1:8. There were more after Him. He is our prototype. We are followers. Jesus is our premiere model. The ultimate! Your destiny is to be anointed. Preach good news to the poor.

We have over spiritualized the Word here. We have to receive it first for its first meaning. We begin with the simple Word of God then we can go deeper later.  He first preached to the poor. The Lord speaks first here to our economic condition. To the poor, to the brokenhearted, to the captives, to the oppressed. This is the acceptable year of the Lord. Isaiah 61. In 2012, we declared prophetically that the doors of favor were opened. In Luke 4 it says, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled “. So power is released right now.  Jesus was the anointed one. Expansion. Isaiah 61, Year of Favor! We are looking towards the upcoming season of the Feasts. Beauty for ashes.

Tonight, there are spiritual forces. They can put a blanket over you of fear and despondency as if you are trapped. Demons take pleasure in your being downcast; they take pleasure in the suffering of humanity. Realize the spiritual force behind it. If you are depressed, ask God to remove the spirit of heaviness and release the spirit of praise and thanksgiving.

You are a mighty oak of righteousness where people can take shelter. Glorify the name of Jesus. When you have victory in all those areas, you bring glory to His name.  We are in a wonderful, awesome prophetic time. You could get the garment of heaviness in these times. It can make you feel defeated. Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is on me. Open your eyes and see, young Jedis. Elisha’s assistant got into fear. Elisha said, “Lord, open his eyes that he may see.” On the spiritual plain, they already had the victory. There are more on our side, zillions and zillions. One angel took care of an army. Elisha’s servant saw a multitude of angels and chariots. The Lord blinded the army.

We serve the God of angel armies. The Spirit of God will not stand for the people to be under yokes. Christians, be awake! There are many gathering in Charlotte in the name of Allah, moon God. Behind this is a spirit of antichrist. The religion says God has no Son, and He’s only a prophet.

Jesus came to set the captives free. You will have power against power. You are anointed. You have destiny and purpose. Ephesians 6 is part of your job description as a warrior. Isaiah 60. You have a destiny to cover your family and nation in prayer. We are releasing the name of Jesus. Let the enemies of Israel be defeated. Treat people with kindness and love but release the heavenly host to do battle.

In Matthew 6:24 we see the demon god Mammon. Our eyes are open as ambassadors. We walk in victory. Pick captivity or freedom – no one can serve two masters. There are yokes you can be under by Mammon, Babylonian god, god of wealth. In the Hindu religion there is a goddess of wealth. The Babylonians were prideful and arrogant. Mammon says that we don’t  need God, we can do it on our own. So this demon spirit can rest over our money.  It causes a fear of loss of money instead of fearing God.  However, when your finances are submitted to God, they will be blessed. Mammon seeks worship. It says, “Come, I will give you security and significance”. It’s all false. God is the One who gives it to you. It says in the end of times Mammon will be involved with buying and selling. 1 Timothy 6:10. Make your priority right.

God is saying money is not the answer, I AM the answer. Jesus Christ of Nazareth healed my two sons. God wants to open doors of prosperity over you and your children. We have given the wealth of our children to other nations. God is waiting to release you and prosper you. If you are under the curse of poverty, you will demean what you have. If you’re an ally of Mammon, you will be in pride and poverty. Be thankful! God does not speak in the voice of condemnation. The spirit of poverty can enter your church life. It’s a spirit of poverty that makes you prideful in certain things. God is your source. Give thanks to the Lord.

God doesn’t mind if you have stuff; He minds if stuff has you. Don’t be ashamed. And never blame others in hard times. Acts 10:38.

We are under a yoke of recession. Many Americans are unemployed or underemployed. This is a season of favor. Do not be prideful. Your money can bring eternal reward when submitted to God; it can be used to bring people to God. We are in a prophetic hour when God is saying My people choose Me and you will lack for nothing. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. Acts 1 and 2. We believe in anointing people with oil and the Holy Ghost. Tonight we break the yoke of poverty over our city and nation. You can’t rob from one economy and give to another. Isaiah 10:27. The anointing destroys the yoke. Declare it over this nation. Psalm 35:27, shout for joy and be glad! 3 John 1:2, I wish above all things that you prosper.

The anointing is coming upon you! Something is bubbling up in you. Out of my belly shall flow rivers. Stand up and put your hand on your belly. Tonight we are receiving fresh power. Release more of the Presence. More of Holy Spirit. Release the Word that is alive, active and full of power. New places of blessing, anointing and breakthrough. Your resource is the Holy Spirit, not you. Spirit of Love come, release good news to the poor and open prisons. We release the acceptable year of the Lord’s favor on all. We pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit; beauty for ashes and we take the spirit of heaviness and replace it with the garment of praise.

Mahesh led everyone in renunciation and blessing.


  • Israel: Zephaniah 3:16-17. Hedge of protection around Israel. We remind You of Your promises. You are her protector.  Loose Your angels and let every threat be turned upon the ones threatening Israel. Open their eyes to see there are more with them than against them. Thank You for Your promises. Isaiah 60:1-3. Yes and amen! Psalm 4:6-8.
  • America: Release abundant blessing. We repent over not being good stewards over the nation’s finances. We declare Psalm 23. You are America’s Shepherd; we shall not lack. Turnaround for our economy. Jesus is interceding for us. The Lord will give us a token as David was given the sword of Goliath. We stop resurrecting what Jesus defeated. We are not depending on man or any bill. Our eyes are fixed upon the Lord. We stand on the solid Rock, Jesus Christ. Open the wells of prosperity. Isaiah 9:7; Psalm 65:9-13.
  • Troops:  Protection and shalom of the Lord.  
  • Charlotte:  We’re sitting in the control room. We bring encouragement to those who are discouraged. Bring the spirit of clarity and bind the spirit of witchcraft over the elections. The government rests upon Your shoulders. We exercise our authority over every “ism” that seeks to raise itself against or over God. We speak to every spirit of antichrist and say, “Do not gather together or rally in this city, it belongs to Jesus.” We speak shalom over every strategy and cancel every demonic plan in Jesus name. The anointing of the Watch of the Lord ® is over Charlotte. We decree zero crime and peace over the streets of Charlotte. We, the Watchmen, declare that our help comes from Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Dreams

  • “We (people from church and watch regulars) were at the Watch on a Friday night, but for some reason the building we were in was a tall skyscraper building. It seemed like we were in the Duke Energy building Uptown. We were on the top floor and the view was awesome as the windows stretched from floor to ceiling with a panoramic view. A guy came into the office needing help. Two Watch Leaders were over at the huge panoramic windows looking out. So the guy came to me because he thought I was the receptionist in the office. There was something devious about him, but he needed help and while he was there the devious nature about him changed. While this guy needed help, I was told there was a particular room that we needed to get in and that was room 23. I began looking for keys to room 23(Psalm 23). I went down the hall which turned to an overstreet walk way, like the ones Uptown that connect you to other buildings without having to go outside. I ended up at the stadium at the top, and it was packed with people. I went down a row of seats and sat for a moment trying to think where the keys were when I noticed the people around me were troubled. There was a couple beside me with an empty seat between us and I felt such a deep compassion for them. Change fell out of the woman's pocket (of the couple beside me). The change was 60 cents (Isaiah 60). I looked at the change, but didn't pick it up, and then I left the stadium as if suddenly I knew where the keys were to room 23. When I got back to the office it was like out of nowhere we had the keys to room 23. We went to open the door to room 23 and that was it.” So we declare that the Lord is our Shepherd and we shall not lack anything. We declare that the Lord is the Shepherd over Charlotte, over the DNC and over America. And we declare the change of the Lord from Isaiah 60, though deep darkness is over the people, the Lord’s glory, His light in us and through us, will arise and shine bright for all to see.

 The Watch