Watch Report — August 31, 2012

Watch Focus: Charlotte-DNC Convention


No King but King Jesus!

And from Jesus Christ the faithful and trustworthy Witness, the Firstborn of the dead [first to be brought back to life] and the Prince (Ruler) of the kings of the earth. To Him Who ever loves us and has once [for all] loosed and freed us from our sins by His own blood,(Revelations 1:5 AMP).

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Tonight, we replace the high places with the high praises of heaven. Psalm 149:5-6. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Message: Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Bonnie: Let’s open our heart afresh to the Lord tonight. Jesus is alive and well. He was raised from the grave and seated at the right hand of God. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.

There may be things that have not lined up according to the name of Jesus in your life. We decree the name of Jesus is high and every other matter comes under His power.

There is healing tonight for disc problems. We welcome you tonight from Canada and all over. We release your miracle now. Spirit of pain, we command you to loose God’s people. Bone spurs and bunions. The Lord is present to heal tonight. Teeth problems and gum infection or dentistry problems. Someone has fillings. I can taste the dental work right now. We release your healing miracles. Breathe in right now. Father, we receive the healing according to Your word. He has borne our sorrows and sicknesses. We enter into covenant with You. The benefits of blessing are being released right now. By Your stripes, we have been healed. I break the spirit of infirmity and command it to go now.  This is a night of healing for children in the hospital. We are unusual people of a supernatural race.

Your spirit will never die. You will put on a more glorious body. God had you in mind before the foundation of the earth. If you suffered hardship, He planned to appoint you for such a time as this. He’s here tonight. He loves us. Jesus the incarnation, God and Man.

Close your eyes and put your hands over your heart. The Lord would be just thrilled to hear you say this, “Lord Jesus, you are the only Amen, Yes and so be it of my heart. Father, I am Your workmanship, poem, epic story, masterpiece and artful weaving, Your never ending song. Breathe on me and everything I lay my hand to. I receive Your yes and amen through the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Hear Him sing a love song, a song of conquest and victory; a sweet song that would kiss every heart with peace and understanding. The restlessness of every heart issue fully in His hands as they are wrapped around you and scarred with the testimony can be released. Don’t hold on to anything. Release right now any areas of unforgiveness. We forgive and release. Tonight, we pray the Lord’s prayer.

In these earthen vessels whom You’ve crafted with Your own hands and heart, we stand justified, fully cleansed, and planted in the House of the Lord. You know our needs. Give us our bread for tomorrow. Every heart, mouth, hand, table and pocketbook filled with Your provision. If you could feed Elijah with ravens, provide food for five thousand and put a coin in the fish’s mouth; surely, you can feed us. I speak fullness to those empty places. I send Jesus to that place. I pray within seven days there would be a sign and a word.

There’s a wife who’s watching and your husband’s heart has turned hard against you. The Lord is repairing and restoring the covenant. Lift up your voice and rejoice.

Let us never forget that we are making history. This moment will never happen again. As we engage, we can change and shape our history. He can surely change our past.

Blessings of God. I have a love for the prophetic. This weekend is a powerful time for us and our nation. Representatives are coming together to make decisions for the coming days. We’ve been looking over the prophetic words given in the past. Suddenly, after seventeen longs years we are in a moment.

The Lord is present to heal, restore, deliver and give peace.

Mahesh and I have been looking at the prophetic words over the last seventeen years. In 1996 things were pointing to this weekend. You may know Mecklenburg County was really significant. In the 1700s the city’s Declaration of Independence was written and then was said to have become a piece of our national Declaration of Independence. The Lord opened that ancient move of the Spirit for a fresh reordering to arise out of Mecklenburg County. It’s happening. The Democratic National Convention is coming to this city September 3-6.

I had a vision of a Spartan shield. Their code was the importance of never letting their shield fall to the ground. It was modeled in their city. Our worship has risen up for us like a shield and I saw the glory of the Lord rise up over this nation. Believe it. We are part of making history. This is a region with revival history. Charlotte, I believe, will lead the way to spiritual awakening. That gets me excited.

There was a time I said I would never live here. God has arranged the steps of your life to be here now. Drill down and recognize you have been appointed for such a time as this. At the name of Jesus, every knee bows. Let us recognize we are in two dimensions at once. In the spirit, we are in His throne with Him. There is life, light, truth, glory, power and love radiating out. We are light bearers. We are the salt that purifies the world. The bonding agent standing in the broken down places. There should be no Christian in an identity crisis.

Tonight, we fulfill our priestly office to lift up the praises of the Lord and no other shall reign over us. We are the Legislative Body here on earth. Those laws are established here around us. The thief comes to do three things; kill, steal and destroy, but I have come to give life abundantly. Don’t you love that word, abundant? That’s a rich word; exceeding overflow, to exert force, power to enforce. The word abundant is related to multiplication. What does it mean to be blessed of God and living in abundant life? It means experiencing the nature of God Almighty.

Look from Genesis. He’s all about abundance, swarms, life producing life. That is the abundant nature and we have received life in Christ Jesus. Death was stopped and met its match. We have that life in us. I believe the Lord has ordained for us to grasp a new measure of faith to walk in increase. God is challenging us tonight. Will you be that testimony? What does it mean to be blessed? He blesses and multiplies, you are blessed! Abundant life is coming toward us who are consecrated to Him.

A couple of people tonight have had a traumatic event or someone spoke or did something that broke your sense of assurance you had that you could do anything. There’s a little bit of an orphan spirit. There’s breakthrough here tonight. Receive it. I release you from the spirit of defeat. The book Blessed Life is a demonstration of the life of God through us. I break the spirit of barrenness off you.  If there’s barrenness in your family line, raise your hand. I break it; be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. Fill, fill, fill!

I look at what God said to Abraham as He blessed him. Covenant and increase are intricately linked together. Genesis 15:1. You are a beneficiary.

Is anyone facing a legal issue? The Lord is lifting up His shield over you to bring justice and a shield. Turnaround!

We want to pray for you tonight. Who has not gotten their prayer language? Come, we will pray for you. Come like a little child and be willing to be foolish. All five that came up to receive their prayer language tonight have evidence of speaking in tongues. I am not ashamed to be in the company of others who believe: Marie Woodworth- Etters, Kathryn Kuhlman and Apostle Paul.

In Genesis 17 God says, “I Am your very great reward”. I release a fresh revelation of Him appearing in your dreams. Some of you will receive revelation in your dreams. Some of you, your home has been violated in some way. Now, I declare the shield of the Lord over you. You will lie down in peace.  

Genesis 17. How many of you have a covenant with Jesus Christ? Fill Lord! Can you believe that God’s covenant with you could multiply out for many? I pray a blessing on your influence that your words might make miracles and open destiny with wisdom, authority and grace. God’s covenant is from a thousand generations. We are all recipients of a blessing multiplying out for a thousand generations. Reflective of Himself and His throne, we are seated in the middle of His throne.

God has ordained on your path a testimony of His abundant life. Genesis 22. God is coming home to bless you! What comes from you will possess the gates of your enemies.

Are you holding on to anything? You may be holding on to a promise. Maybe the Lord wants you to bring it to Him. The Lord will provide. From Abraham to Calvary, provision has been made now and is overflowing. The angel of the Lord called to Abraham. “In blessing I will bless you, in multiplying… Possess the gates!”

How do we establish the demonstration of the blessed life? Simple obedience. The epic story, conquering pathway. Hebrews 6:11-15. Tonight we are gathering and bringing prayer together. Entering into the gates to stand as intercessors of the Lord.

In 2005 I had a word; March shall blow in like a cool orange breeze. Newscasters shall not be your prophets. They shall swat ineffectively at the terror which threatens to take away your peace. The Day of Atonement is Jubilee. Go and see what this means. Russia, Egypt and Syria will receive the old Pact. Hornets of God will defend His people to terrorize those who would terrorize them also in America. The news media has terrorized America, but no more!

Mahesh: There is a genuine aspect of the stream of God in our midst. We were never supposed to walk in darkness. God, in His mercy, comes and says Isaiah 60:1-3.

When I was in the Congo, I saw what darkness looked like. It was dark at night. Those who don’t have Jesus are in darkness. Why would you listen to people in darkness? They can’t see a thing according to God. It’s the Presence of God. We have the Holy Spirit, a pure prophetic river of revelation. We looked back to the prophetic word in 2005 and the men and women who loved the Spirit of God. The Lord gave us a clear prophetic word. More than eight years ago He gave us a clear timeframe, March through November. Hornets will make the power of darkness resent the day they came to mess with the children of God.

This weekend a gathering of people who worship another god will take place. We don’t walk in darkness. The warrior women of God are going to make the devil resent that he ever rose up. God has raised the Christians as gatekeepers. We have been releasing angelic hordes over the city and we say to the spirit of darkness, “You shall not pass to this region!”

We don’t represent ourselves. Ezekiel 22:30. You have the name of Jesus and at His name every power has to bow! By their fruit, you shall know them.

In Jesus name, you shall not pass. You foul spirit of false religion; you shall not pass. In Jesus name you shall not pass. Praise you Jesus! Holy Spirit, come and enlighten America. We bind the spirit of witchcraft and enchantment. Freedom!

Choose rightly and declare the glory of the Lord over this nation. We pray the spirit of revival and repentance. Let God arise in Jesus’ name.

There have been recent threats and bombings in Israel from those who follow this false religion. Every Israeli has been given gas masks in case warfare breaks out. Lord, bless Israel and be a shield upon them. We speak shalom, peace.

Put your hand on your belly. When you are in need, you want God to do a miracle. God wants us to get more desperate. The more we are enlightened, the more scales will fall off of millions of Americans. This nation is destined for prosperity. Release the fresh river. John 7. Rivers of living water. Psalm 46:4. Hurricane water is releasing rain on the dry ground.


  • DNC: Shalom. Jesus is Lord. Shine Your light. One voice, one soul, one heart seated above all power and principalities. This is the time for you to shine in Charlotte. This is the hornet’s nest. We will frustrate every ally of the enemy. We say there is no king but King Jesus over this city and the DNC.
  • Israel: Psalm 91. May the Lord be a shield and covering for you.
  • Media: Repentance for media and thank You for technology. Take over the atmosphere in this nation that only the truth would be spoken. Influence the masses with light. Set a standard in the media now. No other God but Jesus over the airwaves.
  • President: We pray for his family and office. Thank You that we choose our leaders. We pray for honor of the presidential office. Restore honor in the heart of the people. The office is influenced by Your people in prayer. We lift up President Barak and his family with protection and spiritual awakening. Speak to his heart. 1 Timothy 2. You desire all to come to truth. Permeate every area of their lives. Be a shield around them.
  • Elections: We pray people will focus on the issues and not the party. Bless the candidates. May all godly leaders rise up. Give us leaders such that it will be to Your glory to give us the victory through them. Bless the elections.
  • Troops: We lift up our armed forces. We pray for them and their families. Thank You for their service. Protect them. Help the president to honor the military. Come against those trying to steal our freedoms. Bless every man and woman in the military.
  • ANC: God is putting a shield over every one of your homes. Your land will be as the land of Goshen.
  • Pastors: We lift up our pastors and those serving with them. We ask for Your blessing upon them that they would stay true. Deliver them from any attack of the enemy. We pray for their children. Lead them into their calling. Give them rest, strength and encouragement. Bless their heart.

Prophetic Dreams/Visions/Impressions

  • Word: Those who have sown intercessions, prayers, time, blood, sweat and tears, honor and reputation, even their very lives in America will reap a harvest of righteousness- in this season of favor in this election year- Lord!  Give us leaders!!! Galatians 6:7; Jeremiah 1:12
  • Vision: I saw golden nuggets outside my window on Wednesday morning. Habakkuk 2:1-4.

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