Metro Watch Report — October 5, 2012 (Watchman!)

Watch Focus: Bind the Strongman

Watchmen, Arise and Shine!


Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. (Isaiah 60:1)

Breakthrough! The battering ram is hitting the wall. It was almost broken through and then one person touched it and it fell. Breakthrough is here tonight!
We bind the strongman and command you to go now. Lord, loose angels and go before them. Release breakthrough and finality.

Words of Knowledge: There is healing for bones in the feet. God is restoring cartilage in the knee. Ears are being opened. Healing from car accidents; tiredness in eyes; baby’s cleft tongue; chronic fatigue; hole in the heart; arthritis; job breakthrough; distant from the Lord; acid reflux and restoration from major event in 2009 where the enemy stole something from you.

We open the atmosphere and recognize the King of glory is doing His stuff.

Jason Oberman: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is here tonight. He’s been showing up at houses and in dreams. There’s been major medical breakthrough.

2 Kings 3:15-20. There is a prophetic move of the Lord tonight. Zechariah 4:6. God is about to do supernatural things no matter what you’re facing. It’s time to start digging ditches.

Message: Bonnie Chavda

We decree amnesty.  Have an encounter right now. You’re in a safe place. The Lord is present to heal and answer. He is working. The breakthrough is in the Watch of the Lord ®. The entire history is culminating in Jesus’ life. Luke 5. Jesus kept the watch all night in prayer as was His custom. We see it before all the miracles and in all the significant times in His life. Jesus is the ultimate Prophet and Intercessor.

Hebrews 7:25. He is forever living to make intercession for us. You are agreeing with what Jesus is praying. Jesus is a watchman. Luke 6. Jesus heals a man with a withered hand. It stirs up the strongman. The people saw God was with Him. He went aside to the wilderness to pray. In the Watch, God gave Him names of the disciples.

Abraham had an encounter in the darkness in the midst of the sacrifice. He travailed for the deliverance of Israel 400 years in the future as he prayed throughout the night. Sarah’s miracle of seed came as he prayed. Blessed according to the number of stars. God was in her midst and He will help her at the break of day. It is darkest before the dawn. Abraham waited for the morning in prayer to God. The Son is rising!

Song: Late in the midnight hour, God’s gonna turn it around, He’s gonna work in your favor!

He waited for the morning. This is a time of miracles. How many of you prayed for revival on campuses? Brother Paul Chappell prophesied that revival would come to the campuses.

Testimony: My son said there were two thousand students gathered at the first Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting held on campus this semester. Those meetings are open to all students.  A couple of weeks later, there was not enough room to hold them all and some had to go to the overflow room.  And it is continuing.  

Song: There’s an army rising up to break every chain.

There’s a breakthrough for families right now. Children will be saved. The pillar of fire. The Lord’s got your back. Houses may be shaking all around you. The Lord has listened.

There have been three testimonies of jobs and better jobs just this week. There’s breakthrough in the Watch.

To watch means to send out light. You are continually sending out light. You have the testimony of the gospel. You are sending out light to those in darkness. The fresh baptism is fire. The key to the breakthrough is the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit.

The story of Gideon is about the night watches and breakthrough. Judges 6:37. The Spirit of the Lord comes on him. Through the blood that was shed, there is absolute, complete amnesty for us. Completely absolved of offenses against the government. The provision of amnesty is the promise of the Father. Not just with us but in us. God was storing up one promise, the Holy Spirit. God planned the roll out. God put Gideon on like a glove. Don’t let any part of you not be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pray in the spirit now.

God called Ezekiel and said He set him as a watchman. Ezekiel saw two major historic events. One was the valley of dry bones. Can these bones live? God had in mind to fulfill His promise. Ezekiel, prophesy to these dry bones! As Ezekiel prophesied, he saw the valley of dry bones come together. Psalms 133. The Lord said to His watchman, “Call the wind of heaven down”.  The second event was in Ezekiel 47. Ezekiel was seeing the Holy Spirit as in John’s revelation. Rivers make glad the city of God. The trees represent you. You have been planted in righteousness. You grew roots down deep. This is the promise of the Father who has put you on like a glove. He is the secret.

Everything will live when the Holy Spirit flows out of your belly. With the joy of the Lord there is water and wine. Come to Him and drink. There are some things in your home, family and city that need to be watered. The seeds are there. Our birthing room of the First Great Awakening. America needs a few wet ones.

I am seeing a little potted plant; things that have dried up. The Lord is saying, “Water your pot”. The Holy Spirit is saying, “Release the river on those dead things.” Someone needs to be baptized in the Holy Spirit tonight.

Ephesians 2:6; 2 Corinthians 5. You are a new creation. Amnesty. He gave us that ministry. Jesus loosed it to us to offer the gospel for every person to be reconciled. You have that authority. Reconciliation ministry; not counting their trespasses against them.

We are being watchmen together here in intercessory prayer on behalf of our houses. We’re watching on behalf of our city and nation. There is a very dynamic shift occurring in the spirit. God is declaring, “Amnesty!” Get it inside of you.

Some of you still stumble over your weaknesses. He sees you through the Cross. He’s entrusted the gospel to us; the message of the Cross. We are His ambassadors. Flows like a river.

We pray for the leadership in our nation. A United States Ambassador was murdered on American soil. We have had a terrorist attack on American soil. A pre-planned attack. “Lord, give us leaders such that it would be to your glory to give us the victory through them.”

I want to show you a picture of a strongman. Coventry Cathedral was bombed in WWII. There is a tapestry that is over forty feet high, Christ in Glory. There is a watchman standing in between the feet of Jesus. Jesus is seated upon His throne. In the ruins two massive beams fell atop one another and formed a cross. The people knew God was working on their behalf.

During 9/11, rescue workers and firemen cried day after day as they went into the rubble. They broke into an underground parking room. In that open place, there were shafts of light. There in the midst of the sunlight were two metal beams that formed a cross. They fell to their knees. The Lord was with them.

God is not counting our trespasses against us. Our nation is facing troubled times. This election has the ability to build animosity. As a united house, we can invite the spirit of reconciliation. Come Lord! Ask the Lord to stand up in the spiritual gate.

We stand in between the feet of Jesus for Charlotte, your city and America. We stand between the limbs of Your sacrifice. Revive America, it is Your foundation. We bless the officials from the President down. We take our place as Your ambassador watchmen. We prophesy to the valley of dry bones. “You shall live, come breathe on these bones”. We loose miracles, signs and wonders. Your word says You will be found by those who seek You. Rise Son of Righteousness with healing in Your wings. Speak and declare open heavens throughout the Body of Jesus. Let Your glory come. Open heaven, open heaven, open heaven.

There are parables about watchmen in Matthew and Mark. In the Bible days, every vineyard or field had a watchtower in it. The watchtowers were important during harvest. Wildlife would try to eat the harvest or thieves would come. The land owner would go into the opening of the watchtower. They would sleep in shifts. Someone was watching so the harvest couldn’t be taken. He would tap the next watchman to take over. Where is your family’s protector?

King David refers to the Lord of the Watch as his High Tower. God destroyed the Israelites enemies. My family has a watchtower; my house has a watchtower; I have a Watchman watching over me. There is a Watchman watching over me. Amnesty.

The Lord gave me this word on the way here tonight. Plethora. It means super abundance and blood. For Christians, we have abundant life through Jesus’ life. This is the word of the Lord. There will be plenty in the time of famine. I speak to your finances, refrigerator and cupboards. More than enough!

Headlines, Power of the Watch; the long awaited deliverance for Egypt. Exodus 14 fire and cloud. Judges 7. Special release of the gifts of the spirit. Your seeing and hearing are crucial. Priests were assigned to keep watch. Nehemiah appointed watchmen to stand in the gate. Release a fresh spirit of prophecy. Tonight, in the name of Jesus, tell the devil to get out of your house. Get out divorce, affliction, anxiety, fear, night terrors, mental illness, lying spirits, and division. We welcome the Holy Spirit.

Psalms 1, 63, 66.

There’s still a stream of the Hasidic Jews that are called the Watchmen. They go out into the woods to pray and study the word from Psalm 63. Tradition is at midnight the north wind would come and blow across harp strings. Jews in Jerusalem that wake up in order to keep the watch call it Breaking the Night. They stand in that place until morning comes. Isaiah 22.

You have the authority to declare the Son of Righteousness is over your house. Isaiah 52. Watching is the one things Jesus said disciples would be doing when He returns.

We declare the watchmen are awake in Jesus name. Who needs another drink?

We bind the strongman. Psalm 2. The Lord is laughing.


I use to hang out on Friday nights in other places. Tonight I’m here. I had a plant that was a dry stick. It looked dead and my aunt told me to water it. I did and now it’s a vibrant plant.

 The Watch