Day 12-What Doctors Said Would Be Impossible

P.R. came to our Conference in July with colitis was so severe that she was already scheduled for a colectomy and colostomy for the following week. She had run out of all other options but God! Mahesh had a word of knowledge that God was healing colons. She felt something happening during prayer, and her symptoms went away. She convinced her doctor to perform another colonoscopy instead of the scheduled surgery. Here's what happened:

Part 1 (July, 2012) I had a colonoscopy the Wednesday after the conference. I was symptom free and even during the prep things were normal. I had the colonoscopy
and the results were the disease was still moderate to severe. Maybe 15% healing from the one 2 weeks prior.
However the next day I sat down with my doctor for about an hour. He is Jewish so when we discuss healing
he usually dismisses it. But I asked him why the symptoms went away if the medications weren't working and
surgery was the only option and he said he believed it was because of my faith.

He said illness is what you experience, disease is what you see. So after this he informed me that there is a new
study of an old drug that did not work for me in the past. it came out about a month ago and because of what
was taking place he is willing to try it. He said no other doctor would agree to it and would say surgery was the only
option but I think he knows God is working! So surgery is off the table PRAISE GOD! and I am trying this old drug but
believing God is my healer and the physical will manifest and it will be a testimony of God's love and goodness! Thank
you for standing and believing with me! I know God is doing amazing things in the body of Christ and I just want people
to know His love in this! 

Part 2 (Dec., 2012) I had a colonoscopy yesterday and my doctor said there has been significant improvement. This 
summer the severity of the disease (colitis) was 9/10. Yesterday it was 2-1/10. He said I am "hea" of heal(ed). This is what doctors said would be impossible 
without surgery...
Colitis is an ugly disease that too many people battle so I would love for this testimony to encourage someone else. 

P.R., Charlotte, NC

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