Day 22 — Scholarship Miracle

Last Dec. Mahesh came to Cathedral of Praise in Austin Texas. While ministering, he said, "In the year 2012, God is going to help people get scholarships for college that don't think they deserve it, or don't qualify for it."

That word struck me in the heart, since my 4th daughter was graduating high school. It had been the desire and prayer of my heart that of all our 4 daughters that she go to a college and live in the dorm instead of taking community college classes. She wanted to be a psychiatrist, and I knew that since it takes years to go to school, she would have a better chance at succeeding at that and more opportunities provided to accomplish that by attending and living on campus.

When Mahesh spoke that word, it hit me right in my spirit, and I remembered in the Old Testament where there were times the prophetic word of the Lord was very scarce and people did not have access to prophets. I have followed Mahesh's ministry for years, and know what he speaks is from the Lord. So I immediately said, "I'm going to believe you Lord for this scholarship word, that you will provide it and pay for my daughter's college, because it will be expensive." But I didn't know what college to pray for, so I just asked God to help.

My daughter applied to 3 colleges on her own. Money was tight, so she picked 3 random colleges that didn't have an application fee. A few weeks later she got a letter in the mail from one of the schools. I saw it in her pile of mail on the stair steps, and I asked if I could look at it. I opened it and my mouth literally dropped open. I fell to a seating position on the steps. They had accepted her to the college and had offered her a $50,000 scholarship, that would be divided over 4 years! We were walking in new territory, for this had never happened before, but I knew it was in answer to Mahesh's word from the Lord that I took to heart...

Now I need to tell you that both my husband and daughter were still spazzed out over the total cost of going to private Christian college. My husband kept saying we couldn't afford it. I kept saying God had provided the first steps and that we should carry on, praying for more provision. My husband was trying to have faith, but it was a difficult time for him, and for [my daughter]...

We were in the car driving somewhere, and Susannah was in the back seat arguing that it would be so much cheaper to go to a community college. But I refused to let go of the word Mahesh spoke. I said, "Money is not an issue for God. He has streets of gold prepared in Heaven for us. He made the world. Money is an issue to people. Why do you keep putting yourself down as not being important enough to God that He could pay for your college? You are a daughter of the Lion, you are His beautiful daughter. Yes, you could go to the community college. BUT DID YOU CONSIDER HE WANTS YOU TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE? MAYBE HE WANTS TO GIVE YOU MORE."

When I said that she just looked at me. Tears were running down my face as I realized it wasn't all about faith, but what was coming out in our conversations was our value to God. We had always lived to think the cheapest was always the best way. It was always what we expected, and even barely at that. I continued to encourage her to look at it as God's provision...In June, we visited the college and tensions were high between me, my husband and [daughter]. We were waiting our turn to go to the finance table. I told [my husband] to sit somewhere else, that I was sorry, but his unbelief was dragging me down. When we were called to the table we sat there, the 3 of us, and the finance lady gave us the rundown of what would still be owed, and if we were planning on taking out a parent loan. My husband was silent, so I boldly stated, "No, we are not taking out a loan." Then suddenly the lady said, "You should speak to Mr. So and So, he might be able to help with room and board." Mr. So and So just happened to be standing right there and so we took the next "open" door. We went over to him, and I asked if she was allowed to retake the ACT test to see if she could get the higher scholarship, which was $56,000 for 4 years. He said yes, and we told him she was a 4.0 student and had graduated in the top 10 percent. But her ACT was just a few points below. He also said he thought he could get us a scholarship for room and board, which we didn't even ask for.

Susannah promised to study hard, and retake the test. She did, and missed the score by 1 point. Mr. So and So took it upon himself to talk to the board and because she was a straight A student, 4.0, and top 10 percent they bumped her up to the higher scholarship. They also gave her a scholarship for room and board, especially when he heard we were driving 3 hours everytime we came to the campus. I was astounded.

... I just wanted to share what God has been doing, stirring up in our lives, and the love He has for us, helping us along little by little to believe bigger things... Thank you, Mahesh, for your word about scholarships, and the (good) tsunami wave it has caused to dig up more from within us, to believe more in God and how great He is. 

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